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    Shitgri-la Shitgri-la
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    nom nom
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    Good job Good job
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    no post on sundays no post on sundays
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    Will is love, Will is life Will is love, Will is life
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    just a small fire just a small fire
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    thunderbolt thunderbolt
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    asdf 6 asdf 6
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    Gabuscus' impression of Tobuscus Gabuscus' impression of Tobuscus

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#1 - I can't *clap* understand *clap* your accent *clap*.  [+] (10 replies) 22 hours ago on Zatlyepice Dunduldako +108
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#10 - thescyle (11 hours ago) [-]
What *clap* the *clap* fuck *clap* did *clap* you *clap* just *clap* fucking *clap* say *clap* about *clap* me, *clap* you *clap* little *clap* bitch? *clap* I’ll *clap* have *clap* you *clap* know *clap* I *clap* graduated *clap* top *clap* of *clap* my *clap* class *clap* in *clap* the *clap* Navy *clap* Seals, *clap* and *clap* I’ve *clap* been *clap* involved *clap* in *clap* numerous *clap* secret *clap* raids *clap* on *clap* Al-Quaeda, *clap* and *clap* I *clap* have *clap* over *clap* 300 *clap* confirmed *clap* kills. *clap* I *clap* am *clap* trained *clap* in *clap* gorilla *clap* warfare *clap* and *clap* I’m *clap* the *clap* top *clap* sniper *clap* in *clap* the *clap* entire *clap* US *clap* armed *clap* forces. *clap* You *clap* are *clap* nothing *clap* to *clap* me *clap* but *clap* just *clap* another *clap* target. *clap* I *clap* will *clap* wipe *clap* you *clap* the *clap* fuck *clap* out *clap* with *clap* precision *clap* the *clap* likes *clap* of *clap* which *clap* has *clap* never *clap* been *clap* seen *clap* before *clap* on *clap* this *clap* Earth, *clap* mark *clap* my *clap* fucking *clap* words. *clap* You *clap* think *clap* you *clap* can *clap* get *clap* away *clap* with *clap* saying *clap* that *clap* shit *clap* to *clap* me *clap* over *clap* the *clap* Internet? *clap* Think *clap* again, *clap* fucker. *clap* As *clap* we *clap* speak *clap* I *clap* am *clap* contacting *clap* my *clap* secret *clap* network *clap* of *clap* spies *clap* across *clap* the *clap* USA *clap* and *clap* your *clap* IP *clap* is *clap* being *clap* traced *clap* right *clap* now *clap* so *clap* you *clap* better *clap* prepare *clap* for *clap* the *clap* storm, *clap* maggot. *clap* The *clap* storm *clap* that *clap* wipes *clap* out *clap* the *clap* pathetic *clap* little *clap* thing *clap* you *clap* call *clap* your *clap* life. *clap* You’re *clap* fucking *clap* dead, *clap* kid. *clap* I *clap* can *clap* be *clap* anywhere, *clap* anytime, *clap* and *clap* I *clap* can *clap* kill *clap* you *clap* in *clap* over *clap* seven *clap* hundred *clap* ways, *clap* and *clap* that’s *clap* just *clap* with *clap* my *clap* bare *clap* hands.*clap* *clap* Not *clap* only *clap* am *clap* I *clap* extensively *clap* trained *clap* in *clap* unarmed *clap* combat, *clap* but *clap* I *clap* have *clap* access *clap* to *clap* the *clap* entire *clap* arsenal *clap* of *clap* the *clap* United *clap* States *clap* Marine *clap* Corps *clap* and *clap* I *clap* will *clap* use *clap* it *clap* to *clap* its *clap* full *clap* extent *clap* to *clap* wipe *clap* your *clap* miserable *clap* ass *clap* off *clap* the *clap* face *clap* of *clap* the *clap* continent, *clap* you *clap* little *clap* shit. *clap* If *clap* only *clap* you *clap* could *clap* have *clap* known *clap* what *clap* unholy *clap* retribution *clap* your *clap* little *clap* “clever” *clap* comment *clap* was *clap* about *clap* to *clap* bring *clap* down *clap* upon *clap* you, *clap* maybe *clap* you *clap* would *clap* have *clap* held *clap* your *clap* fucking *clap* tongue. *clap* But *clap* you *clap* couldn’t, *clap* you *clap* didn’t, *clap* and *clap* now *clap* you’re *clap* paying *clap* the *clap* price, *clap* you *clap* goddamn *clap* idiot. *clap* I *clap* will *clap* shit *clap* fury *clap* all *clap* over *clap* you *clap* and *clap* you *clap* will *clap* drown *clap* in *clap* it. *clap* You’re *clap* fucking *clap* dead, *clap* kiddo.*clap*
User avatar
#16 - lunacyexport (11 hours ago) [-]
I respect you. Mainly because that had to have taken a while.
#11 - corps (11 hours ago) [-]
User avatar
#12 - thescyle (11 hours ago) [-]
you have no idea how long it took to do this, even with copy paste
User avatar
#13 - corps (11 hours ago) [-]
All you had to do was go into notepad++ and use the replace function to replace " " (space) with " *clap* " (*clap* with a space on each side)

You dun goof'd
#14 - thescyle (11 hours ago) [-]
You have to consider that I am an idiot.
#15 - corps (11 hours ago) [-]
User avatar
#2 - Greevon (22 hours ago) [-]
Which *clap* bus *clap* to Meme *clap* Central *clap* *clap clap clap* *clap*
User avatar
#7 - boomerpyro (15 hours ago) [-]
no bus to meme central i'm afraid, but you could concider other forms of transportation, it's only 50 cents to run a train on your mom
#8 - demonsora (12 hours ago) [-]
**demonsora used "*roll picture*"**
**demonsora rolled image***clap* What *clap* did *clap* you *clap* say? *clap* you're *clap* not *clap* speaking *clap* English *clap*
#36 - If you hit concrete at speeds like this, would it feel like water?  [+] (3 replies) 10/16/2016 on florida man's day off +76
User avatar
#60 - propanex (10/17/2016) [-]
It certainly would turn you into water
#79 - anon (10/17/2016) [-]
you're a big guy
User avatar
#40 - boarderlinegreat (10/16/2016) [-]
no milk
#19 - I like the manga, and I agree with you they basically stuck to…  [+] (1 reply) 06/27/2016 on Nomu +5
User avatar
#53 - emiyashirou (06/27/2016) [-]
Go watch Shirobako if you want a reason as to why it's not a single 2-cour season.
#24 - git gud  [+] (1 reply) 02/26/2016 on Dark Souls III - Shadows... +10
User avatar
#25 - itskennyandjosh (02/26/2016) [-]
Yeah but i don't really care for games like that, it's just not for me, if i knew how to kill the enemy before i fought him, i wouldn't need to get gud, i just would know what to do
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