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#37 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 17 hours ago on Bringing the bants +33
#38 - skyrimdovah (17 hours ago) [-]
#125 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
Bertstrips 2.0
#32 - All races have beauty in their own way.  [+] (7 new replies) 18 hours ago on Bringing the bants +19
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#52 - hetzerdk (16 hours ago) [-]
Except the Abo
#70 - baronvonhuckle (13 hours ago) [-]
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#36 - skyrimdovah (17 hours ago) [-]
Except the Chinese
#45 - angelusprimus (17 hours ago) [-]
Do you even China, mate?
#37 - hidemoto (17 hours ago) [-]
#38 - skyrimdovah (17 hours ago) [-]
#125 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
Bertstrips 2.0
#64 - Another great actor dead. 2016 has claimed some damn fine dudes. 08/30/2016 on Wonka +3
#84 - Hamon/Stand Jojo is best Jojo. 08/30/2016 on nature valley's favourite jojo +1
#87 - Sprites are awesome, you just need to do some good work.  [+] (3 new replies) 08/29/2016 on All the fucking time +5
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#138 - xaja (08/29/2016) [-]
Also money. Lots of money. And it also helps that if you have a larger team of artists. Also nothing will ever beat Metal Slug for pixel-art vehicles and weapons, and of course, as you showed, KOF is god tier
#111 - revelent (08/29/2016) [-]
Yeah and that's the part shitty devs don't like. Their thought process seems to be that as long as you can see the pixels, people will think it's good.
#114 - anon (08/29/2016) [-]
That's why I'm gonna put my own game on greenlight once I know how to make one (so, never). You're gonna play as a rectangle build out of six giant pixels shooting pixels at other rectangles.
I call it "Fuck You, It's Retro"
#141 - Pretty much sums up my thoughts. 08/25/2016 on Not a limp D in the theater 0
#124 - Thank goodness it's not. Aren't everyone tired of remakes, seq…  [+] (11 new replies) 08/25/2016 on Not a limp D in the theater +7
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#140 - draagondix (08/25/2016) [-]
Not if its hot lesbo camping sex
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#128 - Sunset (08/25/2016) [-]
i want to watch lesbian action
#260 - wattlegobbler (08/25/2016) [-]
Then watch porn but i'm definitely not going in the Cinema for it
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#126 - nITE (08/25/2016) [-]
I never like them to begin with, just leave it alone. If you want to reboot something, why not just make it in your own way, and call it something different? Robo-Cop really did not need a reboot, why not just make your own movie with a robotic cop and use Robo-Cop as inspiration?
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#127 - brianpalmer (08/25/2016) [-]
In all fairness, that would just leave people complaining that they ripped off Robocop.. so it's kind of a moot point.
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#130 - nITE (08/25/2016) [-]
Okay let me take a step back.

If the reboot is just the exact same thing but updated, in which the movie itself is already a classic. Then leave it the fuck alone. BUT! If your idea of a robotic cop is more original, and can stand up on its own then release it as a different movie. A good game that got rebooted was Tomb Raider, it was completely different, and if you changed the character, and the name. I would swear that I didn't know it was originally planned as a Tomb Raider game.
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#141 - hidemoto (08/25/2016) [-]
Pretty much sums up my thoughts.
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#131 - brianpalmer (08/25/2016) [-]
Fair enough point.. but I still feel people would get upset anyway. Maybe more of a comment on the people watching than the people making it..
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#132 - nITE (08/25/2016) [-]
I understand what you mean. But what I never understand if it is a good product that is like something, then shouldn't the fans be happy at the fact that there is more good of a genre that you like available?
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#273 - brianpalmer (08/26/2016) [-]
You'don't think. Wouldn't you?
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#275 - nITE (08/26/2016) [-]
I try to think but autocorrect is available
#55 - Trolling... Right? Right? 08/24/2016 on That's not the way age works! 0
#98 - I guess you're right! 08/20/2016 on Trumper Comp18 +8
#29 - ******* great taste m8. 08/20/2016 on Somebody stop me! +1