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#1 - toothlessthedragon (02/24/2011) [-]
how did you find me?
#2 to #1 - imaginer (02/24/2011) [-]
I cannot remember. I saw you a long time ago and did not acknowledge you, but over time I found you incredibly cool and decided to meet you.
#3 to #2 - toothlessthedragon (02/24/2011) [-]
if you want to be my friend you have to pass my test
<--enlarge for test
#4 to #3 - imaginer (02/24/2011) [-]
How am I to manage this?
Hm. I assume it may be a normal part of the Dragons diet... so this could be a symbol of culture...
#6 to #5 - imaginer (02/24/2011) [-]
A special pre-comic to the eating of the raw fish...

(My character was always the one with the red shirt, but no one ever knew till now. Heck, I'm not even sure if you've seen any of my comics though.)
#7 to #6 - toothlessthedragon (02/24/2011) [-]
#8 to #7 - imaginer (02/24/2011) [-]
Om nom nom

Gosh, eating a raw fish right before bedtime

See you tomorrow, toothless, I hope I can still finish your tests of friendship
#9 to #8 - toothlessthedragon
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