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#144 - hunman (12/16/2012) [-]

Remember me?
User avatar #146 to #145 - hunman (12/16/2012) [-]
Good. Not many people remembers me

I would like to make an other request if you're free and interested
User avatar #147 to #146 - immortalitysquared (12/16/2012) [-]
I may or may not do it, I'm kinda busy x_x
User avatar #148 to #147 - hunman (12/16/2012) [-]
You don't have to if you can't

But if you can, I would like it before christmas as a present to someone I want to surprise
User avatar #149 to #148 - immortalitysquared (12/16/2012) [-]
tell me what you want :3
User avatar #151 to #149 - hunman (12/16/2012) [-]
Is there any chance that we can do it?
User avatar #152 to #151 - immortalitysquared (12/16/2012) [-]
if i can find time. I wouldn't hold my breath tho
User avatar #153 to #152 - hunman (12/16/2012) [-]

Can I help you somehow?
User avatar #154 to #153 - immortalitysquared (12/16/2012) [-]
not unless you can draw up a bunch of commissions that I'm supposed to be doing XD
#155 to #154 - hunman (12/16/2012) [-]

The only things I can draw (relatively good) are ducks
User avatar #156 to #155 - immortalitysquared (12/16/2012) [-]
well that is a grade a duck
#150 to #149 - hunman (12/16/2012) [-]
Something like this (I know, I can't draw)

It's the two pony laying in a living room like a cute couple with a christmas three in the background
I would make some lights on it, so it would be a gif

With this pony
(She is called Karuz and she is blind)

and this
(She is called Cold Fire)
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