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    wut wut
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    New Doctor Who Sucks New Doctor Who Sucks
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    Mittens Gear Solid Mittens Gear Solid
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    Can Your Cat Do This? Can Your Cat Do This?
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    How To Save A Life How To Save A Life
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    Lotr Boss Lotr Boss

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#2849 - what about a BF? 1 hour ago on Are you depressed? 0
#2848 - 6'2' master race reporting in to say unless you like tall girl… 1 hour ago on Are you depressed? 0
#2847 - bruh it so does. It's best to just roll with it sometimes, but…  [+] (1 new reply) 1 hour ago on Are you depressed? 0
#2850 - LiveDie (1 hour ago) [-]
Appreciate the advice, but college does a great job isolating people to the point of no friends. Sure, classes are great, and the overall experience is great, but still. Doesn't do much when you literally have no one in a 20 mile radius.
#2846 - unless you had the ability to cross the ocean and completely c…  [+] (1 new reply) 1 hour ago on Are you depressed? +1
#2852 - abesimpson (39 minutes ago) [-]
You're right, she has a job in a mexican institute and I'm still living and studying in Europe where I plan to live for the rest of my life, her future was settled there. Thank you dude that was actually inspiring. I've been clinging to the fact that we were very happy together and always felt a tremendous amount of guilt, since there was never anything wrong in our relationship. But seeing where she ended and where i might end, I probably avoided a bigger heartbreak. I shouldn't let this experience define me, but to keep as a good memory instead of bad one. Thanks again dude it feels good having an outside opinion and not feeling like a douche (me) anymore.

I guess I don't have to fall in love again anytime sooner, but in the meanwhile...

the dog will explain
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#2845 - fitemeirlbro (1 hour ago) [-]

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#55 - tootskiclothing has deleted their comment [-]
#54 - havockwzy ONLINE (01/09/2015) [-]
Daily reminder that you're a real human bean and a real hero!
Daily reminder that you're a real human bean and a real hero!
User avatar #51 - alfonshister ONLINE (12/07/2014) [-]
New system for deleted comments , I see.

There is stuff on YT That definitely belongs into **** , so I was curious. Glad I could help you!
#52 to #51 - greenwithenvy (12/07/2014) [-]
yes, flagged comments have been re-worked a little, and that was definitely in violation and you were very helpful in questioning it!
User avatar #53 to #52 - alfonshister ONLINE (12/07/2014) [-]
Unfortunately I can't use all FJ functions because I'm using a smartphone. Chat is always difficult to see
#45 to #44 - greenwithenvy (11/30/2014) [-]
what? you asked me about that one a week ago (right below these comments on my profile) go home post, you're drunk.
User avatar #46 to #45 - posttwo (11/30/2014) [-]
Another complaijnt for that came
#47 to #46 - greenwithenvy (11/30/2014) [-]
ugh I knew this one would be trouble. people like to think it's okay because it's a popular show/there's a LOT of shipping between those characters. If you unflag it yourself would it show you what it was so you can be sure?
User avatar #48 to #47 - posttwo (11/30/2014) [-]
its 404
#49 to #48 - greenwithenvy (11/30/2014) [-]
of course, I can tell you 100% certain guarantee it was CP of the main character who is OBVIOUSLY under aged.
User avatar #50 to #49 - posttwo (11/30/2014) [-]
#42 - greenwithenvy (11/23/2014) [-]
for some reason it won't let me reply to the comment you posted on my wall earlier.
I assume your question is the same as wrinkly's about the illegal: Obviously underaged main character from gravity falls committing a sex act on a questionably aged girl. any Gravity falls content almost dares users to post underaged **** .
User avatar #43 to #42 - posttwo (11/23/2014) [-]
okay <3
User avatar #37 - wrinklynewt (11/14/2014) [-]
what did you flag as illegal 2 hours ago
#38 to #37 - greenwithenvy (11/15/2014) [-]
swiper ******* an obviously underaged dora the explorer
User avatar #39 to #38 - wrinklynewt (11/15/2014) [-]
ah, ok then
i just wasn't there to see it, and because illegal flags are a lifeban now i just wanted to double check

#40 to #39 - greenwithenvy (11/15/2014) [-]
yeah because they're lifetime I only use them when it's something I can 100% check is CP, but it was glaringly obvious that it she was drawn as a 8 year old
User avatar #31 - maela (07/09/2014) [-]
Are you a Tumblr supporter? What hath happened upon us dark and dreary souls?
#32 to #31 - greenwithenvy (07/09/2014) [-]
wut? where in all of my profile did you get that idea?
User avatar #33 to #32 - maela (07/09/2014) [-]
Was reading across your comments and saw something about getting reactions out of 4chan /b/ros lol.
#34 to #33 - greenwithenvy (07/09/2014) [-]
ohhhhh, yesterday I saw that user commenting in a thread about how he made a few 4chan threads trying to get them to start a war with FJ, and me being a mod that would result in dad freaking out and having us pull quadruple all-nighters to mitigate any damage. So when I saw content of a recent 4chan thread of someone trying to start a war, I summoned that user to see if he knew who did it, and then I joked with him about someone getting a reaction.
User avatar #35 to #34 - maela (07/09/2014) [-]
Ahhh ok. I was going to say, if some people on here are really trying to start a war, I'd straight up sit on the sidelines and just watch because 4chan goes all out like the 4th of july on a raid.
#36 to #35 - greenwithenvy (07/09/2014) [-]
Let's just hope no one really considers it. The inflow of traffic would be good for Addy, but these would be proxied users who aren't voting and only spam multiple accounts of stuff that would get us kicked off whatever ad-service we have now. I have always wondered how sites like Tumblr manage to stay up with all the creepy **** that gets posted there.
User avatar #25 - SonicTeam (05/16/2014) [-]
That elsa pic was flaggable?
#26 to #25 - greenwithenvy (05/17/2014) [-]
I originally flagged it because our old rules were about "sexy" underwear in a suggestive position, but then I unflagged after half a minute going "meh, Frozens+sonicteam birthday"
#27 to #26 - greenwithenvy (05/17/2014) [-]
also I gave it the borderline flag so it would've only removed the picture momentarily, not destroyed thumb count or anything, but it being unflagged should of returned it to it's previous status
User avatar #28 to #27 - SonicTeam (05/17/2014) [-]
Thank you. I was close to trashing you for flagging it, but then I thought "maybe I crossed the line and he's just doing his job" and then you wrote "Sonicteam birthday" and that warmed my heart.
#29 to #28 - greenwithenvy (05/17/2014) [-]
yeah like a few months ago that's a line crossed, nowadays I think we're less rigid and trying to focus more on anon-spam and hardcore stuff.
User avatar #30 to #29 - SonicTeam (05/18/2014) [-]
Alright. B-)
User avatar #24 - tehbestever (01/11/2014) [-]

Ask and ask and ask until you have a fluent understanding of flagging and you should be fine

good luck
User avatar #23 - phanact (01/08/2014) [-]
Pm if you are level 250+ and want to be a mod, if you haven't already. This is just a generic post and is not specifically designed for you. Its for everyone who passed the mod test. Please don't reply to this. thanks.
#20 - teoberry (10/08/2013) [-]
&gt;thumbing me down outside of our discussion   
Is the lil guy mad?
>thumbing me down outside of our discussion
Is the lil guy mad?
#21 to #20 - greenwithenvy (10/08/2013) [-]
nah, I was bored waiting for you to come up with a good response, that's how much time I had.
User avatar #22 to #21 - teoberry (10/09/2013) [-]
Sure there buddy. Stay mad.
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