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#37 - Seriously, lizards have a thing going on with their mind powers. 08/17/2014 on Shamelessly stolen +19
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#285 - arachne (08/17/2014) [-]
You like what you see?
#286 - hugsta (08/17/2014) [-]
#299 - anonymous (08/17/2014) [-]
#9 - !  [+] (1 new reply) 08/16/2014 on goodedeath's profile 0
#10 - goodedeath (08/16/2014) [-]
#158 - still a mystery, although recent events in railgun show … 08/16/2014 on Punch Lines +1
#1022602 - then I'd have to shower 08/16/2014 on Anime & Manga - anime... 0
#1022600 - Also this guy 08/16/2014 on Anime & Manga - anime... +2
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#156 - Touma does have a ton of plot armour, it's true, but he also r…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/16/2014 on Punch Lines +1
#157 - jeitron (08/16/2014) [-]
Yeah, I noticed that most arcs end up with him in the hospital to the point where they make jokes about it and he was even proud to not have to be hospitalized after one arc ended.

Fortunately, I dont care for spoilers, for some reason they actually make me enjoy the story more.

I read the novels from 16 up to 22 after season 2 ended, but I never really got all that far into the new testament sequel. Now that it's at vol 10 I should probably get back with it now. Do they go more into the misfortune thing later on in the new testament and what touma was like before he lost his memories? Do they explain that "hidden secret power" sealed in touma's arm that everyone in the higher ups is afraid of or is it still a mystery
User avatar #158 - hugsta (08/16/2014) [-]
still a mystery, although recent events in railgun show a bit more. It's only a dragon inside the city, outside it's some invisible thing. Also, it's not one dragon, but eight. The synopsis for the newest book talks about touma's past, so it might be revealed a bit more then the new volume.
#155 - a certain magical index 08/16/2014 on Punch Lines 0
#35 - The imagine breaker has to be one of the most satisfying power…  [+] (48 new replies) 08/15/2014 on Punch Lines +108
User avatar #125 - nommonsterbaa (08/15/2014) [-]
From what show is this?
User avatar #155 - hugsta (08/16/2014) [-]
a certain magical index
#78 - Dublin (08/15/2014) [-]
Ive never seen this show. Can you explain it a little more? It sounds cool
User avatar #108 - TheMather (08/15/2014) [-]
That dude obviously has no idea how words work so I'll give it a shot.

The story follows a guy named Touma. He's a completely normal student, except for his right hand which for some reason has always been able to negate any unnatural power it comes into contact with (including luck). He also suffers from a severe case of Chronic Hero Syndrome.
He lives in Academy City, a city of science composed almost entirely of students with technology 20-30 years ahead of the outside world. The curriculum there revolves around developing psychic powers, which are graded by levels, the highest of which is level 5 (of which there are only 7, each of whom could stand toe to toe with a small army).
Behind the scenes, the city is at a cold war with the Catholic church, which unbeknownst to the public employs magic.

Cue one day Touma discovers a 14-year-old nun dangling from the railing of his balcony, she calls herself Index (short for Index Librorum Prohibitorum) and say's she's being chased for the 103,000 grimoires she's been tasked with safekeeping.

It's definitely worth the watch. Touma's a genre savvy fella who knows how to make an entertaining reaction, it shows great evidence of research being put into everything it talks about and the fight scenes look glorious due to how unconventionally Touma has to fight since the only weapon and defense he has against espers and magicians is his own right hand.
User avatar #139 - godofsteak (08/15/2014) [-]
I thought my synopsis was good enough.
#116 - Dublin (08/15/2014) [-]
You made me laugh. Thank you. And ill start the series today
User avatar #102 - godofsteak (08/15/2014) [-]
hmmm... it's a show about magicians espers nuns and stuff and like this dude is lie a normal dude, except his arm has the power to negate every kind of power. so he be fighting all these overpowered bad guys who are at war with each other with his fist and he gotta protect this short nun girl named index cuz she so helpless by herself but has all the knowledge of magic and stuff in her head so it would be dangerous if bad guys got to her first so he let her stay at his home and then from there his normal life ends and he later on teams up with other people with powers and stuff, like a girl who is one of the top espers in the academy of their academy city like place and two other magicians and they be fighting other peoples to stop terrorism in the city cuz magicians are like religious, and the people in da city are like, anti-religious science based espers so they be at war with each other, but some magicians are good and some espers are evil so anybody can be evil, but it don't matter cuz the main character dude can punch them all in da face.
#104 - Dublin (08/15/2014) [-]
is it worth the watch??
#114 - hodhandr (08/15/2014) [-]
There may be some confusion about the order of the series(There's two seasons of the main series(index) and two of the spin-off(railgun)), but as long as you watch Index 1 before index 2 and the same for railgun, you should be fine. There is some overlap of plots, but the spin-off has a different focus than the main series.

Link to the site I watched it on:
www.animefreak.tv/watch/toaru-majutsu-no-index-english-dubbed-online-free (Main series, it has links to both the sequel and the spin-off).
As with most shows I'll just tell you to watch an episode or two, you should get a good idea of the show pretty fast.
#115 - Dublin (08/15/2014) [-]
Thank you
#37 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
**jeitron rolled image**

Touma has a huge case of main-character-convenience syndrome. He only wins everyone of his battles because he fights overconfident people who rely way too much on their powers, yet touma can easily get shot and killed or beat up by anyone who is a decent fight like tsuchimikado.

Accelerator may be overrated in the series but he's my favorite character so far, while I never understood the obsession with Misaka's fanbase, she's just the typical moe tsundere with superpowers...nevermind I forgot otaku's love tsunderes.
User avatar #156 - hugsta (08/16/2014) [-]
Touma does have a ton of plot armour, it's true, but he also relies a lot on other people with powers to help him, and gets hospitalised a ton.
Also, and this is a pretty major spoiler from the novels the only reason he survived so long was because of his bad luck. Death would've been merciful compared to over 1000 different universes of torture.
#157 - jeitron (08/16/2014) [-]
Yeah, I noticed that most arcs end up with him in the hospital to the point where they make jokes about it and he was even proud to not have to be hospitalized after one arc ended.

Fortunately, I dont care for spoilers, for some reason they actually make me enjoy the story more.

I read the novels from 16 up to 22 after season 2 ended, but I never really got all that far into the new testament sequel. Now that it's at vol 10 I should probably get back with it now. Do they go more into the misfortune thing later on in the new testament and what touma was like before he lost his memories? Do they explain that "hidden secret power" sealed in touma's arm that everyone in the higher ups is afraid of or is it still a mystery
User avatar #158 - hugsta (08/16/2014) [-]
still a mystery, although recent events in railgun show a bit more. It's only a dragon inside the city, outside it's some invisible thing. Also, it's not one dragon, but eight. The synopsis for the newest book talks about touma's past, so it might be revealed a bit more then the new volume.
User avatar #110 - TheMather (08/15/2014) [-]
He's still decent in a plain fist fight though. Just look at how one-sided his fight with Shiage was. Also it's lampshaded that his luck is so bad that it won't let him die because that would mean putting him out of his misery.
User avatar #69 - traelos (08/15/2014) [-]
Watch Railgun and you'd understand, she's fucking adorable.
User avatar #68 - doldis (08/15/2014) [-]
Accelerator should never have lost to Touma imo, and in fact should never lose to anyone, considering what his power over vectors imply. If he wanted to, and focused enough, he could send someone flying at the speed the earth is spinning/orbiting around the sun, simply by stopping someone's sideways gravitational movement, and render them stationary in space, thus disappearing from sight in less than a second, as the earth flies away from their current position at blinding speed.

But people who come up with these kinds of powers never seem to realize just how fucking broken a character like this actually is, since everything in the universe has a vector in some way, as long as it is affected by gravity.
#85 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
yeah, accel is beyond overpowered. They literally had to nuke him down with that bullet in the head so now he's weaker with a time limit yet he can still kick everyones ass.

Even though he was weakened he can easily push a building and he also did that thing you mentioned with kihara when he literally shot him into space and he disintegrated.(accel gets even more OP when he "awakens")

But anyways there are alot of OP powers in index like the literal gods but accelerator just seems like a broken superman because most of the people around him are so weak in comparison.
User avatar #72 - traelos (08/15/2014) [-]
That's because he has a limited power supply, he can only change so many vectors by so much before he puckers out and has to rest up.

Think of it like mana, if it costs 9,001 mana to make someone stationary on a universal scale, and Accelerator has 9,000 mana, he can't do it. And even if he has a 10,000 mana pool he still might not want to do it, because that only leaves him with 1,000 mana left when he's done, making him defenseless.

This is why Gandalf doesn't just 1 shot rape every orc army he comes across and bad guys in video games don't start out in their final form. Because they don't want to waste their energy on a small-fry. The problem is they don't know you're not a small fry until it's too late.
User avatar #73 - doldis (08/15/2014) [-]
True, but the second he realized ToOumas power, he shoulda just backed off and probably turned his bloodflow backwards in every part of Touma's body not protected by the IB. Of course that wouldn't work for a story like this, but it just grinds my gears sometimes when plot armor is literally the only reason a character doesn't just get murdered by the bad guy.

So far the one and only character I've seen in both the anime's/manga's that could possibly beat Accelerator in a normal fight would be that mind control chick, since her power doesn't really have a direction, and would thus be immune to his. Everyone else's powers, or the utilization of them, include some kind of vector that he could neutralize.
User avatar #111 - TheMather (08/15/2014) [-]
He would have to touch Touma to do that, which was why Touma never let Accelerator touch anything but his right hand. He even lampshaded it a few times.
It didn't look that evident when animated, but he did it so blatantly that following their fight, Accelerator tried to do the same and found it horribly inconvenient.
#87 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
yeah, to tbh, alot of people in this show can easily kill touma if they used their common sense. But unfortunately touma is conveniently like the batman of this world so he'll only fight people who are overconfident with the powers that he'll end up cancelling anyway.

I could go later into the novels where accel and touma fight again, I wont spoil it but accel actually fights him in a smarter way then the first time but touma gets main character plot armor and ability to dodge everything thrown at him.
User avatar #88 - doldis (08/15/2014) [-]
Plot armor is one of the things I find most aggravating in stories like this. I get that someone might get a powerup in a life or death situation, as the adrenaline and all that crap kicks in, but some of the stuff is just dumb. That said, I still can't stop reading manga's like Bleach because I've already started, and I'm several hundred chapters in so I might as well keep going till its finished.
#94 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
right now the manga is as slow as molasses. The anime was based on the light novels and the manga isn't even in the middle of the second season which finished airing a few years ago.

To give you some insight on how far the novels are from the anime:
- There are currently 22 volumes and 10 additional volumes for the on=going sequel.
-season 1 covered vol 1-6
-season 2 covered vol 7-13
-no season 3 yet(probably wont be at this rate...)
#81 - traelos (08/15/2014) [-]
By the time he realized Touma's power he was having a mental breakdown because up until that point he had built an extreme megalomania around the concept that he was untouchable and he just got beat the fuck down.

The clone arc's finale was less about beating Accelerator up until he gave up and more about teaching him that no matter how strong he became, there would always be someone who could beat him. That realization would then lead him to the obvious conclusion that it wasn't worth murdering tens of thousands of people to become stronger and he would stop.

Also Touma's power is kind of loosely defined so I'm not sure if you could make his blood flow backwards, since technically his arm would then be touching that blood and cancel out Accelerator's power.

But obviously the real reason is because he's not real, it's a show about him punching people in the face, and it's all for entertainment value not to tell a true story. It's just if you're going to over-think it in a negative way you should take the time to over-think it in a positive way too.
User avatar #83 - doldis (08/15/2014) [-]
Of course, it just that there are so many stories like this, where the main characters would normally have no chance of beating their enemies, and yet they do because of friendship or plot armor or some other crap. Sometimes that really works out, but when the difference in power is as huge as in this case, it just makes me grumble.

I also think that there are too few series like Kaze no Stigma, where the main character is shown from the get-go to be the most powerful mage, warrior, whatever, and its not about the main character building up their power to fight the bad guys, but more about their life after attaining almost god-like powers, and their motivations behind getting them in the first place.
#92 - traelos (08/15/2014) [-]
It's worth noting that

a) 2 people at power level 5 are worth more than 1 person at power level 10 simply because of the increase in maneuverability and things to watch. Most game systems don't do a decent job representing this but it's a big deal

b) A determined opponent can beat a more skilled opponent just because they are willing to sacrifice more towards the fight, especially in prep ahead of time. Knowing the opponents weak spots, especially when magic and other T.V. bullshit is involved is usually worth more than having double the power levels.

c) More fights than you think are about teaching the bad-guys they're not perfect, and forcing them to realize the flaws in other parts of their lives than just beating them up until they surrender. This is often not very well conveyed I think because the people writing it are just following writing convention and don't understand that's what their characters are doing in the first place.

which segues fairly well into

d) Shounen by definition are intended for younger audiences, and a lot of them really don't care about their plot holes because they're written for people who are too young to look for plot holes. You should remember that while Index is very very good, and certainly includes some mature topics, its primary demographic is 13 year olds and the plot is written in such a way that a 13 year old can follow it.

I understand that d kind of contradicts a-c but what I'm really trying to say is that most plot holes aren't so much plot holes as events happening according to 13 year old logic and the bad guy's thought process not being adequately explained.
User avatar #96 - doldis (08/15/2014) [-]
The way I understood it though, the Light Novels were written for mature audiences, no?

But yeah, I've realized that I no longer really enjoy the same kinds of manga's I did like 10 years ago, and I sometimes wonder what even made me like them in the first place. Tbh the only reason I managed to read through Negima, with all its fanservice, was that I stumbled upon UQ Holder and found out its a sequel to Negima.
User avatar #99 - traelos (08/15/2014) [-]
I haven't read the light novels but in my experience of book to movie adaptations I find it safe to assume the LN goes a lot deeper into what the characters were thinking as each events unfold, as well as the implications of certain events as they unfold.

A movie will show an evil looking guy shooting a good guy and play music so you know it's a bad thing, then tell you the motive later through dialogue.

A book will explain that John Asshole, a greedy bastard, shot Larry InnocentBystander to take him out of succession for the throne of the Kingdom of AttainablePower so that John Asshole would be one step closer to having his friend, whom he intends to place as a puppet ruler, gain the throne and using it to start a war with the Neighbouring Republic so that his arms company can profit from the ensuing chaos. He felt no regret as he pulled the trigger because he had consigned himself as a murderer as soon as he had committed himself to his plan, after all millions had died in the last war, and he intended this one to be much much larger. When he was done he left to go home to dinner with his wife.

These of course are two descriptions of the same scene.
#95 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
yup, this is what I hate about battle shounen.

And that's why I read akame ga kill since it's a battle shounen that break away from shounen cliches...
#89 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
the thing I hate about touma is that he's in a battle shounen story but he never gets any powerups like other shounens. Instead his only ability is that he can cancel shit and he's lucky that he never fights anyone who can actual fight without their powers or simply has a gun as backup but nope, it's always unarmed scrawny kids or some chick.
User avatar #112 - TheMather (08/15/2014) [-]
He does fight people that are decent in normal combat or that have guns. Then he either outsmarts them with a clever strategy, beats them up fair and square, or gets his ass handed to him so hard he has to escape from the hospital to resume the fight, at which point some member of his harem will take a level in badass to stop him from hurting himself anymore.
#117 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
The only time I can think of when touma lost to someone who didnt have powers was to tsumikado(or whatever that sunglasses guys name is), whenever he fought the skillouts they were just dumb grunts that were stormtrooper-level stupid. And later on when they show just what shiage is capable of doing you'd wonder how the hell he lost to someone like touma.

Touma lost to a few saints like kanzaki and acqua because they're strong even without magic(but they werent even bad guys)
User avatar #120 - TheMather (08/15/2014) [-]
He also surrendered to an army.

But the point is he doesn't win just because Imagine Breaker always gives him an upper hand, he wins because he knows how to pick his fights and he's accumulated a lot of experience on top of his already potent genre savvyness, and when he doesn't have the option of fighting on his own terms, he pays dearly.
#127 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
Yeah, it seems like instead of giving him actual powerups they just write in that he get more experience for every battle he's been in to the point where they even mentioned that he can now subconsciously dodge attacks and block with his hand without even thinking about it.

And I said somewhere before that touma is pretty much written like batman whereas they'll mostly make him do these matchup fights where it's convenient for him. It's funny how they always show touma using his image breaker and tactics while his enemies are just spamming their powers like idiots(even though they are using powers that requires them to be somewhat intelligent).

but you're right, the genre savvyness is insane because even in teh few cases where he got his arm torn off he just inexplicably gets that weird dragon asspull out of nowhere wins then his arm grows back somehow.
User avatar #129 - TheMather (08/15/2014) [-]
The precognition is only against espers, because he can subconsciously detect the powers' activation by the AIM fields he's constantly dispelling.

They usually aren't just spamming though, they often go for tactics specifically designed to combat the imagine breaker, and he overcomes them by thinking.

And that wasn't what I meant by genre savvyness. In that case he knew he couldn't win, so he used psychological combat instead, he even believed that the dragon was caused by his opponent's subconscious.
What I'm talking about is like the time he used hot coffee to defeat an armed hijacker.
#131 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
yeah, some of his enemies that prepared for him/have experience with him beforehand know that there are other ways to attack him with their powers without doing it directly(Is it ever explained well? because it block powers but not the chain reactions of them?).

I remember when he was fighting izzard he pretended to snap to make the illsion a reality or whatever but in other cases they showed that same dragon as if it was a part of his power.

An his misfortune seems to be a comic relief and plot device to get him into other plot advancing situations than an actual curse.
User avatar #132 - TheMather (08/15/2014) [-]
The dragon isn't technically his power. We don't know what it is, only that Imagine Breaker seals it in place.

And if you don't think it's a curse, I recommend you read NT9 again.
User avatar #90 - doldis (08/15/2014) [-]
Yep. If Accelerator had actually gone to the gym once or twice, or taken some MA lessons, he'd never have been beaten up by Touma, but of course, that wouldn't be much fun.
#93 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
yeah, the excuse was that there was no reason for him to workout and get physically stronger if he's literally untouchable.

But to give the story some credit touma actually lost a fight to Tsumikado(sunglasses guy) since he was actually a better fighter.
User avatar #57 - megaton (08/15/2014) [-]
misaka or misaka misaka. cause i like misaka misaka but i am not hte biggest fan of misaka
#58 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
**jeitron rolled image**

trust me, misaka is the waifu of so many otaku's it's not even funny.

She is so well liked by the anime community for some reason that she has a spin-off that over shadowed the main fucking series for some reason..
User avatar #59 - megaton (08/15/2014) [-]
i didnt like the spinoff. i liked accelerators spin off better. also i just keep waiting for the show to just continue with the mc so i can figure out what is going on in that damn show and where any of it is leading but i am pretty sure the books that the story is based off of is not even done yet so i will not know for years to come at the very least.
#64 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
yeah, tbh I really hate misaka's character, if anything her existence ruined the main series since they used her to start some crappy moe-ish spinoff and everyone knows that creepy otakus love the fuck out of moe school girl, that's why they gave railgun a season 2 and forgot about giving index a third season. (index also got a movie but it couldnt help but give misaka a huge quarter cameo for her fanboys to wank off to)

I'd also much rather if accelerator got his own spinoff instead, even shiage is a better character.
User avatar #66 - megaton (08/15/2014) [-]
he has a manga spinoff at least its called to aru no accelerator i think. and i dont necessarily hate misakas character since it is a very formulaic character that works and brings in fans. honestly i am always hoping that he ends up with the living saint whose name escapes me currently.
#67 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
yeah, I heard about the accelerator manga, so far it seems different because unlike the other stories that happen at the same time but with a different perspective it seems like it's own story completely.

i agree though, the thing I dont like about misaka the most is that a lot of her fans say that she's "original" but she's just a formulaic tsundere who gets angry for the main character. They try to defend her by saying that she's strong and has her own lame back story but that doesn't really justify her how bad her character is.
#42 - anonymous (08/15/2014) [-]
To me it's not really the Tsundere thing, never really got into that. But hundreds of clones that all want the MC's D? That's something I can get into
#44 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
**jeitron rolled image**
yeah, of all anime I've seen, touma's technically has one of the biggest harem of them and it just keeps growing for reason since the writer has no discretion.

Hell, even accelerator and shiage are getting a harem. It's almost like Touma's haremitis is contagious to the guys he punches...
#34 - a big one. World war three, but that gets kinda complicated.  [+] (2 new replies) 08/15/2014 on Punch Lines 0
User avatar #45 - chaossniper (08/15/2014) [-]
and what happned
#144 - Metric (08/15/2014) [-]
The universe ended. Don't worry, It gets better.
#31 - A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Here's a powerlevel chart so you…  [+] (9 new replies) 08/15/2014 on Punch Lines +6
#71 - Metric (08/15/2014) [-]
What About Orthinus, shouldn't she be number 1) seeing how she basically rewrote the universe completely for shits and giggles.
User avatar #130 - jubnik (08/15/2014) [-]
"There always a bigger fish" -- liam neeson
#46 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
**jeitron rolled image**

I haven't read so far in the new testament yet (and I don't care for spoilers) but what make touma so high up in the ranks? All can touma really do besides cancel things out with imagine breaker then punch them back.

Does he eventually get some kinda powerup, or are they still keeping the arm thing a secret?
User avatar #61 - ragetitan (08/15/2014) [-]
The Touma at the top is not the ''normal Touma'' (he's at the bottom) but what happens when someone cuts off his arm and the thing inside imagine breaker comes out. Like when he fights that alchemist guy at the beggining of the series
#65 - jeitron (08/15/2014) [-]
**jeitron rolled image**

oh yeah, I remember the dragon thing being used a few times, it even made an appearing the railgun manga.

the dragon thing in his arm seens to be touma's biggest asspull so far and even several novel volumes later in the new testament, it's still isn't explain what's in his arm and what happened before he lost his memories.
User avatar #33 - chaossniper (08/15/2014) [-]
did a war happen ?
User avatar #34 - hugsta (08/15/2014) [-]
a big one. World war three, but that gets kinda complicated.
User avatar #45 - chaossniper (08/15/2014) [-]
and what happned
#144 - Metric (08/15/2014) [-]
The universe ended. Don't worry, It gets better.
#7 - Picture  [+] (3 new replies) 08/15/2014 on goodedeath's profile 0
User avatar #8 - goodedeath (08/16/2014) [-]
#9 - hugsta (08/16/2014) [-]
#10 - goodedeath (08/16/2014) [-]
#1022168 - ...but that was you. In your post, just there, you said &q… 08/15/2014 on Anime & Manga - anime... +6
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#1021223 - She's got such a horrible personality, she's shot, has weird s…  [+] (4 new replies) 08/14/2014 on Anime & Manga - anime... +1
#1021449 - kibitzer (08/14/2014) [-]
Why would you need anyone else than Saitama? What are you, a fag?
User avatar #1021242 - thechosentroll (08/14/2014) [-]
Because you're a little bitch. Also known as a sub.
User avatar #1021229 - alleksi (08/14/2014) [-]
It's the thigh-cleavage
User avatar #1021228 - awesomedewd (08/14/2014) [-]
Cause you're some kind of masochist?
#27 - Ruka actually has a vag in some timelines  [+] (1 new reply) 08/14/2014 on (untitled) +5
User avatar #31 - valentines (08/14/2014) [-]
true...but not in the original timeline
#1015970 - I'm going to bed. When I wake up I wanna see an argument over …  [+] (86 new replies) 08/11/2014 on Anime & Manga - anime... +1
User avatar #1016523 - bababadsheep (08/11/2014) [-]
Teen or older(looking).
User avatar #1016389 - senjougahara (08/11/2014) [-]
The one with the tits
User avatar #1016259 - tanabata (08/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #1016060 - TheMather (08/11/2014) [-]
Any but alternate timeline Shinobu. Apparent age doesn't matter, she has a bitchin' personality.
User avatar #1016029 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
and short hair shinobu is Nisio's biggest mistake
#1016034 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
she's adorable
User avatar #1016038 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
#1016040 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
she reminds me of ika with short hair
User avatar #1016044 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
I'm a fan of short hair but both Ika and Shinobu don't pull it off well.
User avatar #1016049 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
You just want your girls to look like boys because you're in denial
User avatar #1016050 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
That don't make sense.
User avatar #1016054 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
It makes perfect sense
you like tomboys and short hair
you get to like what is essentially a boy and still feel straight
the perfect plan
User avatar #1016072 - TheMather (08/11/2014) [-]
Pretty much this.

But what's wrong with a girl with whom you could call beer, pizza and videogames a date and who'd just punch you if she got mad rather than spend the day sulking?
User avatar #1016079 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
Oh please
I'm just joking around
#1016061 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
The boy part is the dick and i don't like dick, and if you're saying Yuno looks like a boy then you're wrong as shit.
User avatar #1016065 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
I'm saying tomboys act like boys
User avatar #1016067 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
It's the bro factor in the tomboy that i like.
#1016094 - smuglurker (08/11/2014) [-]
So u like Kanbaru ?
User avatar #1016147 - TheMather (08/11/2014) [-]
She is indeed a very fine piece of tomboy. There's the issue of her huge throbbing ladyboner towards Senjougahara though.
The prospect of being dumped like a busted TV at a landfill as soon as a piece of muff winks at her doesn't seem particularly lucrative. Plus the chick's a tad bit bananas.
User avatar #1016337 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
She has a ladyboner towards Araragi too though so she's not an actual lesbian, just takes her admiration too far.
User avatar #1016340 - TheMather (08/11/2014) [-]
She'd probably pick Senjougahara over him though. Hell, I think she may have even said so herself.
User avatar #1016341 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
Yeah probably but that's because she worships her.
User avatar #1016348 - TheMather (08/11/2014) [-]
Which is what I said.
User avatar #1016350 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
That doesn't mean she's a total lesbo tho, she still craves the Araragi dick.
User avatar #1016095 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
Well, she is best, tied with Hachikuji though.
User avatar #1016070 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
gay as fuck
User avatar #1016073 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
You're the one sucking dick on friendly, not me, now thats gay as fuck.
User avatar #1016075 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
I aint sucking no dicks nyuggaaaa
User avatar #1016076 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
That's bullshit and you know it.
User avatar #1016053 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
you're gay
User avatar #1016055 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
I understand what he was saying, i'm not that much of an idiot.
User avatar #1016058 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
well he ain't wrong
User avatar #1016045 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
and you say i have shit taste
they're both adorable with short hair what are you talking about
User avatar #1016047 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
I'm not saying they're ugly but their long hair is superior
User avatar #1016046 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
Eh, they're alright.
User avatar #1016042 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
short tentacles**
User avatar #1016043 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #1016020 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
loli a cute
teen an arousing
adult a pure sex

discussion fucking closed
User avatar #1016039 - smuglurker (08/11/2014) [-]
loli is best one, end of discussion period
User avatar #1016041 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
yeah but you don't fuck loli
and if you do we're gonna have a goddamn fight
User avatar #1016030 - zomaru (08/11/2014) [-]
I'll take D, all of the above.
User avatar #1016032 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
I bet you take D all the time you fucking homo
#1016033 - zomaru (08/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #1016022 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
The expert has talked, everyone else go home.
User avatar #1016025 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
im already home
User avatar #1016026 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
Then go outside.
User avatar #1016027 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
i will in a sec
need to go to store
User avatar #1016024 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
people thinking they can have shinobu opinions
User avatar #1016018 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
in the end though, hanekawa is better than everyone else
#1016001 - kingalister (08/11/2014) [-]
Just look at her

Junior Shinobu
User avatar #1016000 - herecomesjohnny (08/11/2014) [-]
that one, or the first season one with the cute helmet and without the condescending arrogance.
User avatar #1016028 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
if you dont want condescending arrogance loli go watch generic loli romance interest #4297, b-baka Ryuuji
User avatar #1016048 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
Hachikuji is the superior loli though.
#1016056 - herecomesjohnny (08/11/2014) [-]
#1016084 - smuglurker (08/11/2014) [-]
NO, but I like her design more than Hachikuji
#1016092 - herecomesjohnny (08/11/2014) [-]
she has the superior twintails
User avatar #1016064 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
Oh please
Shinobu and Hachikuji are the only loli in the series
dandan and snake are just bad excuses
#1016066 - herecomesjohnny (08/11/2014) [-]
you're clueless mikli, and even between the first two hachikuji wins
#1016068 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
snail and vamp look like kids
dandan and snake look like slightly less tall teenagers
User avatar #1016082 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
But zombie is about the same size as Hachikuji and Shinobu though.
User avatar #1016087 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
she always appeared slightly larger to me
#1016088 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #1016089 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
Fair enough
I'll slide this one
#1016091 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
Woo, victory.
#1016071 - herecomesjohnny (08/11/2014) [-]
those tiny hands though
User avatar #1016077 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
since when do hands make you a loli
User avatar #1016078 - herecomesjohnny (08/11/2014) [-]
she looks like a 6th grader man
#1016081 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
#1016062 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #1016051 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
if she so's superior why is she dead
User avatar #1016052 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
She was dead the entire time fool.
User avatar #1016057 - mikli (08/11/2014) [-]
haha your favorite died twice
that's a new low
User avatar #1016063 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
How can she die when she's already dead? you ain't making sense.
User avatar #1016012 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
I find that funny coming from a guy who likes Gahara.
User avatar #1016014 - herecomesjohnny (08/11/2014) [-]
she gets a free pass from me because best girl
User avatar #1016015 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
How did you come to the conclusion she was best girl without noticing or caring about that though?
User avatar #1016016 - herecomesjohnny (08/11/2014) [-]
can't explain, i just find it more irksome in shinobu.
User avatar #1016017 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
Alrighty then.
#1015995 - smuglurker (08/11/2014) [-]
Powerpuff girl Shinobu
User avatar #1015999 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
i disagree
User avatar #1016005 - smuglurker (08/11/2014) [-]
nani? y
User avatar #1016006 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
she ain't even canon bro
User avatar #1016010 - smuglurker (08/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #1015990 - yeorgh (08/11/2014) [-]
That one.
#1015989 - kninee (08/11/2014) [-]
17 year old, since beyond that she's a slut
#1015986 - cptsweatpants (08/11/2014) [-]
Now that's a really fucking tough one. I guess I'm gonna go with the teen one. She has the best legs.
#339 - Picture 08/11/2014 on hugsta's profile 0
#8 - Picture 08/11/2014 on smuglurker's profile 0
#6 - do you even best imouto?  [+] (2 new replies) 08/11/2014 on smuglurker's profile 0
#7 - smuglurker (08/11/2014) [-]
Karen > Tsukihi
Ders no need to cry
#8 - hugsta (08/11/2014) [-]
#1015776 - oh **** pls not again 08/11/2014 on Anime & Manga - anime... +1
#1015766 - Fran will never "fix" you. Feelsgoodman.  [+] (3 new replies) 08/11/2014 on Anime & Manga - anime... +1
User avatar #1015787 - bababadsheep (08/11/2014) [-]
I thought that was a nipple at first.
User avatar #1015774 - Rei (08/11/2014) [-]
a vet might fix you
#1015776 - hugsta (08/11/2014) [-]
oh fuck pls not again



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#334 - evilhomer ONLINE (06/21/2014) [-]
#335 to #334 - hugsta (06/22/2014) [-]
10/10 you did it
#332 - bizzareslam (05/03/2014) [-]
not its a thing
not its a thing
User avatar #333 to #332 - hugsta (05/03/2014) [-]
User avatar #327 - omenaaa (02/10/2014) [-]
Kasane Teto. Teto territory
User avatar #324 - djequalizee (01/27/2014) [-]
**djequalizee rolls 33**
#325 to #324 - hugsta (01/27/2014) [-]
**hugsta rolls 97**
User avatar #326 to #325 - djequalizee (01/27/2014) [-]
Lol casual
#321 - danield ONLINE (01/27/2014) [-]
Thanks for adding me bby
Thanks for adding me bby
#322 to #321 - hugsta (01/27/2014) [-]
But you were the one who added me
But you were the one who added me
#323 to #322 - danield ONLINE (01/27/2014) [-]
It was you who decided to accept my request
It was you who decided to accept my request
User avatar #316 - evilanakie ONLINE (01/22/2014) [-]
wanna be in my regulars book
User avatar #317 to #316 - hugsta (01/22/2014) [-]
Sure, but what board?
User avatar #319 to #317 - evilanakie ONLINE (01/22/2014) [-]
post yer mascot and a quote
#320 to #319 - hugsta (01/22/2014) [-]
Lol, I have no idea what this is about, but sure, I pick Gunha.
As for quote: "It's time to chew ass"-Dick Kickem
User avatar #318 to #317 - evilanakie ONLINE (01/22/2014) [-]
User avatar #314 - hotpost (01/22/2014) [-]
drop dead.
#310 - Rockaman ONLINE (01/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #288 - hatsune (08/19/2013) [-]

Now here's one where they don't forget the lyrics
User avatar #289 to #288 - hugsta (08/19/2013) [-]
Why do they upload failed ones?
User avatar #291 to #289 - hatsune (08/19/2013) [-]
This is a legitimate good one though
User avatar #290 to #289 - hatsune (08/19/2013) [-]
Dasoku does it because he likes singing and is known for doing that anyway, so his fans want him to do it more.
User avatar #285 - hatsune (08/13/2013) [-]
Glutamine - Only My Railgun

Cover of Railgun OP 1.
#286 to #285 - hugsta (08/13/2013) [-]
Hue'd when he screwed up the words.
Hue'd when he screwed up the words.
User avatar #287 to #286 - hatsune (08/13/2013) [-]
He's known for forgetting the lyrics and mumbling mid-song.
User avatar #278 - walcorn (07/23/2013) [-]
I just named a Moth after you.
He's my friend now.

Just thought you should know, in case you wondered about that rolling business
#279 to #278 - hugsta (07/23/2013) [-]
I deem this both acceptable and awesome.
I deem this both acceptable and awesome.
User avatar #280 to #279 - walcorn (07/23/2013) [-]
The sun is rising.

He is likely to leave soon.

Maybe he'll come back tomorrow.
User avatar #281 to #280 - hugsta (07/23/2013) [-]
If you see him at the window, let him in. He's probably a fairy.
User avatar #283 to #281 - walcorn (07/23/2013) [-]

User avatar #284 to #283 - hugsta (07/24/2013) [-]
What did he do? Was it cool?
User avatar #282 to #281 - walcorn (07/23/2013) [-]
My window has been open all week
User avatar #270 - warioteam ONLINE (07/03/2013) [-]
ey fag
User avatar #254 - hugsta (03/02/2013) [-]
▲ ▲ 
User avatar #241 - hugsta (01/09/2013) [-]
‮tDamnit troll
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