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#1491721 - >dota 2 above cs again the russians have lost their way…  [+] (5 replies) 09/25/2016 on Video Games 0
#1491760 - anon (09/25/2016) [-]
dota 2 is good tho
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#1491722 - sannukas (09/25/2016) [-]
But csgo has never been above dota.
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#1491723 - herecomesjohnny (09/25/2016) [-]
it was before dota existed
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#1491726 - sannukas (09/25/2016) [-]
Barely. csgo did go into a closed beta before dota 2. But dota 2 went into public early access months before the csgo release.
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#1491733 - herecomesjohnny (09/25/2016) [-]
learn something new everyday
#7 - playing scout in turbine is the fastest damn way for a killing…  [+] (20 replies) 09/25/2016 on Hey, they ain't look so bad... 0
#8 - wattlegobbler (09/25/2016) [-]
Unless the engineer is faster than you
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#10 - alfonshister (09/25/2016) [-]
stuff like this is why i'm afraid of getting into TF2

Everyone who plays it knows all the tricks already.
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#13 - elreydenada (09/25/2016) [-]
Which should encourage you to go and learn each of them. And don't worry. Casual servers are full of people that barely know about the game, just like you. And maybe you'll fine someone that could help you. If you want some heads up, take a look at these:
#14 - wattlegobbler (09/25/2016) [-]
Hey, you forget that Heavy shoots by his head and that the minigun shoots multiple bullets per shot to create the illusion that it's fast firing. What it means is that as long as you can see your Enemy you will hit him what gives you always the advantage by pushing carts. Snipers will still kill you through unless you wear iron fists wich are also pretty good on final pushes on hightower. Oh, and was it mentioned that a small health pack restores your Sandvich when full healed so you can simply throw your sandvich near the push so your team can use it when surprised and still get the new one from the small health kit instantly
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#15 - elreydenada (09/25/2016) [-]
The comps aren't mine, though. And I actually didn't know that first part. I did know about the health packs, thanks to Krunkdile's PSA videos.
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#16 - wattlegobbler (09/25/2016) [-]
Well, as a class wich heavyly relies on teamwork and had so many nerfs in the past years (RIP Natasha, i loved to get scunts and M2+W Pyros down with you while being protected against rocketjumping soldiers from the damage resistance) you need every gimmick you can have
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#17 - elreydenada (09/25/2016) [-]
I know how you feel. I love playing Heavy as well. It can be frustrating when you can't charge with reliable teammates and everyone, even the developers, think you're annoyance to the game (RIP #TeamHeavy).
#18 - wattlegobbler (09/25/2016) [-]
Hey, they both get fixes and rebalances just one party earlyer than the other and the pyro sure needs some rework. Remember cases where i set people on fire with my airblast and totally out of range while in other cases my backburner couldnt do shit even when the flames were close enough to the Enemy to harm him. And i want a new flamethrower with something different than just crits or being helpfull to get crits with your secondary/meelee. Heavy can wait, Pyro not
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#19 - elreydenada (09/25/2016) [-]
I keep forgetting that point. Yes, Heavy needs love but Pyro needs a complete surgery because of how fucked it is. The particle spread needs some serious fixing (or a complete rework) and the crtis... Oh, the crits. I know that Valve give Pyro that because otherwise it'd be very weak and vulnerable, but it's still too crazy. It know it's kind of silly to be too hopeful (we're talking about Valve here) but I hope that they are actually putting good effort into their work.
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#20 - wattlegobbler (09/25/2016) [-]
I dont think so. TF2 isnt that much of a priority than other projects and in the last years they just made enough efford to keep the game alive and the big gamechanger to compete with overwatch was more hated than loved. The "glitch" that the bison penetrates enemies, the buffs for items who dont need a buff and the random ability roulette like on the shortstop show that valve doesnt even know much of their own Game anymore. It took months to kick the Hackers out of competitive and even then there are other ways to hack in tf2 not just LMAObox, also more Community weapons that actual weapons (reskins dont count) in the Game and the gun mettle skins just look cheap compared to the nostro-napalmer, the classic or the breadweapons
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#21 - elreydenada (09/25/2016) [-]
It shows. Valve had been working in the competitive mode for months before the update and Meet your Match STILL felt rushed. Not to mention, copying the matchmaking system of MvM was just lazy.
And fuck that bullshit with the Bison. That "glitch" was even a fucking game tip in the connection screen. When people say that the devs currently working on TF2 have never played the game before, they are not exaggerating.
It's a sad state the one of the game. I've lowered my standards already when it comes to updates but I still am somewhat hopeful. Let's see what do they have ready for Halloween and Christmas... If they have anything (after last year's lazy events, I don't know).
#22 - wattlegobbler (09/26/2016) [-]
Haloween always rocks, especially because i can use my Hancock-loadout on Spy, Dark knight on demoman and Imp Pyro just to count a fiew and i still need a proper loadout for engineer (unless i wanna Play as half ape-half fly) so i will take definitely part in it. We had no chrismas special last year wich was sad and i hope they wont skip it also this time. A fiew weapons, tools and maybe a hat isnt enough and if people make presents they are 99,9% some shitty untradable weapon they want to get rid of
#23 - elreydenada (09/26/2016) [-]
Oh, totally! Little Horseman and I are gonna wreck some ass on October. I just hope that won't be too lazy for Scream Fortress this year. Last year was just the pseudo-contract thing with three community maps, not even a proper one made by Valve.
I have the feeling that they'll do the same thing as last year and merge the Smissmas event with a major update. Hopefully they'll add proper Nice and Naughty crates with new specific Festives instead of the lazy Festivizers.
#24 - wattlegobbler (09/26/2016) [-]
The haloween collection was pretty good, i still wear the deathcap on sniper from last year, the Death racers helmet(wich has a cool spooky Skeletons unusual effect btw) the Iron lung and the crusaders backup
User avatar
#25 - elreydenada (09/26/2016) [-]
Lucky bastard, Halloween unusual effects are always some of the best out there.
#26 - wattlegobbler (09/26/2016) [-]
no, i just played with someone having the hat and it looked awesome
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#27 - elreydenada (09/26/2016) [-]
Ohh, I see. Well, let's hope for an unusual this Halloween, then!
#28 - wattlegobbler (09/26/2016) [-]
Yes, and hopefully valve will do something usefull with this money (Propaby not)
#12 - wattlegobbler (09/25/2016) [-]
Dont worry, medic is perfect to learn the basics of the game by sticking to the best players and directly support them(crusaders crossbow only recommended for experienced players). Soldier and scout however have a huge skill ceiling and the sniper is...well..a sniper so when you rock as a sniper before you won't have much issues with that class, at least in pubs. Also with every Game you see the ideal places where you can build your engi-nest simply because they literally teleport you to it and with centry placement you already learned 1/3 of how to be a good engineer (point Nr 2 is spy defense and 3 is centry jumping and using it to build even more cancerous defenses). Also never play spy, no one likes spies and you make the Enemy paraniod wich makes it harder for good spies to get through their lines and sabotage their enginest while taking a fiew players who are busy stoping Blu Team from progressing with you
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#11 - StickyTissueLoLz (09/25/2016) [-]
You'd be surprised by how many new players there are.
#21 - You're saying that her foot will become her knee?  [+] (2 replies) 09/25/2016 on Leg transplant my dudes 0
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#25 - hellomynameisbill (09/25/2016) [-]
her ankle yeah
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#29 - herecomesjohnny (09/25/2016) [-]