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#159 - "jesus isn't real". Jesus has been proven as being a…  [+] (3 replies) 08/16/2013 on He is everywhere. -1
#161 - omniscientreason (08/16/2013) [-]
I highly recommend you check yourself into a psychiatric ward. Look all bullshit aside your like just ok with it lol...thats what im upset about. You believe in your god cool whatever I dont care, but when your say the apocalypse is gonna happen...you're ok with it. You are ok with worshipping a god who lets hell exist and is ok with killing his children all of his children and then completly ok with letting some of them burn for eternity just because they dont believe he exists. Thats not ok. You are an immoral person. If your god is real, then I will do everything in my power to kill our father because he is not worthy of his title...I was supposed to have 2 kids but they were miscarried. People have been raped and murdered in atrocious ways in mass genocides for years and will be infinitely. He gives us life and tests us for a short time to judge us for enternity? See I have no problem with a god existing, what I will not stand for is someone like you telling me to praise something so entirly corrupt. I hope you're apocalypse happens, and when its my turn to be judged I will tear out your gods throat for all his crimes against his creations. If you were god...you wouldnt let these terrible things happen. Your god gets no exceptions. Wheres his mass telepathic device at? put me on the phone because me and millions of others of people who have been utterly FUCKED over because of your imaginary friend would like to have a little chat. I never asked to be born or to be able to feel the emotions im capable of, in fact id of rather not been given the chance to have free will if it ment that hell would be a side effect. Kindly fuck off into a hermit hole where your incredibly ridiculous and insane ideals will not have to be heard by those worthy of bearing the human dna which makes them sentient.
#164 - hellbird (08/16/2013) [-]
I'm sorry for you loss. I don't wish to reply to your hate filled comment though. I hope someday you can read the bible and see it the way that I do.
#162 - hellbird has deleted their comment.
#158 - What part about "my opinion about god" do you consid…  [+] (2 replies) 08/16/2013 on He is everywhere. -1
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#165 - enkmaster (08/16/2013) [-]
Atheism isnt a "religion without a god". Atheism is, at its core, a lack of religion. Atheism is not a religion, since the entire concept of Atheism is the lack of religion.

What reason do I have to follow Atheism? The simple reason is that I prefer to base my life on my own morals and what I know for sure. If im wrong, and there is a god, Ill be rewarded for being a good person. If im punished for not worshiping him, then hes not a God I would want to follow anyway.

Dont get me wrong, im a pro-religion person, despite my own belief. Religion is good. Religion gives people something to believe in, and I can appreciate that. Its when powerful, organised religions refuse to evolve along with science and society that I have a problem. It keeps many of its followers ignorant, and that is something I cannot support.
#170 - hellbird (08/16/2013) [-]
I agree with you. but I still feel that atheism is still a belief system until all the cards are on the table and everyone knows for sure what the truth is. I still say it's good to know the morals that jesus taught, I have yet to find a better description of how a person should act. I believe the bible because of the prophecy's that have became true in recent years. Honestly I was terrified when Obama came on the news asking for "peace and security" over and over. (i'm not sure if you have read revelations, but it isn't a good sign lol) I don't want to disagree with anything you are saying. You sound like I did before I started reading the bible. I thought god was a douche for sending people to hell, but then I realize that god isn't going to send a good man to hell. Jesus told us to love one another and treat each other how we want to be treated. I didn't hear him keep saying follow the commandments. Those were for the old testament, and they really seem like a longer explanation of what it would mean to treat each other how we want to be treated. If god does turn out being real, and i make it into heaven. You can be sure i'll be at his throne every moment asking him to let the good ones in, and don't torment the bad ones.