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    Every Damn time Every Damn time
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User avatar #7 - rockmanneos (04/05/2015) [-]
Question in response to your before and after pics.
What routine did you follow? I'm after similar results but no **** all about exercising.
User avatar #8 to #7 - haseotakaeda (04/05/2015) [-]
I've got a set of posts on tumblr about my routine but i'll condense things
When I had just started out I did this:

150 bicep curls per arm (with a very light weight - if you want gains at the start, you need to focus just on low-weight and high repetition)
60 Sit ups
40 Push ups
and then doing leg hovers fitnessista.com/wp-content/uploads//2012/05/crunchandhover_thumb1.jpg for 5 seconds, then 10, then 20, then 30

That was something like six months ago.
Now my routine consists of this:
500 meter run to warm up
100 Sit ups
20/30/40/50 second leg hover
60 push ups
100 Shoulder-lifts with the dumbbell (still a light one)
400 bicep curls with the same dumbbell
100 Sit ups
60 second leg hover
50 oblique push ups
500 meter run
and then warm down with some taichi or whatever

It sounds like a lot, but to put it in perspective, i was able to finish my first workout in under twenty minutes, and now it takes forty five to do the updated routine. I had points along the way where I was adding things in, so start with the first stuff and then add more reps to things and add more exercises as you go and just remember to work at your own pace. if you can't do 60 sit ups or 40 push ups or whatever right off the bat then it's fine, you just need to make those numbers whatever your current limit is so that you can keep pushing them. Best of luck man

User avatar #4 - maybetraffy (04/05/2015) [-]
lol, Asians on fj
u from USA or Canada?
#6 to #5 - maybetraffy (04/05/2015) [-]
sweet, have fun.
#1 - megaflak (10/25/2012) [-]
damnit if your going to comment about skipping then dont say the same thing over and over again and delete it each time
damnit if your going to comment about skipping then dont say the same thing over and over again and delete it each time
User avatar #2 to #1 - haseotakaeda (10/25/2012) [-]
I was trying to get the blue text to work, but apparently kim jong removed it or something
t'is a sad day
#3 to #2 - megaflak (10/25/2012) [-]
ah, thats sucks
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