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#66 - Greece's attitude towards Macedonia was well founded. The Mace…  [+] (4 replies) 09/19/2013 on Spartan Trivia +2
#310 - namdrut (09/19/2013) [-]
also of note, during Xerxes invasion during the second persian war, the macedonians were defeated pretty quickly and easily because their cavalry got fucked up. and that was because the persians used camels which apparently scare horses.

anyway, i'm pretty sure we can all agree that both macedon and sparta were equally awesome in their own ways.
#69 - Aglarod (09/19/2013) [-]
Some facts about the Greeks:
Dorians, Ionians, Aeolians, Achaeans were the 4 major tribes into which the Greeks considered the population of Hellenes to have been divided.

Macedonians were a Dorian tribe. Same as Spartans.
source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorians

Macedonians spoke a Doric Greek dialect

Ancient Greece was an area with many city-states and Kingdoms. During the history of Ancient Greece a total of 1,500 to 2,000 city-states - Kingdoms were established. Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Thebes, Epirus, Macedonia, Eretria, Chalkis were some of them.

The idea of a Pan-Hellenic (Greek) country, was expressed by the Athenian Isocrates, who also wrote a letter to King Philip.

Only Greeks had the right to participate on the Olympic games. Macedonians took part on them.

Alexander: but I am myself a Greek by descent, and I would not willingly see Greece exchange freedom for slaver. Herodot Book 9,45 (KALLIOPI)

----------------------------------------­-------------------------------------- --­-----------
But after all, did Alexander the Great consider himself a Greek?
Alexander the Great quote:

Above all, we are free men, and they are slaves. There are Greek troops, to be sure, in Persian service but how different is their cause from ours! They will be fighting for pay and not much of at that; We, on the contrary, shall fight for Greece, and our hearts will be in it. As for our foreign troops, Thracians, Paeonians, Illyrians, Agrianes, they are the best and stoutest soldiers in Europe, and they will find as their opponents the slackest and softest of the tribes of Asia.
#234 - gerfox (09/19/2013) [-]
The mother of Alexander was Greek, from Athens if I recall correctly.
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#76 - infiniteduress (09/19/2013) [-]
You bring up some interesting points. But the Macedonians weren't a Dorian tribe, they were of the Makednoi Tribe. Macedonian invaders began moving south, when they got to the peninsula they settled down, intermarried with the locals, and were renamed the Dorians. 300 years later when Phillip conquered Greece, they didn't identify with each other.

If you read the article on Ancient Macedonian language, you will find that it was an Amalgam of many ancient Greek dialects, not specifically Dorian at all.

Alexander the Great was first and foremost a Macedonian. He was King of Macedon, while merely being General of Greece. Greek wasn't a race or nationality it was a region that Greeks only identified with when they were unified (during the Trojan war, and under Macedonian rule).
#19 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 09/18/2013 on reading whilst pooping +9
#44 - anon (09/18/2013) [-]
this makes me laugh hysterically, thank you for posting this sir
#19 - Picture 09/18/2013 on evry tim +4
#5 - Picture 09/16/2013 on beaters +8