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#149 - That's definitely a pornstar he bangs the same chick everytime  [+] (1 reply) 11/16/2016 on When Trump found out he was... 0
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#150 - vivjames (11/16/2016) [-]
what's his name?
#68 - Did he not turn that one million into billions of dollars???  [+] (12 replies) 08/04/2016 on Eyes on the Prize +22
#145 - anon (08/04/2016) [-]
It's easy to make one million (which was worth 5.5 million, actually, accounting for inflation, dipshit) into billions when you:

have all of your rich daddy's connections, have the virtual immunity from the law that comes from being rich, constantly have safety nets when you fuck up, got sent to the best schools possible to get educated for years upon years on how to make money, surround yourself with wealthy friends who also want to make money, when you take huge amounts of Russian money, when you avoid taxes and become notorious for never paying skilled workers...

I could go on.
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#69 - ningyoaijin (08/04/2016) [-]
Yes, as could anyone with even a basic knowledge of how investments work.
#185 - gamestumps (08/04/2016) [-]
If that were true then why don't you go take a loan out for a million and turn it into billions? Any bank would jump on the opportunity to loan to you since you're the super genius that can easily make it happen with your "basic knowledge."

Oh wait it's risky and not easy to do at all. No doubt that million wouldn't last a year in your hands.
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#188 - ningyoaijin (08/04/2016) [-]
Trump still has vast wealth as a safety net, thus allowing him to take the risks he did. An average person does not, so even if I was eligible for a million dollar loan, I wouldn't be stupid enough to take it due to the investment risks. Let me rephrase myself: Anyone with a basic knowledge of investments and an enormous financial safety net can turn millions into billions.
#192 - gamestumps (08/04/2016) [-]
What safety net did he have? Going bankrupt and selling his father's business? That's hardly a safety net. It means losing his family's wealth which means not only starting from scratch but being a complete and utter stain on his family's history.

I'm not saying he didn't have help, I'm just saying that not everybody can make it big like Trump has. It's nowhere near as simple as you seem to think it is. He's not just some idiot who stumbled upon billions of dollars. I don't like him all that much as a politician and I don't care for his personality, but he's a smart and successful business man and I can respect him for that much.
#138 - anon (08/04/2016) [-]
oh you..
so young and dumb..

earning 1 mil is EASY. Literally - you can do it with close to minimum wage salary over a decade or so.
99.9999999% of people would not know how to turn a million into a billion or even more - into at least few millions.
#166 - anon (08/04/2016) [-]
Then why aren't you a millionaire
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#136 - abbieru (08/04/2016) [-]
Did you make your dollar into a thousand dollars yet?
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#124 - reaperriley (08/04/2016) [-]
Man, I guess next time you take out a load from a bank everything that money touches is the bank's, right?
#132 - anon (08/04/2016) [-]
Hahaha, "take a load from the bank". A more accurate freudian slip has never been uttered.
#78 - remsaman (08/04/2016) [-]
This just in, making wise investments and building up a corporate empire is not 'earning' your money.
if trumps father was still alive, trump has the ability to give the money back without even scratching his earnings.

If you gave your son 1000$ and a few years later you find out hed made 2 million dollars with investments, would that 2 million be yours or his?

what im getting from this is youre saying that hard work means nothing because some smug motherfucker on the internet who hates rich people thinks that he could do the same thing if he had a million dollars.

Kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus.
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#77 - drtrousersnake (08/04/2016) [-]
then why aren't all millionaire billionaires?
Trump relied on his father's name to make connections but to turn millions into billions is no easy feat.