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#100 - There are sex laws in all countries (and states in the US.) …  [+] (2 replies) 09/17/2012 on Shut up meg +3
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#101 - IAmManbearpig (09/17/2012) [-]
if this was a movie, i would watch it.
#108 - heyimathespian (09/17/2012) [-]
Well, I should hop on that gravy train. To be fair I had help composing this idea. I wish I were that genius.
#1635 - I'm saying, if we were to try and redo an investigation (since…  [+] (2 replies) 09/12/2012 on an inconvenient truth 0
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#1652 - lockstin (09/12/2012) [-]
many have done more thurough investigations, have you seen the documentary Loose Change 9/11? excellent one
#1680 - heyimathespian (09/12/2012) [-]
No I haven't. But I don't think they skimped on the investigation. But I know people who do. My mother, for one. I still can't say for certain what happened. (I'm agnostic, making big judgements like this don't come easily to me as a rule) I just think on both sides people making petty arguments that really don't affect the outcome of the attacks is pointless. The government did it- then our government is (more) untrustworthy and that's scary. Terrorists did it- then terrorists did it which seems scary in the long run as well.

Regardless, we will have problems long term, and regardless all the people lost were lost. The least we can do is not argue with each other over it.