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#379 - we'd all totally give 5-20$ for stupid **** like colored text 03/17/2015 on Please help Admin +1
#979 - Use It's cheap as far as BW goes and the offers are good … 03/16/2015 on Tell Addy how your day is... 0
#128 - No it's Becky 03/13/2015 on Teenage Taylor Swift +2
#43 - greenmangaming then kinguin always worked for me thou… 03/12/2015 on More Big Band related content 0
#41 - bro register on kinguin buy it and gift it t…  [+] (4 new replies) 03/12/2015 on More Big Band related content 0
User avatar #42 - sirfapaton (03/12/2015) [-]
kinguin is... questionable. just as g2a is.
User avatar #68 - zplatter (03/12/2015) [-]
they have most likely aqcuired the games by irregular means, but that isn't something you should worry about.
User avatar #95 - sirfapaton (03/13/2015) [-]
I like supporting the developers. Not sites that pretty much steal the games and have the danger of getting the game removed from my account of because how it was acquired.
#43 - icanhasaccount (03/12/2015) [-]
greenmangaming then

kinguin always worked for me though
i didn't give a referrer link or anything so you know i'm not profiting
#35 - I KNOW RIGHT!!! 03/12/2015 on Dam it 0
#3 - if my doctor told me to ******* meditate for 40 minutes…  [+] (37 new replies) 03/03/2015 on "I'm going in..." +77
#79 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
It's not considered quackery if the patient has a lot of stress
#69 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
If that was the limit of his knowledge then I would certainly be alarmed, but it's a perfectly legitimate recommendation.
User avatar #66 - macacobr (03/04/2015) [-]
Aren't you a stupid edgy teen fuck, uh?
#48 - skvat (03/04/2015) [-]
you must be special kind of stupid
#7 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
I'm in canada, with stage 4 Endometriosis. After waiting for 6 months I finally get to talk to a professional about the matter and hopefully get more tests done. She told me to meditate for an hour everyday and that I didn't need any tests. I waited 6 months to hear that, it was the only information she said. No tests, nothing, now a few weeks ago (a month after that appointment) I got to see a different doctor and have tests done, turns out I've had ovarian cancer, and I'm now getting treated for it. I would rather pay expensive healthcare than wait 3-6 months in between every appointment...
#85 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
how do you have stage 4 scar tissue? you throw out endometriosis like people don't know what it is...
#91 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
Endometriosis is classified into one of four stages (I-minimal, II-mild, III-moderate, and IV-severe) depending on location, extent, and depth of endometriosis implants; presence and severity of adhesions; and presence and size of ovarian endometriomas. First thing when you google stage 4 Endometriosis.

FYI Endometriosis is also open wounds and sores not just scar tissue, it's bleeding holes that can be burnt off/closed or they can remove a thin layer of lining to get rid of them.
#83 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
If you suspect you have cancer you have to book yourself in for CT scan and all that yourself, my doctor just gave me numbers, he doesn't take care of that. I also live in Canada. If you went to the doctor and all he told you was to meditate you probably didn't even tell him what was bothering you or how severe it was
#84 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
Also if i call my doctor I'm in the next day. Where the fuck do you have to wait 6 months, i have never waited more than 24 hours
#58 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
First, don't dismiss meditation because someone recommended it to you, when you shoild have gotten something else.
Second, free health care is just an option, you can always choose private and get the results, it's just problematic if we give up on free health care because of misdiagnosis and stupid advice from stupid people.
#55 - xxmemosxx (03/04/2015) [-]
Your doctor told you to meditate.
User avatar #53 - thejazzman (03/04/2015) [-]
>Not living in an area with low wait times
#44 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
In America we pay for expensive healthcare AND wait to see the doctor between 3-6 months. Its a good system, we also get fined if we don't get healthcare now.

I had asthmatic bronchitis last year and after waiting 2 months to see my doctor she said to gargle salt water and stop eating bread.

User avatar #82 - paintskillz (03/04/2015) [-]
where the fuck do you live in america? Most places don't even require appointments and specialists can be seen within a week. The only reason it would take your sorry ass 3-6 months to see a doctor in america is because you're too busy sitting in the welfare line to get your food stamps
User avatar #72 - lean (03/04/2015) [-]
well, you are an idiot. my wait time is pick a fucking date and time i want to come in this week.
#33 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
If you couldn't afford either appointment in the first place then you would have never found the cancer at all. It would be ideal if you had a choice of whether you wanted to pay for faster/better service or not but completely getting rid of public healthcare wouldn't make your situation better. Any chance is infinitely better than having no chance.
User avatar #26 - mcassio (03/04/2015) [-]
And this is why the American system works. I mean, it most certainly needs revision, but it works.
#34 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
It works unless you're poor or broke and that's kind of the problem. The price of care also does not match the quality of care either. For example it's around $2700 (in American dollars) in total for delivering a baby in Canada and $8800 (in American dollars) in the US. You're paying more than 3 times the amount for the same procedure but you're not getting more than 3 times the quality of care.
User avatar #76 - mcassio (03/04/2015) [-]
And for reference, so that people can educate themselves and quit looking stupid for saying shit like this; law.freeadvice.com/malpractice_law/hospital_malpractice/hospital-patients.htm
User avatar #75 - mcassio (03/04/2015) [-]
Excecpt that thats bullshit. Hospitals are not allowed to turn you away if you can't pay. As for the difference in pay, for social medicine, doctors don't have to pay out the ass for malpractice. The rates are so high in America that some doctors are barely making a decent living these days, even with what they charge. It's a cost of living issue; they don't do it to be assholes.
User avatar #22 - angryhornet (03/04/2015) [-]
Finally, the socialists are becoming aware
User avatar #9 - meganinja (03/04/2015) [-]
Do/can people sue for shit like that in Canada?

Because that could have gotten you killed.
#19 - anonymous (03/04/2015) [-]
The cancer found is very minimal and caught early, I'm no doctor so I can't say for sure if that "professional" doctor actually took tests if things would be found, but I think there'd be some signs? I don't know, I'm on a lot of pain killers right now so I think my grammar is bad.
But no legal actions are being taken right now.
User avatar #10 - pootismang (03/04/2015) [-]
I have a canadaexplain, he should be here shortly.
#92 - canadaexplain (03/04/2015) [-]
This sounds more like a "lawexplain" kind of problem.
User avatar #17 - landartheconqueror (03/04/2015) [-]
you can sue anyone for anything if your lawyer is good enough, but a "error of judgement" is not necessarily "negligence"



tl;dr: Probably
User avatar #29 - commontroll (03/04/2015) [-]
From my knowledge as a student EMT, and having to learn about negligence and malpractice, odds are the doctor could be sued if they made a mistake (check), didn't care that they made a mistake (probably check), caused harm (arguably check), and one other criteria. Don't remember. It's been a while.
#27 - corps (03/04/2015) [-]
To link a comment you type ">>" and then the number. The "#" symbol is automatically added in. For example, ">> 9" turns into >>#9 without the space.
#63 - halcyonix (03/04/2015) [-]
TIL. Thanks.
#13 - gangbangtime (03/04/2015) [-]
User avatar #6 - sethbean (03/04/2015) [-]
As someone who works in the medical field. I can say that people like you are the reason healthcare is so expensive, and why America has some of the shittiest medical care in the world.
User avatar #74 - lean (03/04/2015) [-]
as someone with top tier health insurance that I pay for myself, I can guarantee you that "meditate" is not a medical solution that I would accept. If I am at the doc for something, it goes beyond what controlled breathing is gonna cure. I'm fortunate enough to live in the part of the country that has some of the best medical care in the world.
#20 - sideoffreedom (03/04/2015) [-]
Taking from an old post : Ya see people, the reason that healthcare is so ridiculously god damn high can be traced back the LBJ administration. During his time in office he wanted to make healthcare more affordable for your average american (it was expensive back then too) so a bill was signed into law that would allow the government to cover a portion of the medical cost. In doing so it allowed hospitals to charge more and more, taking the governments money instead of just the patient. Mix this with for-profit hospitals, complete skewing of supply and demand and the bullshit requirements it takes to become a doctor in the US, and ya get high healthcare prices.

Source: Gov Major+Documentary on LBJ's Administration
User avatar #49 - ruebezahl (03/04/2015) [-]
Doesn't explain why healthcare in other countries which did basically the same thing did not become extremely high. To me, this sounds just like made-up BS.
#5 - tiles has deleted their comment.
#12 - draeman (03/04/2015) [-]
Could have ended badly- without any tests like it said in the post
#50 - tiles (03/04/2015) [-]
Okay but my comment was a joke and it wasn't serious.
Did you not understand it or something?
#10 - sauce?  [+] (1 new reply) 03/03/2015 on advantage of being gross 0
User avatar #14 - xxtrashboatxx (03/03/2015) [-]
Star VS The Forces Of Evil
#17 - you don't "wet" the toothbrush. You CLEAN. Against d… 03/03/2015 on Who does this 0
#24 - The Mantis Shrimp is not actually a shrimp 03/01/2015 on Not so cool 0


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