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I aim to be the top commenter on a barely known site that reposts shitty content from all over the internet

what a time to be alive folks

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#27 - Picture 11/13/2015 on Lewd Anime CP 0
#24 - >go to wizard school, wanna be a wizard >"you w…  [+] (3 replies) 11/13/2015 on I Got Sidetracked +24
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#31 - seferofe (11/13/2015) [-]
I just like the fact you can actually destroy or help the dark brotherhood. My next Skyrim playthrough will be a full wizard. Only robes, dagger for when I run out of magicka, use all spell schools, nord, stormcloak, no follower and can't be a werewolf for that disease resist.
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#36 - hypex (11/13/2015) [-]
vampires have that disease resist too, and they also get +50 frost resist, so if youre playing a nord vampire you take pretty much no dmg at all from frost but then you are susceptible to fire

and why nord for magic? they are one of the worst races to go mage with
and worst of all
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#37 - seferofe (11/13/2015) [-]
In the long run race doesn't matter for this. And the only reason I'm going to be a Nord mage, is because of the guy in the College of Winterhold. I've only completed the Stormcloak quest line once, and that was my first run. So I thought I might as well complete it again if I'm going to be a Nord.
I also plan to enchant two pieces of my equipment with +50% fire and frost resist each. That will take a long time though, since getting enchanting up is annoying, since I forget to use soul trap. Though now that I remember I will only need one piece of equipment to be +50% frost resist since I'll be a Nord.
#44 - Picture 11/13/2015 on Untitled. +15
#13 - >its a guy 11/12/2015 on Traps Be Like +14
#3 - I KNOW WHERE THAT FACE IS FROM i should know, i re p…  [+] (6 replies) 11/12/2015 on Anon doesn't like streaming +7
#5 - nemecyst (11/12/2015) [-]
Finally found the source for a pciture on my phone case, god bless.
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#10 - bible (11/12/2015) [-]
How did you get this case
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#11 - nemecyst (11/12/2015) [-]
Bought it online, alibaba, it was like.. $8
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#9 - joyguy (11/12/2015) [-]
The artist is Turtle. Fish. Paint. if I remember correctly
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#8 - reapermaster (11/12/2015) [-]
#4 - polarpulse (11/12/2015) [-]
You know it bby

it is from the comic, but i found this comic while i was surfing around places i shouldn't be in
#45 - how the **** is jungle ursa bad he has decent clear speed …  [+] (3 replies) 11/11/2015 on When your team picks four... 0
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#48 - bigappa (11/12/2015) [-]
>Thinks he's good.
#49 - hypex (11/12/2015) [-]
well im over 50% win rate so i guess that qualifies as "good" or at least "above average"

sure, 3.3k isnt anything grand, but its above average and its 1.3k over what he implied i was..
#50 - capedbald (01/09/2016) [-]
#38 - >no trap porn i cry ever tim  [+] (1 reply) 11/11/2015 on Traps +4
#54 - thatnamelessguy (11/11/2015) [-]
I remember that hentai.. and I wish I didn't