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Everything has humor in it, everyone has flaws, you are not always right, your opinions are opinions because not everyone views things your way, do not go on the internet looking for friends, and fuck you.

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#69 - Japan is known for its unforgiving social welfare policies and…  [+] (23 replies) 09/08/2016 on Be like Japan, minus the... +12
#268 - wattlegobbler (09/08/2016) [-]
Indeed, the America of the future. Take this as a example. Trump, lead us to it...
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#105 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
as far as distance goes
they're pretty damn far away from such countries
User avatar
#107 - thickpeepee (09/08/2016) [-]
It's closer to the countries with the good religious people: Buddhists.
User avatar
#109 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
I mean
They're not really "good"
They just keep to themselves

which is nice and peaceful yeah
but idk about "good"
#269 - wattlegobbler (09/08/2016) [-]
Still better than christianity or islamism who just love to use their jewish minority as a punching bag for everything while they are trying to survive and have sucess with it unlike some of americas rednecks. Or remember Americas happy past where Indians were hunted to extinction and slaves were common as shit while threatened as cattle. Best Religion ever
User avatar
#277 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
better in a lot of respects yeah
Im down with that

but I put "good" as an entirely different classification
#281 - wattlegobbler (09/08/2016) [-]
If we had a scale from 1-6 and 1 would be pure good and 6 pure evil, how would you rate buddhism then? (2 good, 3 neutral, 4 below neutral 5 bad)
User avatar
#296 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
I wouldnt rate them
Theyre on a separate scale, of "how much damage does this do to humanity"
User avatar
#110 - thickpeepee (09/08/2016) [-]
I'd say good. With all the "peace of mind" shit. All they do is meditate and say wise shit to people, that's a good religious person. A guy who blows himself up and rapes women who are 11x more attractive than his towel-draped, olive hairballs is comparatively, objectively and morally bad, no?
User avatar
#181 - yunch (09/08/2016) [-]
One word. Burma.
#142 - publicservice (09/08/2016) [-]
Yeahhh...buddhist have terrorists too. You need to look up the genocide happening to the rohingya. While 99% of Buddhists are not terrorists, people are completely oblivious that there are and have been extremists and terrorists among them as well.
User avatar
#111 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
I'd say "good" is something that all people should aspire to because it would bring about a benefit to all humanity

and chill as they are Im not sure buddhists would do that
User avatar
#112 - thickpeepee (09/08/2016) [-]
I thought the whole point of Buddhism was to bring light to and solve issues among humans?
User avatar
#113 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
that's the whole point of all religions
User avatar
#114 - thickpeepee (09/08/2016) [-]
But Buddhism actually does it well. Being nice to animals and people is something that would benefit us all, is it not?
User avatar
#115 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
'being nice to animals' isnt really a summary of what they do as a whole though

Theyre meditative and pensive and not much else
They don't do anything, they're not a force for adaptation and human progress

Buddhists wont get the human race into space to conquer the stars
User avatar
#116 - thickpeepee (09/08/2016) [-]
Oh, i thought we were talking Spiritual good, not scientific good. Atheism is the only identity that will guarantee we see a colony on a Kepler planet in the next hundred years.
User avatar
#117 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
spiritual good is ultimately useless
its nice when youre sat on a bench in the park but it doesn't DO anything

and not even atheism will guarantee it
No religion or identity will guarantee it, only proactive advancements
#166 - anon (09/08/2016) [-]
You have no idea what you are talking about. If you think going in to space (or advancing tech) is the only thing of value a human can do then you are very lost, and I have sympathy for you.
#167 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
sure thing sweetheart
User avatar
#131 - Einsty (09/08/2016) [-]
Spiritual wellbeing, no matter how you call it, is what keeps a person from an hero.
User avatar
#138 - captainprincess (09/08/2016) [-]
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#140 - Einsty (09/08/2016) [-]
#74 - Picture 09/07/2016 on Trumper Comp37 +1
#23 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 08/23/2016 on memes +4
#25 - anon (08/23/2016) [-]
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