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#16 - Happened to me once. My uncle was a pig farmer and he had big …  [+] (2 replies) 06/07/2015 on $crooge McDuck -1
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#26 - lotengo (06/07/2015) [-]
why was the pool open? why would you come so close?
#55 - inczi (06/12/2015) [-]
Dude it was open all the time. You just put pig shit and haye and let it compost. There were like six of those and they were always open. When you stop putting fresh shit in one and let it compost it turns into a really good fertilizer. We were kids, we were playing. And it turns out I have a talend like Scrooge McDuck, just for pigshit.
#40 - Actually air trapped inside the bottles is great insulation. Y…  [+] (4 replies) 05/24/2015 on A neat idea to help the... +1
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#46 - localbees (05/24/2015) [-]
Those bottles look like they're full of sand to me
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#41 - drl (05/24/2015) [-]
yeah but the polar bears still need fur
and in order to have a warm/cool home you need to install insulation
and lets be honest that air wont do jack shit
#44 - mrcorrection (05/24/2015) [-]
You know most insulations are based on that air is awful at conducting heat? .__.
#43 - inczi (05/24/2015) [-]
Even if you are insulating with normal insulation, like mineral wool, you are actually using the air that is trapped between the wool matrix. And ultimately this is easier to use than bottles filled with air, as it is easy to instal a panel of insulation. But if you just need to get rid of the bottles and have the cheap manpower to do it. Their insulation will not be worse that the one we use.
#93 - Seriously, how did you guess?  [+] (1 reply) 05/17/2015 on Wifi 2 0
#94 - desacabose (05/17/2015) [-]
Psychic Powers
#91 - That is because you Americans have too big houses. Come on, I …  [+] (3 replies) 05/17/2015 on Wifi 2 0
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#92 - desacabose (05/17/2015) [-]
I'm gonna take a guess here and say you're from Poland
#93 - inczi (05/17/2015) [-]
Seriously, how did you guess?
#94 - desacabose (05/17/2015) [-]
Psychic Powers