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#2000 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/16/2015) [+] (7 replies)
stickied by infinitereaper
Feel free to talk to me.
I accept all friend requests.
I'm interested in meeting more INTJ's.
If you wish to be unblocked simply state your username and that you want to be unblocked.
Remember to disable adblock.
Praise be to thy site.

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#1996 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/16/2015) [+] (7 replies)
stickied by infinitereaper
My full shroom trip, archived on FJ.
You will only walk on the shores of paradiso when you've consumed the flesh of god.
#2117 - badmotorfinger (07/24/2015) [-]
this dank?
User avatar #2118 to #2117 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/24/2015) [-]
maybe if it was remixed
User avatar #2116 - giffythetoad (07/24/2015) [-]
I think you're pretty cool.
User avatar #2119 to #2116 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/24/2015) [-]
User avatar #2115 - mrsnowballs (07/20/2015) [-]
/user/mrsnowballs/5976#5976 which one you like best?
#2104 - bluslenderman (07/17/2015) [-]
ayy lmao.
User avatar #2105 to #2104 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/17/2015) [-]
I would **** a snake.
User avatar #2106 to #2105 - bluslenderman (07/17/2015) [-]
I would too.
User avatar #2108 to #2107 - bluslenderman (07/17/2015) [-]
Papi is ******* adorable tho.
User avatar #2109 to #2108 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/17/2015) [-]
never been a fan of birds but I like the centaur and spider
I haven't watched the anime yet
User avatar #2110 to #2109 - bluslenderman (07/17/2015) [-]
I don't like the centaur, her tits are too big
User avatar #2111 to #2110 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/17/2015) [-]
how could you even use those words
I like girls small and flat but I really don't mind big and stacked
User avatar #2112 to #2111 - bluslenderman (07/17/2015) [-]
There's a limit to size for me. And it ends at the spider.
User avatar #2113 to #2112 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/17/2015) [-]
she has nice legs
#2114 to #2113 - bluslenderman (07/17/2015) [-]
I like stockings and thigh highs. So I guess I'm kind of a legman
#2089 - anotheroneonearth (07/04/2015) [-]
it's getting off topic so I'll post my drug abuse history here
banana, nutmeg, cough syrup, shroom (dunno which species), 5meo-dipt, AMT, 5meo-DMT, 2C-T-2, 2C-T-7, DOC, DOI, Phenethylamine, Salvia divinorum, Yopo, cannabis, ethanol, LSD, LSZ, MDMA, spice (various synthetic cannabinoids), JWH-018, Ephedra, Etizolam, 4-ACO-DALT, 4-ACO-DMT, 4-ACO-MET, bk-2C-B, bath salts (various cathinones), pentedrone, alpha-PVP, 3-MMC, MDAI, MPA, Benzo Fury (5-APB, 6-APB), allylescaline.

that's not something to brag about. it's a shame. like 70% of them were worthless.
maybe I'm missing something but that's all I remember.
oh and let's not forget FunnyJunk!
I remember the era when my life was about snorting cathinone and watching Nichijou.
stayed up for four days, went full schizo and got suspended from work for two months.
I had nothing to do and found this site... damn it's been two and a half years I still can't overcome this addiction.
but anyway I never do real drugs anymore so it's getting better than before.
my meditation master told me I would be doomed if I ever betrayed him and do drugs again...
#2090 to #2089 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/04/2015) [-]
**** man, that's quite a history, and I don't even recognize most of these.
Yo this is just me but I would pick a sacrament and stick with it. If it really means that much to you.
I might be biased but I say shrooms. Why? Because they connect the brain and amplify circuitry. And because of tolerance, builds up quick. It's also highly nonaddictive. It's also utterly natural from the Earth.

Anyhow, I'm not sure that's impressive or just insane, but it seems like you survived. So that's good, and it makes me feel better.

My history is limited and fairly standard. Shrooms, dex, several kinds of opiates (pills), alcohol. Money has always been issue. But that's why I'm jumping on what I'm trying to get now. I'll have more hits than I know what to do with. Assuming all goes well and I get my hands on it.

Again. If you really can't kick it, just pick something safe and top tier like shrooms or LSD. As far as psychedelics go.
Or not. You could always become a hardcore Buddhist or zen master or some **** .
#2091 to #2090 - anotheroneonearth (07/05/2015) [-]
I get what you said. mushrooms are special to me too. not only because it was my first drug experience, it's so lovely and gentle.
any synthetic psychedelic gives me anxiety, but shrooms are different. it made me realise I was always loved by nature.
it deepens your thoughts and emotions. it's definitely some sorts of wisdom I'd say.
but anyway I never do them anymore. drug laws in Japan are just so strict...
can you believe it? there were even shroom vending machines until it was banned in 2002.
acid is nice too, but it's really hard to handle. I tried twice and ended up paranoid both times.
it gives me some sort of enlightenment-ish state of mind, but it never lasts. after all it's pseudo-enlightenment.
so anyway yes I'd rather stay clean for the rest of my life, I've had enough.

it's a kind of miracle that I survived. actually my suspension from work was one month at first.
two days before my reinstatement I crashed on a highway on the way to my first date... and it was Christmas Eve. fortunately no one was injured but because of that I got another month of winter vacation and had to go to mental hospital...
maybe I'm too lucky I guess. my life is guarded by something special.
User avatar #2093 to #2091 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/05/2015) [-]
And I feel yah. Shrooms were my first. I have a feeling they will end up being my favorite. Something so natural and transcendental about them.
User avatar #2092 to #2091 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/05/2015) [-]
I see. Japan eh? Yeah place is, unfortunately one of the most repressed places on Earth. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to become a drug lord there. Apparently around 30 species of magic mushroom grow there. I'd love to get my hands on some exotic spores. But I am moving to a state with a few species. Japan probably has some unique ones.

Well if you're doing good now, so that's good. Oh I can believe the vending machine thing. Japan is OP when it comes to vending machines. While the fun lasts anyway.

Anyhow, keep on living, find yourself someone special. Settle down.
If things are already good just enjoy life m8
#2094 to #2092 - anotheroneonearth (07/05/2015) [-]
well Japan would be a good market unless you get caught. there are a lot of stoners and raveheads and I was one of them.
I've seen Amanita muscaria once in the mountains. apparently in some regions in Japan they pickle and eat it.
it tastes really good, I've never tried though.
also wild cannabis grows in Hokkaido. one of my friends went there to harvest and successfully got some, but many people get caught every year.
cannabis has been treated as a sacred plant in Shinto and was legal until we lost the war.
it would be really nice if government loosens the regulation and revives the tradition.
so many people would be relieved from stressful urban life.
<--- pic related, cannabis shrine. www.ooasahikojinja.jp/
User avatar #2096 to #2094 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/08/2015) [-]
I do think about it sometimes. I like Shinto. Thought about living in Japan sometimes, but they hate outsiders. Have you tried 25C-nbome by any chance? That's what I'm planning to get a bunch of for cheap.
#2097 to #2096 - anotheroneonearth (07/08/2015) [-]
wait, I don't know who you exactly meant by "they", but we don't hate outsiders!
I've been here for 30 years and haven't seen anyone who hates foreigners just because they are foreigners, except for those loud right wing extremists.
the hated ones are those who never pay respect or try to understand our ways and act arrogantly,
and those people are hated everywhere else in this world!
actually we want to communicate with them but not everyone is educated enough.
it's true that some people avoid contact with outsiders to not get involved in trouble, but it's out of anxiety, not hate.
xenophobic yes, hateful no.

never tried 25C-nbome, I'm not even going to try.
active dosage is so low and if vendors make a mistake making blotters it can be fatal.
after all those chemical compounds are for "research purpose, not for human consumption" and even if you die vendors will never take responsibility.
I'm fed up with being a guinea pig, not gonna stop you though.
#2098 to #2097 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/10/2015) [-]
I dunno man, Japan tends to be well known for it's xenophobia and solidarity. Part of what makes the country strong but still. It's not like you can just go there and really "belong". Not like here in America. Japan is the land of the Japanese. For better or for worse. I admire the place, even with the problems it has. The government really sucks. I think there is too much pressure eon the people. It's no wonder so many people get depressed. Lots of good and bad. But I love the place. Just like I love America.

Yeah. I get that. But I can spend the little money I have on one or two trips or the good stuff, or I can take a chance and get 100 hits on blotters for dirt cheap. The jew in me is winning out. I've never had much money. I can basically trip for a month for the next 8 years, or twice a month for the next 4 years. Basically I'll have more than I know what to do with.

It is an RC of course, but hopefully things work out well with it. I hear 25C is much cleaner than i.
Just to hold me over for a few years until I finish my school and move out.

I was planning on mass cultivating mushies

I was also considering buying an analog of pcilocin an RC but is thought to break down to natural pscilocin

but it's not even wroth it really as far as the price goes. Otherwise I'd really jump on it. But I still have a little time. Well it might be okay, a little more money for bout 10 strong doses. IDK man. It feels wrong to substitute shrooms.
#2099 to #2098 - anotheroneonearth (07/10/2015) [-]
> It's not like you can just go there and really "belong". Not like here in America.
so is any asian country. different people, different culture, different issues.
if I ever go to America, China or India I would never expect them to treat me as one of them. I'm a foreigner.
at least we don't run away from the supermarket just because a black person came in www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEfzXhXKT9g .
at least you don't get mugged or murdered just because you go out late at night here.

>Japan is the land of the Japanese. For better or for worse.
so is any non-immigrant nation. you can't expect anything same to America.
not everything in Japan could or should be Americanized. if it happens it would be the last day of Japan.
we just want to be what we are, man...

>The government really sucks.
well that's true, I don't even know why it turned out like that. look at how they deal with Fukushima.
but that's not only government that sucks.
what I can't stand is stupid TV programmes filled with talentless idols I mean especially AKB48, **** those little whores showing up everywhere anytime even when I don't want to see , unfunny comedians and other "celebrities" with no real talent.
it feels like a brainwashing device made by commercialism.
also media in Japan is always ridiculously biased... this is why I don't have a TV anymore. there are a few good programs though.

>an analog of pcilocin an RC but is thought to break down to natural pscilocin
if you mean 4-AcO-DMT, I've imported it from Canada several times and never had custom issues.
I asked the vendors about the decomposition and legality and they were pretty confident that it would be safe. turned out they were pretty trustworthy.
but you are right, after all it's not shroom.
the trip is incredibly heavy, long and unforgiving. it's a real psychedelic experience but definitely not for recreation.
among synthetic tryptamines I've tried nothing is better than AMT.
#2100 to #2099 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/10/2015) [-]
Have you been to America? America loves foreigners dude, Americans are foreigners
Most of us immigrated here one time or another. And there are plenty of Japanese Americans living here for generations. If you can speak English, you can live in America.

I'm pretty sure the Japanese are also afraid of black people.
Japan has a much lower crime rate yet, but also a pretty high suicide rate, as I mentioned before it's one of the things that makes me sad about Japan. Lots of "cold related deaths" that aren't actually "cold related deaths". The birthrate ain't doing so well either. It is troublesome.

I also don't know if this is any reflection, but a lot of anime makes it seem like its super easy for criminals to get away with stuff because nobody has weapons. In America when you try to rob a store you might just end up shot by the store owner.

Japan is one of the most efficient nations on the planet, my dream (I will probably die long before) is to unite mankind. Japan is key. Japan is important geopolitical, because a true union with that country and a few others, like Canada and USA, would create a large force of freedom and democracy. It would allow us to take on both Russia and China eventually.

China is the main enemy. They must never be allowed to control the world.

I just wish Japan was a little more friendly to outsiders.

I totally agree man, I HATE Idol groups. It's stupid, and I hate the glorification of idols and celebrities. It's like American pop culture, it's stupid and sad and pointless. I totally understand.

I like anime for the most part, but I hear there are plenty of good live action comedies? I haven't really watched them.

Oh and I'm not white by the way, I'm half Filipino, and half Mexican. So I'm half Asian and half Hispanic. I always get treated American. My dad is an immigrant from the Philippines and in the Army.

Yes, 4-AcO. It's thought to break down into the natural stuff, but nobody knows for sure. I was considering buying.

Do you think it is worth it? I can get 250mg for a little more money, but are the trips worth it? And how many great trips can I get from that? You said it's not for recreation, does that mean it's like shrooms?

Some people say they can't tell the difference.

AMT seems like too many side effects, and I have a weak stomach. I don't think it's for me.

By today I need to decide whether to get 25c n bome or 4-AcO
#2101 to #2100 - anotheroneonearth (07/10/2015) [-]
well I don't have much time to reply to all of the subjects so...

>I'm pretty sure the Japanese are also afraid of black people.
of course we are.

>Japan has a much lower crime rate yet, but also a pretty high suicide rate
true but suicide rate is constantly declining in the past few years.

> I hear there are plenty of good live action comedies?
yes but many of them are yet to be translated or introduced to western world. it's hard to translate japanese comedy I guess

>Do you think it is worth it? I can get 250mg for a little more money, but are the trips worth it? And how many great trips can I get from that? You said it's not for recreation, does that mean it's like shrooms?
I really can't say it is.
if you overdose (~40mg) it can be quite overwhelming but you'll blackout and forget everything.
I don't even know what it is for.
might be good if you want to experience some zen **** (meaning of life, space, consciousness, void and god). also incredible color enhancement, it's just so beautiful.
definitely it's some sort of a spiritual journey but it's quite difficult to handle.
if you are prepared for everything like an ascetic monk it would be a worthwhile experience,
but with a half-assed mindset like me, it can be pretty horrifying.
side effect: abnormal sweating, heart rate increase, insomnia, anxiety. it's so long (8~12hrs) and heavy you'll need to spend whole weekend lying on the bed.
if I were you I'd buy just 100mg of 4-AcO-DMT and buy 150mg of 4-AcO-MET.
the vendors these days tend to sell both of them.
4-AcO-MET is much lighter and easier to handle than DMT.
the duration is shorter (4~6hrs) and more shroomy than DMT is.
I really loved watching videos and listening to music during the trip. sometimes you'll burst into laughter for no reason.
sudden enlightenment. it's like your existence is approved by God himself, which is actually yourself.
it has similar side effects to 4-AcO-DMT, but not as harsh as that.
#2102 to #2101 - anotheroneonearth (07/10/2015) [-]
also, shrooms and 4-AcOs are totally different to me.
4-AcOs are after all chemical compounds. it really doesn't feel "right"... I hope you know what I'm saying.
it can't be good for your organs. if you felt something wrong don't hesitate to flush them down.

<--- pretty much what DMT feels like
User avatar #2103 to #2102 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/10/2015) [-]
I understand. I decided to go for 25c n bomes. cheap and I get a **** ton. Wish me luck.
And yeah I hear DMT is intense as **** .
User avatar #2087 - badmotorfinger (07/02/2015) [-]
I love the webm comps bro.
User avatar #2088 to #2087 - infinitereaper ONLINE (07/02/2015) [-]
Glad you like um, sadly I don't think I live up to the originals, and though some people talk about the olden days people seem to prefer current pics. It's hard to find the right WebMs sometimes.
User avatar #2079 - mudkipfucker (06/28/2015) [-]
Nothing wrong with being gay, faggot
User avatar #2080 to #2079 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/28/2015) [-]
Go **** a midkip
User avatar #2081 to #2080 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #2082 to #2081 - mudkipfucker (06/28/2015) [-]
can i also **** a midkip?
User avatar #2083 to #2082 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #2066 - tepidteal ONLINE (06/09/2015) [-]
Do you just upload anime content?
User avatar #2067 to #2066 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/09/2015) [-]
Lately yeah, I used to make some OC here and there, upload a few other stuff, but I don't like uploading other stuff because they just never seem to get thumbs and the animemanga channel isn't so active so I post on it. It's doing okay.
User avatar #2068 to #2067 - tepidteal ONLINE (06/09/2015) [-]
Okay. Could you link your OC to me? I want to look at 'em.
User avatar #2070 to #2069 - tepidteal ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
The drawn stuff was cute.
User avatar #2071 to #2070 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
Well I'm glad you liked it, I was pretty surprised actually as I just cobbled it together on a flight of fancy but people seemed to like it. I am not very talented so I don't often make stuff, but it's nice sometimes to see that my ideas at least are liked.
User avatar #2072 to #2071 - tepidteal ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
FJ likes OC.
It was just cute, man. Good ideas, cute drawings.
User avatar #2073 to #2072 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
FJ seems to have mixed emotions, OC for me tends to be hit or miss. I dabble in it from time to time. Was thinking of drawing some simple comics, but I dunno. I'm on summer vacation right now but I'm trying to get off my sick butt and start studying for next semester. What about you? Do any OC? Chilling this summer?
User avatar #2074 to #2073 - tepidteal ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
I do portraits when I feel like it. I don't have any other plans than that. Thanks for asking.
User avatar #2075 to #2074 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
Well that's neat. Art is fun stuff. Anyways thanks for dropping by and chatting with me. I'll be online for a little while if you want to talk about anything.
User avatar #2076 to #2075 - tepidteal ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
Haha. Nah, I guess. I just wanted to know what kind of stuff you uploaded before subbing.
User avatar #2077 to #2076 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/10/2015) [-]
Yeah well it's basically a lot of anime, and occasionally random stuff. I upload anime in batches, anything unique I generally upload alone, anything OCish I generally upload stand a lone and send a mass message or something but thats bout it for now
User avatar #2061 - angelooo (06/05/2015) [-]
Are your FJ points for trade? I don't want them all I just desire 20,000
User avatar #2062 to #2061 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/05/2015) [-]
Got any spare Carmelicious? gem recipes?
User avatar #2063 to #2062 - angelooo (06/05/2015) [-]
I wish I did I only have rare character items and sandwiche related items.
User avatar #2064 to #2063 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/05/2015) [-]
Send a trade request for the points you need, you don't need to give me anything, but if you come along any Carmelicious in the future let me know. I collect those suckers.
User avatar #2065 to #2064 - angelooo (06/05/2015) [-]
Alright, I absolutely appreciate your hospitality and patronage sir.
#2054 - captainspankmonkey ONLINE (05/24/2015) [-]
I've seen your comments here and there, and I recall you being interested in business and or money making avenues. Though, from the way you spell you seem like you'd be a writer. Has that thought ever come to you?
#2055 to #2054 - infinitereaper ONLINE (05/24/2015) [-]
Ever since I was very young and I'm flattered you would say so.
But the thing is...
I want to make money

And I'm not sure writing is the best way to do that. I'm currently hoping to eventually get my degree in economics. I am trying to get myself to write as a hobby though. I do have one novel I wanted to write, but writing is so hard. I struggle a lot of confidence in the integrity and quality of my stories.
User avatar #2056 to #2055 - captainspankmonkey ONLINE (05/24/2015) [-]
I agree wholeheartedly. I would like to make more money but at the same time, I've been taking an interest in creating stories especially the types involving large, sprawling worlds. Problem of course being the same as you, **** is hard to write.

What type of business or financial investment are you hoping to go for?
#2057 to #2056 - infinitereaper ONLINE (05/24/2015) [-]
Yeah, I want to write but at the same time it uses up so many resources. I suppose I could spare an hour a day, should probably start with that.

Well first of all I'm hoping to get a GS (government job) and make a nice yearly stipend. Buy my own place close buy, pay off a mortgage.

As for business, right now I'm thinking about getting into the mushroom business. It's a billion dollar industry. Thinking of growing gourmet mushrooms which is a million dollar industry. I'll start small, and use my knowledge of economics/cultivation to perfect it and expand. I may have a product idea or two, but maybe sometime down the line. As for investments I am not sure, but if I come across investment opportunities that seem smart, I will. I'm thinking real estate since I'm just starting out, but I'll need more cashflow.

To get myself started and get funds, I'm thinking of doing business on the dark net that I can funnel into start ups and investments.
It's risky but I don't see how else I'll get where I want to be. I mean, I'm building everything from scratch and I don't want to wait a decade when I can do it in half the time or less.
User avatar #2058 to #2057 - captainspankmonkey ONLINE (05/24/2015) [-]
Probably the best solution, as long as things go well with other matters of the day.

You seem to have gotten yourself planned better than anyone else I know, I hope you do quite well for yourself. Though, I've never heard of the mushroom business being a billion dollar one. Never knew it had that big of a market but hey, I'm not as savvy on that. Nonetheless, you seem like you got the poster boy grandiose Capitalism style to you.
User avatar #2060 to #2058 - infinitereaper ONLINE (05/24/2015) [-]
Oh and good luck to you too my friend.
My advice is to ignore everything that isn't ;productive and gets in the way of your goals.
I think the keys to success are focus and repetition.
I am working on both.
User avatar #2059 to #2058 - infinitereaper ONLINE (05/24/2015) [-]
To be fair it wasn't always that way, to be honest I didn't even plan to live this long, and never had any idea how I would get to where I wanted to be. However, these days the picture is becoming clearer and clear. It's almost like the sum of my life experiences (all of which I thought were not only worthless but destructive) are finally budding if not beginning to blossom. I can see a path.

Mushroom business is growing, and apparently demand is good, and supply is slow to expand to meet demand. All of these are good signs.

I appreciate you saying so.
A lot of things are going to depend on the risks I'm going to be taking, both legal and the opposite.
User avatar #2049 - nought ONLINE (05/20/2015) [-]
want some cocks
User avatar #2050 to #2049 - infinitereaper ONLINE (05/20/2015) [-]
User avatar #2051 to #2050 - nought ONLINE (05/20/2015) [-]
User avatar #2052 to #2051 - infinitereaper ONLINE (05/20/2015) [-]
I'll take anything thats free
User avatar #2053 to #2052 - nought ONLINE (05/20/2015) [-]
that's the spirit
User avatar #2045 - derivat (05/04/2015) [-]
What's your problem with streaming animaymay? I find it to be way more convenient than downloading and my favorite site to be a weeaboo on [spoiler] You need to login to view this link has everything I need in HD and ready to go.
#2047 to #2045 - infinitereaper ONLINE (05/04/2015) [-]
BDs rips son
HD, Uncensored, altered art, edits
its an entirely different league
User avatar #2044 - notorc (05/04/2015) [-]
******* NORMIES
User avatar #2043 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/30/2015) [-]
testaburger you may not like me or I you but I do agree with you half the time
User avatar #2042 to #2040 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/30/2015) [-]
bokusomething wa sunkai
"I don't have any friends" anime or something
#2028 - jackmaccone (04/29/2015) [-]
telll me

you have a girlfriend ?
#2029 to #2028 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/29/2015) [-]
what do you think?
#2030 to #2029 - jackmaccone (04/29/2015) [-]
well i guess not

but i try to obtain a bakery grill
User avatar #2031 to #2030 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/29/2015) [-]
gl give her eggs or something
User avatar #2032 to #2031 - jackmaccone (04/29/2015) [-]
what kind of eggs
#2034 to #2033 - jackmaccone (04/29/2015) [-]

but still dayum son why are we alone
User avatar #2035 to #2034 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/29/2015) [-]
because no normalfag
and for me especially because INTJ
#2036 to #2035 - jackmaccone (04/29/2015) [-]
ye me neither

let's hope she can handle me

what is INTJ

don't be afraid man, out there is a girl who is same messed up as you and you can be both messed up
#2037 to #2036 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/29/2015) [-]
Oh believe me nothing would make me happier.   
But I'm an odd beast. Finding a female like me is going to be astronomically unlikely.   
Best of luck.
Oh believe me nothing would make me happier.
But I'm an odd beast. Finding a female like me is going to be astronomically unlikely.
Best of luck.
#2038 to #2037 - jackmaccone (04/29/2015) [-]
maaan i'm an odd beast too   
outside i'm super nice and smiling blah blah   
but inside i'm raging fury waiting for a third world war to finally let the hate against the germans out in one strike   
and then on the other side i'm totally depressed an other things like this   
i change from one situation to another in a blink of an eye
maaan i'm an odd beast too

outside i'm super nice and smiling blah blah

but inside i'm raging fury waiting for a third world war to finally let the hate against the germans out in one strike

and then on the other side i'm totally depressed an other things like this

i change from one situation to another in a blink of an eye
User avatar #2015 - slashtrey (04/18/2015) [-]
what are you looking for in items? I like many of your items
User avatar #2016 to #2015 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/18/2015) [-]
User avatar #2017 to #2016 - slashtrey (04/18/2015) [-]
oh. I dont have that

is that the only thing
User avatar #2018 to #2017 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/18/2015) [-]
Bout the only other thing I'm willing to buy right now is gem recipes for 1k points each, assuming market price didn't change from last year.
#2014 - jonnyfrosty (04/17/2015) [-]
Just checked out your shroom story. Nice, inspirating actually
User avatar #2021 to #2014 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/21/2015) [-]
I recommend it
User avatar #2001 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
#2002 to #2001 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging aka, the Mastermind
3rd rarest personality, females are 3 times rarer than males,
quite possibly making that combination the rarest of them all.

Here, I think this site is where I originally took my test, (same result a second time) so I think its a good site, though it does look different now, idk:

Just answer the questions truthfully to get your personality type. Take it another time to verify I suppose.
User avatar #2003 to #2002 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Welp I scored ISTP.

Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving.

Well okay then.
User avatar #2004 to #2003 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
idk the nickname for that one, the engineer or some **** .
User avatar #2005 to #2004 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
I have no idea.

I personally don't take personality tests or whatever they are too seriously.
User avatar #2006 to #2005 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
I just like the jung one because it fits me so well, made total sense to me when I took it. It's not big deal really tho. I'm interesting in improving myself, but it's tough. I basically suck at everything. Maybe I have a way with words. How bout you?
User avatar #2007 to #2006 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Eh... working on a few things in my life, trying to improve some things and change some others but to be fair I'm pretty bad at most things myself.
User avatar #2008 to #2007 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Well at least we have each other.
User avatar #2009 to #2008 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
I reckon that's about it though.
#2010 to #2009 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
I try to live my life the best I can.
I mean I'm really messed up. In more ways than one.
My health is a walking disaster. Chronic illness, chronic pain, like a corpse with rotting flesh, failing organs and overbearing pain.
Beyond this I'm average in every way, maybe even below, only ever become sufficient at very few things where I have possible potential.
I'm fine with who I am, but plenty would call me ****** up or immoral, I don't really care about that, being called a monster that is, because to me, they are the true monsters.
Most people are just parasites. Sucking up resources, taking up space, and being completely ignorant and clueless about how the world actually works.

I have nothing. I am nothing. I will probably die nothing, but while I'm still alive. While my heart is still beating I want to amount to something, my dream is to become everything. All I ever wanted was a chance.
User avatar #2011 to #2010 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
This is too deep for someone who's stayed up til 7am.

I wish I could give a proper response but I'd rather be honest with'ya and say that I'm too tired to think of something that'll make sense.
User avatar #2012 to #2011 - infinitereaper ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Just sleep on it. You probably need it. You shouldn't stay up so late.
User avatar #2020 to #2012 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (04/20/2015) [-]
Shiiiiit. I forgot.
User avatar #2013 to #2012 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
I know but I'm stupid so I do it anyway.
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