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#725 - You have to understand that it's not exactly easy to walk away…  [+] (3 replies) 12/11/2014 on post your favorite webm +1
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#726 - zaxzwim (12/11/2014) [-]
if she is a mother of a 5 year old then she must be atleast 25 or so (going low) then she should be used to her kid either being a massive pain (like most small children [though some are nicely quiet {apparently none of the ones on busses though}]) so she should be able to just block it out or figure something out to stop them, turning the sound down would be a start
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#727 - idelki (12/11/2014) [-]
Sure, but it was still blatant harassment on his part and just because she doesn't just leave is not an open ticket for him to continue berating her. Especially when he follows her between lobbies.
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#728 - zaxzwim (12/11/2014) [-]
well he was being a dick
#203 - Jesus ******* christ I hate how these kinds of people exist  [+] (1 reply) 12/10/2014 on post your favorite webm +1
#273 - BloodyTurds (12/10/2014) [-]
which kind?? the mom, or the sexy ass 5 year old?
#35 - As someone who avidly watches their channel, this really confuses me.  [+] (1 reply) 12/08/2014 on But, I thought they were cool. +10
#57 - havepity (12/09/2014) [-]
Same here I think that they have gotten a slightly scewed view. And Anti-GG less insane statements sounds like something they'd enjoy,
#34 - Picture 12/05/2014 on Any cloud-fans? 0
#11 - I feel like this comic was made just for that reaction picture…  [+] (8 replies) 12/05/2014 on you serious +1
#23 - anotherponyaccount (12/05/2014) [-]
Why must I start a Best Friends thread
#42 - Gonnafly (12/05/2014) [-]
#50 - anotherponyaccount (12/05/2014) [-]
This was the best thing ever
#18 - swagloon (12/05/2014) [-]
yea there are comics called behind the gif. My favorite one is the one that goes to this gif.
link to comic imgur.com/a/vshJG?
#80 - shivaspace (12/05/2014) [-]
this still rustles my jimmys... why the fuck is it called "behind the gif" when the comic is actually before the gif...?
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#70 - feudd (12/05/2014) [-]
I just realised both dogs lick at the same time!
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#43 - privatepumpanickel (12/05/2014) [-]
That's my favourite too!
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#16 - cannibislover (12/05/2014) [-]
It is. It's kind of become a thing lately.
Find a gif and make a comic for the backstory.
#121 - Except, you know, there's a ton of great content on tumblr but…  [+] (12 replies) 12/05/2014 on Press for retoast 0
#123 - sanitarysan (12/05/2014) [-]
tumblr makes good content sometimes, i'm glad to see something that makes me laugh and then see tumblr in the corner but even the creator of tumblr says that his website has a lot of crazes
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#151 - donatelo (12/05/2014) [-]
the quote that you are refferring to about the crazies was made up. tumblr is a site not dedicated to "funny", although some people will make funnies.. there is alot of other stuff art, music, etc since it is a place for personal blogs that vary widely. even then, it STILL makes more oc funny content than a site dedicated to funny (funnyjunk).
#166 - sanitarysan (12/05/2014) [-]
if you been on funnyjunk for years you would think you understand the community better, if you are an accurate representation of tumblr im glad i don't go their.
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#169 - donatelo (12/05/2014) [-]
why? im only stating facts. tumblr is a personal blog, you post pictures write stories share music or whatever you want. there are a lot of cool people there, and there are also users on there who give it a bad name. i like the site, ex gf got me into it.

i feel like i do know the community pretty well...there are some cool people here, and people who ride fad waves linger than other sites do.

i feel like i am speaking with rationale, if you only go to funnyjunk and dont go to other sites because the community influences you to the point that you dot...then you are missing out. try it before you judge.
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#160 - zeldapronmaster (12/05/2014) [-]
are you DEFENDING tumbler?
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#161 - donatelo (12/05/2014) [-]
yea, because i find it stupid to participate in a circle jerk and giving up the pleasure of going on more than one site. i go to 4chan, funnyjunk, tumblr and others.

p.s. funnyjunk is the biggest circle jerk, i say this lovingly as i have been on the ol 'junk since like 2003.
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#163 - zeldapronmaster (12/05/2014) [-]
yes but circle jerks are done around beautiful kneeling women
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#164 - donatelo (12/05/2014) [-]
oh.. in that case funnyjunk isn't a circle jerk
#171 - sanitarysan (12/05/2014) [-]
listen buddy i don't know if you're trying to bait me or not but i'm too drunk and happy to care so if you are here to tell me tumblr is best for some reason make your case or leave
#173 - sanitarysan (12/05/2014) [-]
"tumblr is a site not dedicated to "funny", although some people will make funnies.. there is alot of other stuff art, music, etc since it is a place for personal blogs that vary widely. even then, it STILL makes more oc funny content than a site dedicated to funny (funnyjunk)."

you said that it was better in your first post

i don't know what i did in this conversation to warrant you're aggressive tone considering i started by saying tumblr makes good content sometimes its mostly the over aggressive vindictive community and not just the feminists apparently

also im pretty sure you blocked me because i can't reply to you
User avatar
#193 - donatelo (12/05/2014) [-]
i didn't block you. and i reallllly do not see my aggressive tone as i can assure you i am not trying to be aggressive at all.

and just because i said tumblr makes more funny oc, does not mean i think they are better...i just said they make funnier content. i like both, i have been using both and i do not see me stop using either.

the reason i replied was not directed at your first comment, it was the second one.
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#172 - donatelo (12/05/2014) [-]
im not saying one site is better than the other...but since you asked that basically implies that you do.

which goes along to what i am trying to say...participating in the circle jerk of who is better is stupid. i do not do that and i enjoy the pleasure of tumblr and funnyjunk.