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#12 - I'm not leftist at all but I still have to say, political cari…  [+] (2 replies) 5 hours ago on Xiotlacowh Ruco Wownyodecu +4
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#15 - drpenguinz (3 hours ago) [-]
media/sjw/blm pretty much fits.
they are getting to used to being able to do whatever they want.

the media started lying, not just withholding facts to frame their political "opponents" sad the media is allowed to have those by now but explicitly lying not long ago.
why? they were testy and saw they wont get stopped.

BLM went from protesting to murdering...because no one stops them
SJWs went from having a controversal opinion destroying livelyhoods...because no one stops them

...or rather, because it all works with the narrative of the left. they find support even. BLM got paid millions by soros and gets sweettalked by obama and hillary.

the left is an abomination in america. you think you vote for whatever ideals, but bro, its all a scheme to preserve corruption.
support the groups crying loudest for attention to deceive people on what the public opinion is. it pretty much fits the picture perfectly.
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#14 - limberlarry (4 hours ago) [-]
Ben Garrison has never been a particularly good political cartoonist. He would be completely irrelevant if it werent for the genuinely funny edits
#7 - it's goina be the best paper, just the best, it's goina be yuuuuge.  [+] (1 reply) 5 hours ago on Every Essay +6
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#15 - wickedrainbows (19 minutes ago) [-]
better than mexicos thats for sure
#1499211 - the **** did the guy do, slobber all over the headset with his mouth?  [+] (2 replies) 10/25/2016 on Video Games 0
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#1499220 - eonofaeon (10/25/2016) [-]
Ocular Herpes is herpes of the eye. Its literally eye juice/crust thats infected basically.

Slobber? No.
Put it on his eyes and they didn't clean it/cleaned ineffectively? Yes.
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#1499225 - herecomesjohnny (10/25/2016) [-]
eye herpes? jesus fucking christ
#45 - Picture 10/25/2016 on Autistic +90