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#1499211 - the **** did the guy do, slobber all over the headset with his mouth?  [+] (2 replies) 10 hours ago on Video Games 0
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#1499220 - eonofaeon (10 hours ago) [-]
Ocular Herpes is herpes of the eye. Its literally eye juice/crust thats infected basically.

Slobber? No.
Put it on his eyes and they didn't clean it/cleaned ineffectively? Yes.
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#1499225 - herecomesjohnny (9 hours ago) [-]
eye herpes? jesus fucking christ
#45 - Picture 10 hours ago on Autistic +86
#112 - so, a harmless baby might lift it  [+] (15 replies) 20 hours ago on Puny god 0
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#115 - venomousvalentine (20 hours ago) [-]
It depends on your moral constitution. So unless it as an evil baby...
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#126 - iqequalzero (19 hours ago) [-]
Babies are innocent, but dont possess actual morals or any real "character" worthy of note to the hammer. Id think, even not counting the basic weight of the hammer, a baby wouldnt be able to.
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#145 - venomousvalentine (19 hours ago) [-]
The hammer doesn't have weight.
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#146 - iqequalzero (19 hours ago) [-]
The hammer weighs what its parts would suggest, its just not really relevant because of the enchantments on it.
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#148 - venomousvalentine (18 hours ago) [-]
Schrodingers mass
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#147 - venomousvalentine (19 hours ago) [-]
No sir I don't believe that's true. Because of its nature it literally has no physical weight. It's a fixed point. Meaning it's weight is infinite but null at the same time.
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#149 - iqequalzero (18 hours ago) [-]
People always get so sciency about this shit. Its a hammer, enchanted to only be weildable by certain people. Basically when noone is attemping to wield it, its just a hammer. I especially dont like the fixed point one, since thats got a whole mess of problems on its own.

I dunno what the latest canon on this is, but I always just thought of it as a hammer that when someone who isnt worthy tries to wield it, it pulls in the opposite direction with an equal force.

This is also why Hulk has lifted it. He managed to excert a force upon it greater than its magic was able to match. If its mass was able to be infinite, Hulk wouldnt have been able to lift it.
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#150 - venomousvalentine (18 hours ago) [-]
I didn't know the hulk thing. That's kinda stupid.
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#151 - iqequalzero (18 hours ago) [-]
Eh, I kinda like it, it shows there is an actual limit to what the hammer can do.

Hulk Lifts Thors Hammer
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#152 - venomousvalentine (18 hours ago) [-]
It's dumb. It's weakness should be disenchantment or some such supernatural shit.
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#153 - iqequalzero (18 hours ago) [-]
Magic isnt just some "magic" button that has no limits though. Mages tire and magical items have varying degrees of power.
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#143 - SonofChuck (19 hours ago) [-]
>Babies are innocent

Then explain THIS! Funny Evil Baby
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#114 - xgeneration (20 hours ago) [-]
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#116 - herecomesjohnny (20 hours ago) [-]
that's' kinda shit tbh
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#113 - venomousvalentine (20 hours ago) [-]
It's possible
#45 - tsst tsst 10/23/2016 on game 0
#3 - actually hitler had both balls, him being a monoball is a myth…  [+] (1 reply) 10/23/2016 on pick one +7
#4 - kewolsky (10/23/2016) [-]
Colonel Bogey March  Coldstream Guards Great British bants
#3 - isn't he a little old to be in a class where the teacher tells…  [+] (10 replies) 10/23/2016 on /lit/ +136
#48 - bioconstriculative (10/24/2016) [-]
I'm in a world religions class right now and one of our common homework assignments is coloring in religious symbols. Like, legit coloring.
#35 - lujan (10/23/2016) [-]
When 85% of my students were somehow promoted by their middle schools to 9th grade when they have a 2nd grade reading level, I'm going to use the best tactics I can to teach them biology, and goddammit sometimes coloring is the best way. You're probably correct for the situation in the content, though, so I'm willing to meet you halfway.
#28 - lazysans (10/23/2016) [-]
>too old
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#27 - beebro (10/23/2016) [-]
welcome to public school
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#25 - millennial (10/23/2016) [-]
Back in around 10th grade of high school we'd do that. Same with Sociology too. It was more so just for a completion grade in English if we didn't do a lot that 6 weeks, but in Sociology it was part of the curriculum. Whenever we would learn about a world leader and their affects on the populace, we ALWAYS had to draw that person. And it fucking sucked, because our teacher would give us massive pieces of paper to draw on and half the time he would just throw them away.
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#12 - billyblooper (10/23/2016) [-]
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#42 - flamingopher (10/24/2016) [-]
Australian schools shit out plenty of dumb cunts too. Look at our government.
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#10 - machomustachio (10/23/2016) [-]
Considering that a lot of teachers have a strict schedule as to what they need to teach due to standardized testing in the U.S. This is a sort of subtle way to see what kids know about the topic so they don't have to go over information they already know. That or I'm talking out of my ass.
#8 - gagnine (10/23/2016) [-]
Lots of teachers still do this shit because they're lazy and can't think of what to do.
#6 - iwilllawlyou (10/23/2016) [-]
you'd be surprised...