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I like chicken, I like liver, meow mix meow mix please deliver.
I don't even have a cat

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I'm a cat
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You'll never get mine.
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#2234982 - aflyingtoaster (12/19/2012) [-]
"this one goal on my mind always help me everyday. to live for the future. knowing that no matter how bad life has been, i always remind myself that "you should forget about all the darkness that had haunted you though your past" i find myself to be honestly in the lowest point in my life. but i'm okay with that cause knowing that today will be the day were i can start off again and to try to make it your happiest no matter how bad your past was or even the present. I can always find hope knowing that no matter how dark the tunnel is that you are in i can always see the light though it knowing the fact that tomorrow will be a better day. and hopefully, you also know this feeling that i'm trying to tell you. granted i am not going to be here any more. let it be known that everybody on the brony board , friendly board, and also everybody on this site hold a special place in my heart. as does anybody who also enters the any of those boards. i will might return in a year or so to see how this sight is still doing and to see if any fandom is still here. including the brony i also hope to see any new faces on the brony board as some old ones. as for now, let it be known that i hope my legacy as bear of this thread can still live on as so with all of you ass well. i do admit that i hope that i can pay for my doings that i still haven't payed for. but
like i'd said in the first paragraph i am sorry for not doing so. So with all of that said i shall end this post. press send, and log out for the rest of my time here on this damn sight. but i want it to be known that no matter how many newfags come into the boards. no matter how much shit you have to put up with in your life and on funnyjunk. know that no there's one thing that mo matter how many comments you post how many friends you got and also no matter how many green or red thumbs you got gotten there's one thing that no matter how much nobody can be, and that's you. as of now i will say goodbye"
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#2234981 - tehbestever (12/19/2012) [-]
Tell me you saved it
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#2234987 - tehbestever (12/19/2012) [-]
Post it on my profile
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