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User avatar #134 - feferest (11/15/2012) [-]
Can I get tangerine sucker for my unique count? lel
User avatar #135 to #134 - hamsterfart (11/15/2012) [-]
yep no problem :D sec so i can send it to you
User avatar #136 to #135 - feferest (11/15/2012) [-]
Thanks, and I have a idea for giveaway, don`t worry I won`t be there if you do this one :
- First who posts the picture of your username on their hand will get something (they must post on profile)
I thought of this one, and already did it :D
User avatar #137 to #136 - hamsterfart (11/15/2012) [-]
hmm i dont quite get it.. you mean they will post a pic of hamsters farts :D? and they have to do it on my profile you say?
User avatar #139 to #137 - feferest (11/15/2012) [-]
funnyjunk.com/user/feferest/238#238 Here this one won, he posted first :D
User avatar #141 to #139 - feferest (11/15/2012) [-]
that was on my profile, so It`s a pretty good giveaway thing and you gotta be fast for that :D
User avatar #138 to #137 - feferest (11/15/2012) [-]
No, wait till I find the pix
User avatar #143 to #138 - hamsterfart (11/15/2012) [-]
ahah and can you post that .. i will write what you must post then you post it so thew will have to search for my profile :P
User avatar #144 to #143 - feferest (11/15/2012) [-]
I posted it, look up lol
User avatar #147 to #144 - hamsterfart (11/15/2012) [-]
umm no need i did it allready :P
User avatar #145 to #144 - hamsterfart (11/15/2012) [-]
no no i ment if you can post this

ok my next give away...
reward is: kim jongs chest, 10 tangerine suckers, 6 badges, 5 slimes, frank/wolf parts, crystal monster, and 824 used choco ticket
now all you have to do is write my username (hamsterfart) on your hand and post the pic on my profile.. the first gets the items

anndddd go!

on the item board
User avatar #146 to #145 - hamsterfart (11/15/2012) [-]
and write that it is from me
User avatar #142 to #138 - hamsterfart (11/15/2012) [-]
ohh ok i get it :P ok
User avatar #140 to #138 - hamsterfart (11/15/2012) [-]
ok show me :D
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