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    Didney Didney
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    Just Started the Campaign Just Started the Campaign
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    Attack on Titan endings in General Attack on Titan endings in General
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    Young God Young God
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    felings is kill felings is kill

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#169 - Sooo I dont know who she is or what she has done so can someon…  [+] (1 new reply) 21 hours ago on Video removed from YT for... 0
#176 - strifethethird (21 hours ago) [-]
basically there's a movement that Fat activists/feminists are promoting or whatever about beauty standards and everyone should be comfortable with the body they have and all that, so they see Tess Monster as inspiration because she has become successful because of her body/fat, and people don't like her because her supporters and maybe even her i'm not quite sure are bat shit crazy people. What they do is they say "all body types are beautiful" while also saying things like "stop talking about weightless it's triggering" "thin privilege is.....(fill in the blank)" "doctors are fat-phobic because they say my weight is bad for my health, but i'm so healthy". i think you get the point. They don't want people to better themselves and lose wight, they want people to get fatter and fatter and see people who are actively trying to lose weight as assholes who aren't thinking about them, and i mean them as in fat people who promote being fat. if one of these people see or hear that you're trying to lose wight or talking about working out they get "triggered" I've only seen tumblr screenshots on /fit/ threads about these activists whining about their friends or family members who have lost weight, it's some crazy shit. They also want handsome fit men to date them, like seriously, they want tall, fit, handsome men to date them and they don't want to work to better themselves. and i feel like i can't rightfully explain it, you'll have read some of the things that they say for yourself.
pic related, some of the dumb shit they say also FYI there are different levels of fat (small fats all the way up to death fats stands for morbidly obese )
here's a /fit/ fat person hate general thread where you can see posts and stories about these people.
#1280 - a random comment Now you are obliged 21 hours ago on Steam game giveaway 0
#65 - **** NO JUST ******* NOPE 05/25/2015 on A title +6
#264 - Another Chest 05/25/2015 on What's in the chest? 0
#112 - sonovabitch, you got me so good 05/24/2015 on Tales of a Plumber +3
#66 - uncomforteable* 05/23/2015 on Tea 0
#54 - The lack of GTA 5 Trevor revelence comments are disturbing 05/23/2015 on Jim Carrey looks insane 0
#94 - A Lady came into the store one day asking for a run around the…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/22/2015 on how to make women angry -2
#138 - thebobinito (05/22/2015) [-]
#27 - Comment deleted 05/21/2015 on Desc. 0
#207 - Bro, its not your fault, she's the cunty salt of the earth and… 05/21/2015 on Break up stories +1


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Have this.
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This just practically made my day dude, I'll do my best to use it whenever i can . have this versatile picture as thanks!
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