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#5 - this is FUNNYjunk not bronyorgy take your gay pics somewhere else  [+] (12 replies) 10/17/2011 on dawwwwww -5
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#9 - jaedragon (10/17/2011) [-]
Wow, you must really be having a horrific day that you must take it out on any and everyone you run across. If you stop hanging in the end of the list you won't run into this type of pictures so shut your insufferable mouth.
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#6 - renjilonefox (10/17/2011) [-]
coming from someone named grab my balls?

If the picture involved dudes grabbing other dude's balls, THEN It'd be gay
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#7 - grabmyballs (10/17/2011) [-]
youre profile pic is a fucking pony too? omg youre a full on Richard Simmonsgot arent you?
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#8 - renjilonefox (10/17/2011) [-]
no. i'm not gay at all. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, but i don't like men. I'v got a girlfriend, and she likes the show too. As far as i'm concerned, my life is set up just the way i'd want it to be. \

Oh yeah, and it's my facebook profile picture too.

What are you going to do about that, eh?
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#10 - grabmyballs (10/17/2011) [-]
dude stop bothering me!! and no i dont want to shower with you stop messaging me about that srsly why are you such a Richard Simmonsgot
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#11 - renjilonefox (10/17/2011) [-]
Bothering you? heh, you must be new here. If i wanted to bother you i would dump my entire brony folder on every single comment you've ever posted to FJ.

Pretty good thing you don't want to shower with me, if i had to spend over15 minutes with you in person i'd probably shove a bar of soap down your 12 year old throat so i could have a peaceful, relaxing, mentally reflective shower like i usually do.

Even if i was gay i wouldn't want to fuck you. Not until your testicles descended at least.
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#12 - grabmyballs (10/17/2011) [-]
i bet you shove a lot of soup bars into childrens throats you pervert
#13 - renjilonefox (10/17/2011) [-]
you may well be the worst troll I've seen in all my time on FJ.

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#14 - grabmyballs (10/17/2011) [-]
more fucking ponies? god how many do you have you ultra Richard Simmonsgot
#15 - renjilonefox (10/17/2011) [-]
look at the scrollbar.

More ponies than you've seen since you started on FJ I'd wager
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#16 - grabmyballs (10/17/2011) [-]
alright im fucking out of here keep your Richard Simmonsgotry to yourself
#17 - renjilonefox (10/17/2011) [-]
all you've gotta do is stop replying to the chain of conversation
#1 - thanks for wasting 20 seconds of my life with this ****** post  [+] (2 replies) 10/17/2011 on from the bottom of my heart! -4
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#2 - ihasabucket (10/17/2011) [-]
thanx for wasting 20 seconds of my time with your useless comment!
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#3 - grabmyballs (10/17/2011) [-]
your life is pointles so the time you wasted doesnt even count stfu and delete this post
#1 - reeeeepost i hope you die chocking pn a black dick for this op  [+] (5 replies) 10/17/2011 on Like a goddamn pro! -1
#3 - jaedragon (10/17/2011) [-]
People who repost are nothing compared to the undieing hatred I hold for the loathsome people who write this type of shit.
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#4 - grabmyballs (10/17/2011) [-]
ow wow were using big words today herpdy durpidy go suck on a dick loser
#5 - jaedragon (10/17/2011) [-]
Say's the illiterate incomprehensible douche who more than likely failed any and all English courses he/she ever took. P.S I hope you are the donkey and Mike Tyson is the giraffe. Stop write mean and annoying comments just because you spend too much time in front of your computer.
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#6 - grabmyballs (10/17/2011) [-]
dude keep your porn away from me thats just gross
#2 - arneanka (10/17/2011) [-]
According to yonder username, I shalt first grab the gonads!
#1 - this is a repost...i hope you get anal cancer for this  [+] (1 reply) 10/17/2011 on Minecraft mining reactions -1
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#2 - ryandandelion (10/17/2011) [-]
Its not actually a repost i just took the time to make this, i saw a post with less blocks and i though id do another one...
#1 - HOLY **** THIS IS FUNNY ow wait no no it isnt  [+] (2 replies) 10/17/2011 on So fucking embarassing 0
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#3 - PeteRich (10/17/2011) [-]
I think you're amazing
#4 - berrabuz (10/17/2011) [-]
Thank you
#3 - nah im just feeling raelly brutal tonight  [+] (1 reply) 10/17/2011 on How has he not figured this... 0
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#4 - thebanannaking (10/17/2011) [-]
Ah I feel ya, Have some thumbs then, Cheer up bro :)