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#351 - Well yes, your GPS is wrong then. Satnavs aren't the most accu… 11 hours ago on Goddamnit Ford... 0
#304 - Technically if you stick to your speedo you're always doing un…  [+] (6 new replies) 19 hours ago on Goddamnit Ford... +1
User avatar #312 - thegamerslife (19 hours ago) [-]
interesting. my car isn't that way, and neither are the others I've driven lately. I'm pretty sure you're wrong.
#320 - Monroc (18 hours ago) [-]
No, he's correct. Usually it's in the order of 10% too. It's because if the speedometer shows lower than actual speed, they face Hell from regulators aside from contracting liability from every single accident regardless whether speed was an issue or not. As a perfect speedometer is impossible to construct they make them show a faster than actual speed. I don't know of a single car manufacturer that doesn't do this.
User avatar #323 - thegamerslife (18 hours ago) [-]
So the several GPS devices I've used on flat streches at a consistent speed are wrong!? I doubt that.
User avatar #351 - grandmabetty (11 hours ago) [-]
Well yes, your GPS is wrong then. Satnavs aren't the most accurate things anyway, they need to constantly consolidate satellites in order to pinpoint your exact location and bearing, and neither are speedometers... No speedometer is bang on accurate. If you were driving over, let's say a mass of wet, sludgy mud, and you were getting hardly as much traction than you would on a bitumen surface, then the speedometer will most definitely be recording a higher than actual speed. In fact, in that instance, your satnav would probably be showing you a more accurate speed than your speedo.

It's actually against the law where I live in Britain for car manufacturers to have heir instruments exceed the stated speed. So yes - your speedo is actually displaying a higher-than-actual speed for safety measures, so the car manufacturer can't get a bollocking from their customers because they got done for speeding due to a dodgy instrument.

Proof www.thecarexpert.co.uk/how-accurate-is-a-car-speedometer/
#326 - Monroc (18 hours ago) [-]
I don't know which GPS devices you've used, but they might be in for a service check if they display the same as your speedometer.

from: gpssystems.net/accurate-gpsbased-speedometer/
"... and the manufacturers own ‘erring on the side of caution’ and setting the speedometer to read higher than the actual speed, all contribute to inaccuracies."
User avatar #352 - thegamerslife (8 hours ago) [-]
An LG G2, G3, A fairly expensive commercial GPS, an in car SatNav, and a very expensive semi navigation system (my dad drives trucks for a living).
sooo, I will stick with believing those systems. also, my personal car has only ever been off from the GPS by lower numbers. so if it says I'm doing 70MPH, I'm doing 72 according to all those GPS units (minus the satnav of course, I can't borrow that. lol ).

and I test it on the same "flat", straight, stretch of highway every time. I don't like driving vehicles without knowing exactly how their speedometer reads first.
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I guess I'm the wizard and you're not
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are you bekindtoall?
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No, are you?
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No he's a friend
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Do you trade items or FJ points

again sorry for any bother caused
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