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#3 - yoman (01/05/2011) [-]
hi man - you know you can delete the posts later and lose all those red thumbs...
#4 to #3 - hhjackhh (01/05/2011) [-]
you keep the red thumbs people just cant see them no more
#5 to #4 - yoman (01/05/2011) [-]
if that's true then it's changed cos i went on a major clean out about a year ago and rose like, hundreds of places in one hit...

i know what you mean though man - sometimes this place makes me so fckn mad that i feel like making a troll account.... then i remember, it's just the interwebz...

good luck to ya Mr Jackhh
#8 to #5 - hhjackhh (01/05/2011) [-]
plus i just posted a black guy cock im getting banned for sure
#10 to #8 - yoman (01/05/2011) [-]
lol i saw - i weren't thinkin when i gave you that advice man sorry - anytime i got pics banned as 'inappropriate' i got locked out for ....12hrs i think - you were probably on the right track when you wrer just posting stuff that got red thumbs - try the - 'anti-patriot' route

and to say again - i totally get where you're coming from as this place gives me the right arse sometimes

and also, again, sorry if you got any i.p address trouble
#6 to #5 - hhjackhh (01/05/2011) [-]
ill ad you on my other acc you seem cool
#7 to #6 - yoman (01/05/2011) [-]
lol that's kind of you to say - make yourself known and i'll be sure to add you on