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#60 - there are ground smashes in call of duty?  [+] (20 new replies) 11/08/2015 on I AM CABOOSE THE VEHICLE... +2
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#83 - postie (11/08/2015) [-]
There are in the new Black Ops, due to the way they've changed it.
No more generic soldiers.
Now it has nine characters each with two special abilities.
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#91 - ScottP (11/08/2015) [-]
I haven't even heard about what they've changed in Black Ops 3. Didn't even realize it came out two days ago. Did they basically make it into TF2?
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#96 - postie (11/08/2015) [-]
Not quite.
It's more like Destiny. Two of the specialists have abilities that are basically a redesign of the Hunter and Titan supers.
#61 - dirtypizza (11/08/2015) [-]
At this point in the series I wouldn't even know.
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#62 - herecomesjohnny (11/08/2015) [-]
so it's' unpredictable but generic? i don't understand
#65 - lordraine (11/08/2015) [-]
I'm not defending that, but are you seriously implying that adding a triggerable superpower with a huge cooldown makes an FPS "not" generic?

Because Halo 4 and Destiny are about has boringly generic as it's possible to be.

Gimmicks are not what make shooters great.
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#69 - spookswoo (11/08/2015) [-]
>cod is a good game
>want to change cod because cod is generic
>cod now sucks because its not the same

heres the thing, different companies makes different call of duty games, only follow 1 of them, Treyarch.
#74 - lordraine (11/08/2015) [-]
I'm pretty sure you're talking to the wrong person.
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#68 - Sevenseas (11/08/2015) [-]
What's wrong with Destiny? It's a great MMO.
#75 - lordraine (11/08/2015) [-]
You must not have played many MMOs, then. Just a limited list of issues off the top of my head:

The base game doesn't have nearly enough content to warrant the pricetag.

The story is shallow and vague.

The gameplay is repetetive and boring once you reach the cap, which happens far too quickly.

Most circles of friends form around groups of four, since that is the classic number of people who can play at once in a game. Destiny breaks up long-standing gamer groups by limiting party size to three, which either forces you to find two additional people to play (seperately from you) or leaves one person as the fifth wheel in perpetuity.

Everything interesting requires you to pay the price of another full game to purchase as DLC.

You must purchase the DLC to stay relevant with everyone else who plays the game.

The game devs lied enormously about what the game would be and the direction it woudl take. They have changed the official path the game will take in the future multiple times. The lead developer quit four-fifths of the way through production because Activision was making demands that simply could not be met, which resulted in the game being cut down to a tenth of the intended initial launch size, with the remaining content being held in reserve for future paid DLC.

The Taken King makes the base game even smaller and more limited than it was before the DLC was launched by locking numerous things behind either a direct paywall (i.e. requires Taken King to access) or an indirect one. Direct paywall would be restricting people who do not own Taken King to only one form of Strike with no rewards and only two Crucible modes. Indirect paywalling would be all of Xur's items, everything the factions give you and sell to you, all of the new Legendaries, all of the Faction package rewards, all of the Exotic and Class Quest rewards, and all of the Armory weapons being at a level of either 34 or 40. Without Taken King, your cap is 32. So nothing any of the factions give you or offer to sell you can be used, nothing Xur sells can be used, none of the Quest rewards can be used, and you can't run the Armory for Banshee because you can't even equip the guns he wants you to test. It is all at least 2 levels above you cap, bare minimum.

This means, without Taken King, all you can do is run a single Vanguard playlist for greens at your level and blues six levels below your level, run two Crucible modes for no rewards, or farm bounties for XP you cannot use, resources you don't need, and faction reputation that has become worthless to you.

With Taken King, Bungie and Activision literally said "if you want to keep playing, pay us the price of the game again."

Spookswoo is a faggot who doesn't know what he's talking about. "People don't like it because it's popular!"

No, people don't like it because Activision is shit and Bungie are greedy faggots who fuck their customers and fanbase over by forcing them to pay the price of another full AAA game in order to keep on playing the game they already paid for and own. The Destiny system takes subscription fees and preorder season passes and combines them into a single method with the drawbacks of both and the benefits of neither.

Destiny wasn't worth the money when it came out. Activision and Bungie have actually managed to make it less worth it over time. There is now less in the game to do than there was before. That's amazing. You have to actually work to be that fucking bad.

Destiny is proof that all of the good people that made Bungie great left after Reach was finished. It isn't the company it once was, and Activsion remains the corporate garbage it always was. Destiny is an abortion of a game, a half-baked vision of something that could have been good but was strangled in it's cradle by poor planning, worse leadership, and game design that was driven by laziness and greed instead of quality and fun.

It's trash. I'd play Skyforge before picking up Destiny again.
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#76 - Sevenseas (11/08/2015) [-]
Not reading a wall of text buddie, TLDR.

I've played many MMO's Destiny is a good mmo, idc what your reasoning is, it's a good mmo to me, disagree? Fine idc.
#77 - lordraine (11/08/2015) [-]
'I hate reading, my opinion based on emotions and inexperience is equal to yours that is based off of facts and experience because I say so'

So you're an idiot.

That explains why you think Destiny is great, at least.
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#78 - Sevenseas (11/08/2015) [-]
I'm not the one that resorted to name calling blocked.
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#70 - spookswoo (11/08/2015) [-]
peoples will bash anythings thats popular, if cod bo3 was created by a new company and there hadnt been a single cal of duty game before it, people would love it.
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#71 - Sevenseas (11/08/2015) [-]
I'm going to have to disagree I personally haven't liked Cod since Black Ops. It just lost it's spark with me, campaign is like a short movie, the online multiplayer is toxic as fuck there's just no fun to be had. The only redeeming quality it has is Nazi Zombies.

I mean I'm not speaking for everyone but I just don't see what all the twelve year olds see in cod anymore.
#72 - spookswoo (11/08/2015) [-]
**spookswoo used "*roll picture*"**
**spookswoo rolled image**well what did you see in cod before? the only real change is the futuristic world, more customization,
#73 - Sevenseas (11/08/2015) [-]
**Sevenseas used "*roll picture*"**
**Sevenseas rolled image** *shrugs*
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#66 - herecomesjohnny (11/08/2015) [-]
i'm not defending anything either
#63 - dirtypizza (11/08/2015) [-]
Here maybe this will help you understand.
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#64 - herecomesjohnny (11/08/2015) [-]
good example of generic
#1340694 - Picture 11/08/2015 on Video Games Board - console... 0
#3514 - dude pls context  [+] (1 new reply) 11/08/2015 on herecomesjohnny's profile 0
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#3517 - desacabose (11/08/2015) [-]
living is weird
#3513 - the what now  [+] (3 new replies) 11/08/2015 on herecomesjohnny's profile 0
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#3516 - desacabose (11/08/2015) [-]
life is odd
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#3526 - herecomesjohnny (11/09/2015) [-]
how did liam react to chloe frenching victoria on the couch?
#3527 - desacabose (11/09/2015) [-]
That hasn't happened
#3512 - you have this weird pattern of guessing the right stuff.......…  [+] (9 new replies) 11/08/2015 on herecomesjohnny's profile 0
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#3519 - desacabose (11/08/2015) [-]
Someone also just posted an interview where he said they chose boston because for some players they know boston will be the bomb
Todd Howard, master of puns
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#3518 - desacabose (11/08/2015) [-]
Also I'm not guessing someone posted a video of todd howards saying suspicious stuff
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#3515 - desacabose (11/08/2015) [-]
There haven't been any story leaks for fallout 4 though
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#3520 - herecomesjohnny (11/08/2015) [-]
the exact same spoiler was posted on vgb fuccboi
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#3522 - desacabose (11/08/2015) [-]
is mgs v actually just a dream cause that'll piss me off super hard
#3521 - desacabose (11/08/2015) [-]
>visiting vgb without having 4 people on hideall
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#3523 - herecomesjohnny (11/08/2015) [-]
i do but life is bizarre
#3524 - desacabose (11/08/2015) [-]
#122 - long live the supps.  [+] (2 new replies) 11/07/2015 on Stand Behind Braum! +12
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#176 - wedgehead (11/07/2015) [-]
His laugh ctrl 4 is still the best thing ever.
#123 - albertjester (11/07/2015) [-]
#57 - and wait what? how have i been a massive dick to you? i haven'… 11/07/2015 on Queit 0
#56 - what? i wasn't trying to be a dick here 11/07/2015 on Queit 0
#11011973 - clean shave master race what am i, a hobo?  [+] (1 new reply) 11/07/2015 on Old Board. Go to... 0
#11011982 - chaosraptor (11/07/2015) [-]
johnny and shaving

ive seen that before
#1339953 - >reusing all the pics just for sake of finishing the song  [+] (1 new reply) 11/07/2015 on Video Games Board - console... 0
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#1339967 - adunsaveme (11/07/2015) [-]