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    1st Gen vs New Gen 1st Gen vs New Gen
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    b strikes again. b strikes again.
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    He's pissed. He's pissed.
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    Random Comp Random Comp
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    Butt sex Butt sex
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    Emotions Emotions

latest user's comments

#89 - A persons character doesn't make them wrong, even if what they…  [+] (2 replies) 11/21/2016 on Kanye 2020 +1
User avatar
#91 - popeflatus (11/21/2016) [-]
He may be 'right' in some respects, but so are many other, more worthy people. Kanye is far from presidential material.
User avatar
#98 - iareryan (11/21/2016) [-]
And you're right, anyone who thinks Kanye should be president is an idiot or a troll. Trump is 100x more suitable, which is saying something. Then again when the 2 main candidates for POTUS are Trump and Clinton it doesn't seem so strange.
#28 - No its because even if it seems highly likely that a person di…  [+] (1 reply) 10/29/2016 on HAHAHAHA JUSTICE 0
#41 - deepterror (10/29/2016) [-]
no, no one should have to prove they are innocent. It is up the courts to prove you guilty.
#56 - To be fair I was raised by a single mother, my dad isn't much …  [+] (2 replies) 08/09/2016 on A Modern Man 0
#59 - Corndoggeh (08/09/2016) [-]
I was raised by my mother as well, however, upon realizing what my father had done after a year of being gone, he has done his best to help me out the best he can through child support and helping me through school and now University. I rarely got time to spend with him after he left and went and found through multiple mentors in my life how to act like a man and how to be respectful and take responsibilities on myself.

My point still stands however, it takes a man to raise a man. You may not think it, but I guarantee you unknowingly followed the mannerisms of people you idolized/looked up to.
User avatar
#101 - tehnuteater (08/09/2016) [-]
I learned through my fuck ups and mistakes
#242 - In court you're supposed to show respect and seem remorseful. …  [+] (2 replies) 06/11/2016 on jail +1
#243 - babyburger (06/11/2016) [-]
I understood that. It just strikes me as 'wrong' somehow that insulting a judge would count as a much heavier offense than using the same insult on a regular Joe. To that same reasoning, what kind of punishment would a judge give if the victim of a particular case was someone close to the judge (e.g. wife got murdered)?
User avatar
#244 - iareryan (06/11/2016) [-]
You think they'd actually put a Judge on a case where his wife was murdered? Every job within the criminal justice system has virtually the same set of rules where by a cop/judge/parole officer/jury cannot work on a case where they know the person on a personal level. Its called a conflict of interest. Don't get me wrong because I understand what you mean, a persons personal feelings should never get in the way of their job. People need to respect people in the criminal justice system because at the end of the day they are just doing their jobs.
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