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#6 - skaderaid (07/09/2016) [-]
If I had people fooling around like that in the pool I'm guarding, they'd be better off dead
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#11 - lmrml (07/05/2016) [-]
I'm in the process of going through both and it fucking hurts...
#7 - TheOnlyReaper (07/04/2016) [-]
I did too.
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#6 - zerpderp (07/04/2016) [-]
fallout outback
#7 - arcmadness (07/04/2016) [-]
I would play it. Seems it would be much less forgiving than the usual setting. Actually. Might be like Madmax.
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#8 - zerpderp (07/04/2016) [-]
it would be interesting course they would need to overhaul everything and add some mode of transportation since there isn't a whole lot in the terms of buildings or places in the outback that would break up the wasteland feel enough. course they need to overhaul everything seeing as the same engine used in fallout 3 is used in 4 basically they just updated it majorly though with alot of other open world games i'm sure they can take pointers from someone FUCKING WITCHER I WOULD KILL FOR FALLOUT WITH THE WITCHER 3 ENGINE with the way the fallout series is though i doubt we ever get one thats not taking place in the remnants of the USA for awhile
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#25 - deviousdanish (07/05/2016) [-]
I'd like Bethesda to fix the problem of Fallout barely being a roleplaying game anymore before doing anything else with it.
#17 - ilovedidyoupiggy (07/04/2016) [-]
**ilovedidyoupiggy used "*roll picture*"**
**ilovedidyoupiggy rolled image** idk maybe there was one in a zoo and it got ghoulified , there already is a ghoul whale
#9 - arcmadness (07/04/2016) [-]
Not unless and indie game making group somehow gets the rights to begin a foreign setting for the fallout game itself. As for and overhaul on it programming i will only agree on some as Fallout 4 has only suffered due to the company behind it once again rushing a product instead of making something fluid.
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#11 - zerpderp (07/04/2016) [-]
well bethesda currently owns the rights so idk if they'd be willing to work with a indie developer they might there's no telling if they would. and honestly for what they worked with they made a damn good job of it the problem was while the game was great compared to other games in the same category of open world role play games like witcher blew it out of the water. though like you said rushed product.
#13 - arcmadness (07/04/2016) [-]
Well i have put a few hours into both games. And Fallout 4 is still being worked on. But the company is now attempting to please all groups complaining about this and that. Causing themselves and players problems with each update. I know one update outright broke my game for a bit till the next one they did. As for the Witcher 3. It is about as solid as the second and still far better than the first.
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#7 - oneguy (06/20/2016) [-]
You know, the same thing happened to me. Then I rewatched it and absolutely fell in love with it.
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#4 - jokexplain (06/20/2016) [-]
That's because the entirety of the show was a series of tiered fighting tournaments so there wasn't much plot to remember
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#12 - brobyddark (06/20/2016) [-]
There was plenty of plot, but people only remember the Dark Tournament arc.
#5 - anon (06/20/2016) [-]
Um, no. First arc: You're dead kiddo! Figure out how to make this egg hatch into something good and you'll get your life back!
Second arc: So now you're spirit detective, we're gonna have you track down these stolen artifacts and fight demons!
Third arc: So you got the artifacts back! Now, there's these guys who are holding an ice spirit hostage! Take two of the demons you fought before and go rescue her! Also, she's Hiei's sister!
Fourth Arc: Oh shit, there's demon LORDS now, and they have a tower you need to break into! Take Kurama and Kuwabara and go stop them! Also, Hiei's going to go even though he's not supposed to.
Fifth Arc: Man, you gotta get stronger! Go train with Genkai!
And then after that it's more spirit detective stuff.
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#6 - unknownmercury (06/20/2016) [-]
Replying to this because this was me and FJ logged me out for some reason.
#16 - porkslapchop (06/20/2016) [-]
you missed the bit with the ex-spirit detective who became evil and opened the gate to the demon world in the first place. great villain. btw I just realized yuyu hakusho is from the same guy who makes hunter x hunter. My 2 favorite shounen.
#1 - **ilovedidyoupiggy used "*roll picture*"** **ilovedidyoupig… 06/19/2016 on pls no ban 0