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#125 - All these upset people thumbing you down without proving you …  [+] (5 replies) 09/01/2016 on What Age Would You Choose? +8
#146 - platinumaltaria (09/01/2016) [-]
>when a user isn't retarded
#154 - anon (09/01/2016) [-]
no offense but if someone doesn't agree with you they're retarded huh
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#164 - platinumaltaria (09/01/2016) [-]
No, a lot of people have been saying stupid shit lately.
#139 - blackmageewizardt (09/01/2016) [-]
I think there is no reason to demonize you, and generally people here will not demonize you, unless of course you go against their favorite circlejerk. ( i look at you trump supporters )

If you can explain well enough and in logical, as well mindful sentences what you stand for you will either find people agreeing, saying "but... " or calling you just a faggat and move on.

I told for example severall times that articels that normalise Pedophiles is not about to make it lawful correct to fuck children, but is there to stop dehumanising an entire section of people for who they are and instead help them to out themself and seek help for their terrible lottery win in life, so we can prevent child sex from happening in the first place and can start actuelly scientific research with this people.
#126 - hijokpl (09/01/2016) [-]
Whoops looks like I am going to be demonized forever, whatever at least I can take comfort in knowing i'm not into it.
#215 - Why are you dismissing a valid point using ''herpdedurr''? I a…  [+] (2 replies) 02/07/2016 on the best argument for... 0
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#271 - lolollo (02/07/2016) [-]
The only reason I devalue that point is the same reason I devalue someone trying to use psychology to make a completely self interested point. This site has such a half added grasp on simple philosophical concepts and it's because of the negative stigma the subject has. Its like if I bring it up to note a hypothetical it's all "lol philosophy that doesn't matter!"

But all of a sudden, when the topic pertains to something they support: "you're not thinking of the philosophical implications you gotta open your miiiiiind!"
#278 - hijokpl (02/07/2016) [-]
Ya, I think I see what you mean.
#230 - I agree that Legion is a bad choice for vegas. There are some …  [+] (2 replies) 12/03/2015 on BoS 0
#245 - Stevethewizard (12/03/2015) [-]
That's the thing about Yes Man, though: he's competency incarnate, without any sort of ego. He's literally there to be told what to do, then to figure out how to get said shit done, and, if need be, accomplish the aforementioned shit by himself.
He also probably has access to House's plans, schematics, etc. House may have been a living (technically) human, but he was still bound to the machine that kept him alive. Said machine was the only way he had to communicate with the outside world, and the only means he had to enact his will. You can be damn sure the plans weren't just in his head.
And finally, even if you have no idea of what needs to be done, just telling Yes Man that you wanted to take over Vegas gave him the ideas necessary to have him tell you to play along with Caesar to get you access to Bunker Hill, where his new Securitron army was located, got him to discover two important tidbits of info (the Omertas planning a coup, and the White Gloves possibly returning to cannibalism), had him locate the hidden BoS bunker, and had him figure out how to jack enough power to amplify the Securitron control signal to reach Hoover Dam. What's more impressive is that he figures all of this out simultaneously.
If you told him to help you return the world to what it was before the Great War, he'd figure out how to do that. If you told him to end the world, he'd find more nukes than were stashed at Hopeville, and he'd figure out a way to use them to split the world into tiny pieces.
Yes Man gets shit done. You just need to say what you want to happen.

And finally, in defense of the Legion, while the Legionaries themselves are nothing more than a bunch of idiots in football gear, Caesar isn't stupid. He fashioned a military dictatorship because he saw it as the most secure form of government possible. And, while the Legion themselves may not have reliance on technology, they aren't fully to using what they can find to their advantage (you can get Legion reputation points by telling some guy how to disarm and rearm landmines, make Powder Charges, etc., meaning they are fully willing to use both high-tech and improvised explosive weaponry).
Add this to their willingness to actually open trade routes with anyone they haven't made an enemy of, and you'll see how they do have potential for progress beyond the bronze age: they'd have advancement through trade. They'd trade food, water, slaves, weapons... damn near anything that's necessary for survival in the wasteland, with, to quote Caesar, "Vegas as [his] Rome".
Time for a history lesson: Rome was a major trade center in ancient times, and it was one of the safest places in the whole Roman Empire for both its citizens and visitors.
Now... I might be overthinking this, but it sounds like Caesar, who is foremost a student of history, was planning to turn the Legion into an economic powerhouse. And, if his Legion won at Hoover Dam, it's possible he may have succeeded.

Again, though, that's nowhere near as good as would be possible for a Yes Man victory.
#279 - hijokpl (12/03/2015) [-]
I just hope that within Caesar's life time if he were to succeed, he would be able to not just go out of the bronze age with electricity and machines but to seriously push past even the best prewar technology with a continuous drive for the heavens and not just a desire to advance until things are comfortable. You make a great point with Yes Man though and looking back, I would have chosen him over house knowing that he would be able to help so much.
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