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#78 - whaf if I'm in a hospital and can't go to a theater but I can …  [+] (2 replies) 01/10/2016 on TFA big ass spoilers (And... +3
#88 - reycall (01/10/2016) [-]
ill at least tell you why I do it though, you at least deserve to know why i draw pleasure from it.

every time im out with my friends and people are chatting about some movie/book/show there is always the one asshole that rages so hard about "wtf bro spoilers" despite said media being like 3 months to a year old, or that the source material is light years ahead and fucking secondaries make everyone wait.

Because of people like that I now draw a lot of pleasure spoiling shit for people.
#87 - reycall (01/10/2016) [-]
sucks to be you then if you are unfortunate enough to know someone like me.

if you cared enough you would stay the fuck away.
#190 - yes and OP said muslims, not refugees.  [+] (3 replies) 01/10/2016 on trump appeal 0
#206 - akirafudo (01/11/2016) [-]
**akirafudo used "*roll picture*"**
**akirafudo rolled image**
muslim is not a migration status kid
User avatar
#207 - herecomesjohnny (01/11/2016) [-]
who said it was?
#209 - akirafudo (01/12/2016) [-]
**akirafudo used "*roll picture*"**
**akirafudo rolled image**
re-read everything, oh stupid of me, you are a fucking troll, go fuck yourself
#189 - It's an objetive observation, the brit exchange students are v…  [+] (1 reply) 01/10/2016 on trump appeal 0
#196 - shadeymuffin (01/10/2016) [-]
You claim it's objective but you can't give any sort of proof except from your own personal feelings and maybe those of your friends. That means it's Subjective. The only French guy I've met where I live is a prick, it doesn't mean all French exchange students or by extension all French people are pricks.
#1198141 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 01/09/2016 on Anime & Manga - anime... +1
#1198142 - andyyy (01/09/2016) [-]
#1198139 - that's what you get for running with your arms behind you  [+] (11 replies) 01/09/2016 on Anime & Manga - anime... +5
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#1198144 - alhiniath (01/09/2016) [-]
I know people who do that. They don't even know what Naruto is. Think they got it in word by mouth. "This makes you faster"
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#1198140 - andyyy (01/09/2016) [-]
my little brother still does that
oh middle schoolers......
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#1198143 - dreygur (01/09/2016) [-]
Make sure his school doesn't have any weeb hunters
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#1198145 - andyyy (01/09/2016) [-]
His school has changed a lot....
When my older brother went there he ended up becoming a delinquent, surprised he didn't join a gang
Now my little brother is going there and he has become even more of a weeb and is in a anime club
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#1198182 - yibdiy (01/10/2016) [-]
Go to his club and fuck everyone up with your superior powerlevel
User avatar
#1198192 - andyyy (01/10/2016) [-]
"so have you plebs watched Samurai Flamenco?"
User avatar
#1198193 - yibdiy (01/10/2016) [-]
whip out your katana if they didnt
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#1198149 - dreygur (01/09/2016) [-]
Save him quickly
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#1198150 - andyyy (01/09/2016) [-]
He needs to do something cringy that he regrets so he can learn
The other day he asked about buying a fedora
That's where I drew the line
#1198141 - herecomesjohnny (01/09/2016) [-]
#1198142 - andyyy (01/09/2016) [-]
#42 - dude listen to her talk ingame, she's a power hungry crazy bitch  [+] (2 replies) 01/09/2016 on Challenger Here I Come! 0
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#43 - sladee (01/09/2016) [-]
So is a good share of other champs too.
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#44 - herecomesjohnny (01/09/2016) [-]
oh definitely
#66 - who said i'm crying? who said they threw axes? maybe they were…  [+] (2 replies) 01/09/2016 on trump appeal 0
#97 - scruffyguy (01/10/2016) [-]
"The Byzantine historian Procopius (c. 500–565) described the Franks and their use of throwing axes:

...each man carried a sword and shield and an axe. Now the iron head of this weapon was thick and exceedingly sharp on both sides while the wooden handle was very short. And they are accustomed always to throw these axes at one signal in the first charge and thus shatter the shields of the enemy and kill the men.[2]"
User avatar
#188 - herecomesjohnny (01/10/2016) [-]
who says mu ancestor threw axes? maybe he had a bad wrist from excessive msaturbation, maybe he had a fondness for his axe, maybe I plain didn't have any franc ancestors as they weren't all of France.