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#191 - I didn't. 01/26/2016 on the horror 0
#35 - This weak ass comeback got this many thumbs..? 01/25/2016 on (untitled) -2
#58 - I doubt it. 01/21/2016 on the difference 0
#141 - It's about the Superhero Registration. Captain understands…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/30/2015 on lolol 0
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#142 - MrMustacho (10/30/2015) [-]
yes except this isn't a comic book universe
it's the movie verse
there are no mutants and vigilantism is very much illegal anyway
#14 - He was Franky the Bully in Boy Meets World One of Leo Dica… 10/29/2015 on show some respect motherfucker 0
#66 - Cap is loyal to HIS ideal America. Freedom and all that. H…  [+] (3 new replies) 10/29/2015 on lolol 0
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#68 - MrMustacho (10/29/2015) [-]
freedom is one think but vigilantism is rather extreme

in the comics it works because there are loads of superheroes and independent armies and organizations plus there is the whole anti-mutant discrimination subplot

in the movies we have the avengers (who already work under government supervision), shield (the least regulated part of the government that got infiltrated by terrorists) and a bunch of experiments that more often then not where either communists or terrorists (i don't follow A.O.S but i believe the filler episodes involve dangerous experiments)

they're going to introduce spider-man and black panther but 2 good examples aren't enough to suddenly support people taking the law into their own hands
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#141 - grrphc (10/30/2015) [-]
It's about the Superhero Registration.
Captain understands that some heroes must stay hidden, away. Their identities can't be known. Mostly with the mutants who aren't obvious
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#142 - MrMustacho (10/30/2015) [-]
yes except this isn't a comic book universe
it's the movie verse
there are no mutants and vigilantism is very much illegal anyway
#40 - More than likely. But old /b/ was filled with actual weird… 10/26/2015 on 4chin pls +1
#51 - ...Isn't that what she wants? 10/26/2015 on You guys remember Daquan? +13
#119 - It's not that I'm not agreeing with you, it's that you singled…  [+] (1 new reply) 10/26/2015 on Everyone loves pr0n +1
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#143 - xsnowbanex (10/27/2015) [-]
Only because she is the most influential there.
#198 - Just re-read that. New COUNTY not country. But I mean yeah…  [+] (6 new replies) 10/26/2015 on My school denied my... 0
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#207 - thejusticar (10/26/2015) [-]
The thing was I never pulled it out or threatened anyone.they just saw the knife clip.
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#213 - captchakid (10/26/2015) [-]
Precautions? My highschool allowed you to have any weapons, even firearms, as long as you kept them in your car in the parking lot.
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#228 - thejusticar (10/26/2015) [-]
I know weapons are dangerous in the wrong hands but getting expelled for having a knife in your pocket?
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#252 - peanutsaurusrex (10/26/2015) [-]
uh yeah
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#229 - captchakid (10/26/2015) [-]
Perfectly believable. Though, that's happened to my friends back in highschool, and they only got ISS for 3 days. Depends on a lot of factors.
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#231 - thejusticar (10/26/2015) [-]
Well it was a really bad school.