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what a time to be alive folks

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#99 - IT HASNT BEEN POSTED YET THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE  [+] (7 replies) 10/13/2015 on >tfw no hot lord-soul gf +37
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#117 - arrowfrogamped (10/13/2015) [-]
I loved EVERY second of this! However I noticed that in the video. The guy went straight to the tomb of the giants after her when to see kingseeker after beating ornstien and Smoug amd THEN went to the crystal caves after the tomb of the Giants...it's that how you're supposed to do it??
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#131 - lambase (10/13/2015) [-]
After you get the lordvessel you can do the remaining areas in any order you like
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#138 - arrowfrogamped (10/14/2015) [-]
Yes but is there a recommended way to do it??
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#156 - lambase (10/14/2015) [-]
I usually go catacombs/ tomb of giants first to get rite of kindling
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#148 - klaes (10/14/2015) [-]
For speedruns yes, otherwise it's just preference really.
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#177 - arrowfrogamped (10/14/2015) [-]
ah ok cause I normally just do Crystal caves first as I get the right of kindling right after I do blighttown
#111 - jeffdabuffalo has deleted their comment.
#14 - black flag is the only good one in my opinion, and thats becau…  [+] (7 replies) 10/12/2015 on Quality Gaming +20
#129 - bigswingingrichard (10/13/2015) [-]
2 was the best one, but thumbing for the fucking masterpiece webm
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#104 - ohemgeezus (10/12/2015) [-]
2 and brotherhood were great, tho
#61 - gerfox (10/12/2015) [-]
I didn't like black flag. It was a pirate simulator, and not an assassins creed game. That was the last one I bought. Enjoyed those before that one though.
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#57 - krynax (10/12/2015) [-]
for me, brotherhood was zipzapsupebedab for its time
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#136 - thisisansfwaccount (10/13/2015) [-]
Brotherhood multiplayer was the shit, man.
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#154 - krynax (10/13/2015) [-]
yes, man.
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#42 - vvardenfell (10/12/2015) [-]
#47 - "shadowblade rushing ******** who panic duels when ganked…  [+] (2 replies) 10/10/2015 on BUT MAH BAHDEE +1
#48 - thewafflearmeee (10/10/2015) [-]
TFW ruined my ranked MMR in my early days of playing dota

TFW forever stuck in this hell, and don't believe in smurfing
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#59 - angelicdemon (10/11/2015) [-]
Party up with someone you can trust then go 2v5 and win.
#45 - only thing i dont agree on is solar crest, but thats because o…  [+] (4 replies) 10/10/2015 on BUT MAH BAHDEE 0
#46 - thewafflearmeee (10/10/2015) [-]
This is a point i'm used to arguing actually, but maybe i'm alone in this view, i dunno

It's not so much ONLY the active as to why i recommend solar crest as an early-ish item.

It gives armor, mana regen, and evasion passively, all on top of the usefulness of the active/purge combo you can put on yourself.

Personally, I've rarely had an instance where that performed poorly for me, although there's certainly games where it's nessecary to skip if your lane isn't going so smoothly

I agree that silver edge is very potent in some matchups, but i'd consider it more of a counterplay item than something you should be planning to buy in a standard build

And i don't usually finish my daedelus untill well after i've build my AC/other items i need for the late survivability. But the flat crystalis gives a good crit chance, which i find is a gigantic advantage in the midgame, with a little extra burst in fights, along with the survivability that can come from lifestealing off of a crit, especially if you manage to crit on your passive.

It mostly is a matter of playstyle and preference, though, at least you're not a shadowblade rushing shitbaby who panic duels when ganked by 3. I can respect that~

I also agree with you on the view of LC in the jungle. She doesn't have the fastest clear in the world, but she enjoys a VERY safe jungle, and can still fill a very viable mid-lategame carry role, if played properly. I wouldn't recommend it as a starting option, though, more of a backup plan, since her power in lane is a shame to be wasted.
#47 - hypex (10/10/2015) [-]
"shadowblade rushing shitbaby who panic duels when ganked by 3"

pls no im being triggered, im having flashbacks from 3K mmr
#48 - thewafflearmeee (10/10/2015) [-]
TFW ruined my ranked MMR in my early days of playing dota

TFW forever stuck in this hell, and don't believe in smurfing
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#59 - angelicdemon (10/11/2015) [-]
Party up with someone you can trust then go 2v5 and win.
#37 - that doesn't make it better  [+] (1 reply) 10/10/2015 on what is a man 0
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#44 - VincentKing (10/10/2015) [-]
its the only copy I could get a hold of
#5 - hah, casuls  [+] (2 replies) 10/10/2015 on Tomb of The giants +49
#25 - neefew has deleted their comment.
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#12 - stolzejungfrau (10/10/2015) [-]
video is great as soon as the black screen hard cuts at the beginning are gone
#4 - > xD why did you get unbanned?  [+] (1 reply) 10/10/2015 on .___. +77
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#14 - kingxddd (10/10/2015) [-]
Whats the probably bruhh