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    i love Mike Inel i love Mike Inel
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    Heh Heh
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    First time playing Don't starve First time playing Don't starve

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#7 - Picture 7 hours ago on The right tire 0
#13 - is there any proof on the frontal lobe thing? i'd like to …  [+] (3 replies) 7 hours ago on Nasty Bomb +4
#19 - anon (58 minutes ago) [-]
...Maybe? Some of these kids have something like narcissism, and it was discovered that narcissism has roots in a lack of connective tissue between the prefrontal cortex (includes thoughts about self) and the ventral striatum (includes experiencing reward and pleasure), leading them to have poor self-esteem, causing the narcissism as an attempt to compensate.

#15 - anon (4 hours ago) [-]
No, this is all unsourced garbage posted to an anonymous website for laughs.
Or someone trying to be predictive.
#14 - anon (6 hours ago) [-]
It's sort of true but same can be said for any poltical ideogoly each has their share of damaged poeple but since femisnts and sjw have need to be a victim they will gave higher amount of them
#139 - Picture 7 hours ago on Furry 0
#137 - well now you're getting toxic as ****, didn't expect this leve…  [+] (2 replies) 7 hours ago on Furry 0
#138 - skeletorexplains (7 hours ago) [-]
I'm toxic because you're building a strawman and attempting to push it for truth. And when someone asks you for evidence on your claims you go "nah dw" i think people like you are Horrible. You want everyone to be the same, have the same likes, beep boop beep boop. In other words, no one is allowed to imagine, no one is allowed to be creative, things must be a certain way. Wow this is sounding really familiar? Isn't this what the SJW's do? I wonder why i'm against it?...

I'd like your ass to make some evidence for your claims but you'll never provide it because you and i both know its bullshit and you wanna just Demonize people no matter how much good they do. I've met fursuiter fathers (Very VERY "Doing well for themselves" types) One was the Host for a Radio show for his area, In his off time he'd do some shoutouts for furries and shit and charity shit. He'd even have his Daughter on air with him to help him with said Charity events And before you pipe up to go "See she was forced into it" no, she was asked. She didn't dress up, her father didn't dress up as far as i remember? they just helped their local community. . To your claims, the furries shoulda just went nuts and tried fucking his daughter? But no, because they're normal human beings and not disgusting pedophiles they D'awed at how adorable she was, and talked on mic pulling names out of a hat.

I don't like closed minded people like you, who have never even met someone, and you spout your nonsense as truth. but when someone does it back to you "Wow your racist" or "Wow your fucking toxic :C" Its a two way street man, Enjoy your fucking shitstain of a country. Enjoy your strawman. I'd laugh if your the next down in the gutter person and you come walking to this community for help and you're told to fuck off.
#139 - ilikepatatas (7 hours ago) [-]