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#17 - it's your own ******* fault if you don't educate yourself on h… 04/12/2016 on weight loss is racism 0
#10 - For the love of god, if you're a lazy ******** you don't deser…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/08/2016 on weight loss is racism +4
#15 - anon (04/08/2016) [-]
I hate people like you who assume every fat person is lazy. Some people just don't understand food intake because they were never taught it they still work out but over eat because the more they workout and feel hungry they eat more. Once they are educated and then remain fat judge the fuck out of them.
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#17 - gux (04/12/2016) [-]
it's your own fucking fault if you don't educate yourself on how to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there's no magic fairy coming to tell you how to do it, you just gotta fucking do it. and have you ever heard of Energy in>Energy out. if you're working out and don't notice any difference you should be smart enough to try and find the reason why you're not getting results. so don't come at me with that shit you punk.
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#2190 - Picture 02/28/2016 on MEME RAIN: TURBO EDITION 0
#53 - The first one looks like a Sjw who identifies as a smurf. 02/25/2016 on Magfest Cosplay Comp 3/7 0
#27 - This is why i hate my country, ******* cucks 02/25/2016 on Sweds on white genocide +2
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#99 - i second this 02/25/2016 on salty facebook women +1
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