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User avatar #9 - amissingmouse (05/10/2012) [-]
Hallo. c: I just saw the mean comment someone left you, so I just came here to say Hi and to ignore him c:
User avatar #10 to #10 - heburntmyshake (05/10/2012) [-]
internet tough guys are the worst aren't they?
User avatar #11 to #11 - amissingmouse (05/10/2012) [-]
s'ppose so. ^^.
Also, pasting doesn't work does it? I might try it to test, haha.
User avatar #12 to #12 - heburntmyshake (05/10/2012) [-]
the theory is that the flouride (or however that's spelled) is supposed to get into your system and make you trip.
and that your nipples are the best way to get it into your system
but.. that's just a theory, it didn't do a damn thing for me, sadly enough
but you're welcome to try! xD
User avatar #13 to #13 - amissingmouse (05/10/2012) [-]
Lol, I am a girl, and if I posted pics I'd have to post it in **** ...but then I'm underage :< SO THATS A NO NO. C:
User avatar #14 to #14 - heburntmyshake (05/10/2012) [-]
ah, well that bites, but just cause you tried pasting doesn't exactly mean you gotta post pics lol
User avatar #15 to #15 - amissingmouse (05/10/2012) [-]
True true.

You got skype? C:
User avatar #16 to #16 - heburntmyshake (05/10/2012) [-]
nope, but i've been considering getting one..
ill probably go make one right now, got nothing better to do :p
User avatar #17 to #17 - amissingmouse (05/10/2012) [-]
Haha, youll also need to download it.

So narcissistic i realise.
User avatar #19 to #18 - heburntmyshake (05/10/2012) [-]
i kid, i kid
User avatar #18 to #18 - heburntmyshake (05/10/2012) [-]
self-centered much? xp
User avatar #20 to #19 - amissingmouse (05/10/2012) [-]
I made it when I liked myself.
I now hate myself.

User avatar #21 to #21 - heburntmyshake (05/10/2012) [-]
aww don't hate yourself. only lame people are allowed to do that
User avatar #22 to #22 - amissingmouse (05/10/2012) [-]
Then I'm lame. c:
ANYWAY how much longer till you haz skype?
User avatar #23 to #23 - heburntmyshake (05/10/2012) [-]
lol my skype is GiveSic. i look kinda girly in my picture, lol
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