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#27 - My cousin is super smart, like rainman smart, and socially ine…  [+] (10 replies) 10/17/2016 on Cuteselete Ruge Hulfom +4
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#28 - krobeles (10/17/2016) [-]
Thats kinda the point though. I am super smart and perfectly socially adequate.
And yes, everyone goes to college, but first of all, I did not go to college, I went to the university. A highly prestigious university mind you, considering my field. Additionally, not everyone studies STEM, let alone physics.

Lastly, do you seriously think I would talk like this in real life, let alone at a job?? Of course I wouldn't talk like this! As I stated before, I am perfectly socially adequate, and only a truly unawareness moron, would talk like this in real life.
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#37 - hellbentcrusade (10/17/2016) [-]
Whoa! University! That changes everything. When I say college I mean university as well. STEM fields have a lot of idiots that think they're the smartest kid on the block. I work in the nuclear field and you'll never hear me say I'm smart because there is a lot I don't know. Humility is a good thing
#32 - lafouboy (10/17/2016) [-]
Out of respect for your privacy, I deleted the comment I made with your personal information (as I know you've already seen it).

I am not trying to be an ass, but trying to make you understand that you have an online identity and that you acting this way is not appropriate if you really want to nail that dream job you seem to work so hard for.

Some humility won't hurt you. You're no longer a teenager; stop acting like one.
#30 - lafouboy (10/17/2016) [-]
Also, when I think "employable", I obviously think of a person who uses nazi propaganda as a profile picture (even if that's not nazi propaganda, I highly recommend you change your profile picture, as it definitely looks like it).
#29 - lafouboy has deleted their comment.
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#31 - krobeles (10/17/2016) [-]
Boy must I have upset you, to doxx me like that. I'll remind you, that that is actually illegal, not just by FJs rules, but by actual law. I dont much care though, just thought you'd like to know.

The reason I dont care, is because I'm not ashamed of anything I do or say and here in Denmark, neither are employers. It would be an unwise decision, if I were ashamed or if my future employment depended upon what others think of me. Thats not the case though.

Seriously though dude, you should relax a bit. I dont know how or why I managed to upset you to this literally insane degree, but you shouldn't be so easy to anger...
#33 - lafouboy (10/17/2016) [-]
Oh. Looks like my comment was too late.

Nonetheless, look above for my response.
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#34 - krobeles (10/17/2016) [-]
Thanks I appreciate it, but you didn't need to. As I said, I'm not the least bit ashamed and it wont hurt my job prospects even if you shouted it from the rooftops. Employers aren't as insane here in Denmark as they are in, say, America.

Also, as I already said, I dont act like this in real life, but thats the beauty of the internet. You dont need to hamstring yourself and be needlessly cowed. I can be precisely as flamboyant and self aggrandizing as I please. It doesn't matter if you think I'm a smug twat. I dont know you, and I never will.

I stand by my previous statement though. To go to the lengths you went to, I must've upset you somehow. Dont be so quick to fly into a rage.
#35 - lafouboy (10/17/2016) [-]
Indeed. I'll admit that your personality annoyed me to the point that I attempted to correct your insufferable conceit. That seemingly was a mistake, as you are beyond the point of help.

I wish the best of luck in your endeavors and pray that you one day develop a sense of humility and self-awareness.
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#36 - krobeles (10/17/2016) [-]
Mate, do you not understand, that I dont act like this in real life?
What part of that do you fail to grasp, exactly?

My advice to you, is to take yourself less seriously. What does it matter to you, even if I was as insufferably smug in real life, as I've come off here? It doesn't matter to you at all. You dont need to give a shit.
Of course you dont need to, in the same vein that I dont need to give a shit about correcting people. But you do anyway, as do I.
You think yourself smarter and wiser me, and therefore, you try to correct my erroneous behavior in precisely the same vein as I do. Dont you see, that what you did and what I did, are pretty much the exact same thing?
We both considered ourselves better/smarter/wiser than the other, and therefore, tried to change the other persons behavior/ideas.
The only significant difference, is that I didn't try to clubber you over the head when you refused me, and I'm a lot more self aware about my superiority complex than you are.
But at the end of the day, we're both smug cunts with superiority complexes. You're just not quite as up front about it as me.

I've never needed luck to succeed, but thanks anyway. Best of luck to you too...

That last line may have been a deliberate smugish joke...
#49 - Reminds me of goatse.  [+] (2 replies) 10/15/2016 on Really wanna do this with... +1
#52 - arreatface (10/15/2016) [-]
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#57 - hellbentcrusade (10/15/2016) [-]
Hands and the hole.
#25 - ************* in Texas don't. They act like it's the best place ever.  [+] (1 reply) 10/09/2016 on admin greets hispanic fjers +3
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#27 - CyborgNinja (10/09/2016) [-]
They're also the shittiest Mexicans of them all fite me valley faggots .
#7 - A lot of women think like this. There's a lot of crap about te…  [+] (1 reply) 10/09/2016 on Not fair +8
#10 - themastertroller (10/09/2016) [-]
i meant a lot of that social conditioning is spit out on tumblr, so expect frustrations. you're fully right for sure
#18 - Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sex Party  [+] (3 replies) 09/16/2016 on ? 0
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#19 - Deavas (09/16/2016) [-]
Oh. So is it the same guy or
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#41 - Viceroy (09/17/2016) [-]
I know what vid you're talking about and no, it is not ben
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#20 - hellbentcrusade (09/16/2016) [-]
It's not him. I don't know who the Ben guy is but I know the video you're talking about
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