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#38 - this is the **** there SHOULD be riots over, not whether it's … 07/13/2016 on Netflix +3
#195 - the Two Party system is BEYOND ****** UP 07/08/2016 on Clinton Privilege > Male... 0
#193 - I was just describing the mentality, not advocating for it. I'…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/08/2016 on Clinton Privilege > Male... 0
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#194 - kibuza (07/08/2016) [-]
Don't they both have very low approval ratings? It almost feels as if their popularity is simply because their supporters think the other group really likes their own candidate, so they have to support their candidate back despite not actually liking them to make up for it.
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#195 - houseofbrick (07/08/2016) [-]
the Two Party system is BEYOND FUCKED UP
#139 - I harbor so much hate for Hillary that I will be writing in Sa… 07/07/2016 on Clinton Privilege > Male... +1
#138 - it's more that half the country thinks she's a better option t…  [+] (4 new replies) 07/07/2016 on Clinton Privilege > Male... 0
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#156 - kibuza (07/07/2016) [-]
No, it's more than half the country that thinks she's the best candidate. If you don't want Trump and you don't want Hillary then vote for someone else. There are other candidates, and you can write in a candidate.

Voting for Hillary even if you disagree with her just because you disagree with Trump is stupid. People are stuck in the mentality that they have to vote for the candidates who are most likely to win, making their likeliness to win even greater.

If you don't like either of them, then don't vote for either of them. You don't get a cookie for voting for the winning party.
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#193 - houseofbrick (07/08/2016) [-]
I was just describing the mentality, not advocating for it. I'm writing in for Bernie. I'd rather vote for somebody who isn't going to win because of aforementioned mentality than vote for either of the leading candidates.
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#194 - kibuza (07/08/2016) [-]
Don't they both have very low approval ratings? It almost feels as if their popularity is simply because their supporters think the other group really likes their own candidate, so they have to support their candidate back despite not actually liking them to make up for it.
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#195 - houseofbrick (07/08/2016) [-]
the Two Party system is BEYOND FUCKED UP
#136 - the problem comes from the fact that at least 70% of our natio… 07/07/2016 on Clinton Privilege > Male... +1
#135 - only if he's a wealthy athlete, though.  [+] (1 new reply) 07/07/2016 on Clinton Privilege > Male... +2
#142 - anon (07/07/2016) [-]
nothing else needed
#1 - Gavin McInnes is a ******* blowhard hipster. Has anyone seen w…  [+] (5 new replies) 07/01/2016 on Aziz Ansari is full of shit. 0
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#9 - youregaylol (07/01/2016) [-]
I'm not going to ignore 99% of the correct things he says because he hates vidya, thats legitimately autistic.
#2 - baconsmylife (07/01/2016) [-]
Trying to find a video where he talks about games but the YouTube channel has a ton of videos. You have the video by any chance?
#8 - baconsmylife (07/01/2016) [-]
Holy shit. He talks about how a she made a fake bomb threat to stop free speech but then says that the guy that plays video games is pathetic and acting like a child? What the fuck is wrong with this guy?
#7 - baconsmylife (07/01/2016) [-]
Wow, just the title has me ready to cringe
#14 - I prefer the term "trash" myself. Trash can come…  [+] (2 new replies) 06/25/2016 on He did not do anything! +16
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#37 - thegoblingamer (06/25/2016) [-]
I can respect that.
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#17 - shanethedragon (06/25/2016) [-]
i like shit stain, people don't use it often enough
#25 - in short, he was crazy.  [+] (12 new replies) 06/15/2016 on Info about Orlando shooter +57
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#73 - infinitereaper (06/15/2016) [-]
If he had been back in the middle east he'd be the average Muslim though. These people don't belong in the modern world, or rather, it goes against all their bullshit back home.
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#77 - bigmanfifty (06/15/2016) [-]
lol do you even own a passport you ignorant hillbilly?
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#123 - masanori (06/16/2016) [-]
There's nothing ignorant about what he's saying. Homosexuality is illegal in almost every Muslim majority nation and it is punishable by DEATH in several of them. The majority of Muslims around the world--not just in the middle east--see homosexuality as morally wrong, and a large minority of them openly support the death penalty for it. Islamic terror groups are acting upon a legitimate literal interpretation of the Quran, not a "twisted" version as Obama and the majority of the left and media would have you believe. The only thing that's ignorant is pretending Islam itself isn't a problem or that it is somehow compatible with homosexuality and Western values. It's not, and tolerating the aggressors while condemning those who react to them is fucking stupid.
#150 - anon (06/16/2016) [-]
Homosexuality was illegal in many states until recently... and the death penalty is given out mainly just in saudi arabia, iran, and sudan; all three are good examples of highly unstable political situations. I'd say the fact that they are Muslim countries is only secondary when you look at it that way.

It's not the fact that violent behavior is encouraged in the Quran, its that because they are theocracies they have more power to enforce conservative values. Imagine if Alabama was a sovereign country. You don't think they would have harsh punishments for being gay?
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#152 - masanori (06/16/2016) [-]
Homosexuality was NOT illegal recently, it just wasn't legal for them to get married. The death penalty for a sexual orientation being on the books at all is relevant regardless of how often it is carried out; the fact that it actually happens in some places just makes it even worse. And besides that, as I stated, it is still illegal in nearly ALL Muslim majority countries. And further, homosexual rights are just one of MANY human rights issues that are currently most prevalent in the middle East, encouraged and supported by islam based law.

Whataboutism does not magically exonerate Islam of blame in this.
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#141 - kalagas (06/16/2016) [-]
Everything you just wrote is well-informed and factual. I honestly do not see why you're getting any thumbs down. These are facts, not opinion or interpretation. The Quran is severely in need of a new testament. They're all the way back where Christianity was in it's dark days.
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#148 - masanori (06/16/2016) [-]
Partly because there's a significantly large silent minority of left wing progressives on funnyjunk. I see these people as idealists; they don't want to judge people because they want to believe everyone is just doing their own thing and we can all get along. But then they turn around and attack people as "intolerant" for reacting to much greater intolerance. It's a level of cognitive dissonance that is really impressive and I think I know why it exists. It's scary to deal with the idea that there are hundreds of millions of people in the world so ideologically opposed to our values that they will never integrate or accept us and many even want us dead. It's easier and more comforting to believe people like me are just a bunch of paranoid, bigoted rednecks judging an entire group based on the actions of a few mentally unstable extremists.

And it's also partly because I said "fucking stupid" at the end, because being judgemental of mainstream ignorance is reason enough to dismiss my entire opinion for some, and people don't like it when others are insulting.
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#82 - infinitereaper (06/15/2016) [-]
I've lived in South Korea, Germany, and several U.S. states, so yeah, and I've probably seen more than fucking you. Islam is an intolerant religion, moderate Islam kills gays and stones women daily. It's socially acceptable. All that migrant rape in Europe and all they had to say was "this is what were used to." but nah lets just import these loving tolerant fuckers by the truckload. I'm sure it will have NO consequences.

Oh wait
#104 - anon (06/15/2016) [-]
South Korea and Germany are the middle-east.
#117 - anon (06/16/2016) [-]
Germany? It is now.
#26 - nationalanthem (06/15/2016) [-]
.. an isolated incident, a troubled young man, #notallmuslims yadda yadda yadda...
#32 - aranthusick (06/15/2016) [-]
No you got it all wrong.

He was a DEVOUT muslim who drank alcohol, visited gay bars regularly, cheated on his wife with other men and didn't know the difference between shia and sunna or hezballah and ISIS.

If only all muslims were as RELIGIOUS as this guy.