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  • Views: 15142
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    Uploaded: 12/08/12
    He forced me to He forced me to
  • Views: 18462
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    Uploaded: 04/13/13
    It makes some sense? It makes some sense?
  • Views: 10371
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    Uploaded: 10/14/13
    It Worked Though It Worked Though
  • Views: 3163
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    Uploaded: 12/16/11
    Trolling Continues Trolling Continues
  • Views: 3303
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    Uploaded: 06/17/12
    tears will fall tears will fall
  • Views: 2912
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    Uploaded: 12/02/12
    Oh Kim.... Oh Kim....
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#75 - ******** , made my dick cry 10/10 emotional ro… 05/20/2015 on booty magic +1
#14 - it only leaves a film on things it is directly applied to and … 05/05/2015 on ADAM! 0
#5 - so close.... 05/04/2015 on Wait a minute 0
#22 - "gonna have to get your dad on the mic, tell him I'mma co… 04/30/2015 on I'ma lil asian boy +44
#19 - I don't think that would be his worst career choice, he might …  [+] (2 new replies) 04/30/2015 on Mulan 0
User avatar #36 - Hreidmar (04/30/2015) [-]
Ok, I'll give you that it was a bad career choice given how badly the movie performed, but I don't get all the hate for it. It's not brilliant, but it's all right...
#32 - flurre (04/30/2015) [-]
Pluto Nash is amazing!
#5 - **** , don't let them know about Baltimore, last thing w… 04/29/2015 on Yoda was black +170
#8 - that makes a bit more sense, yeah, but I still love the disrup… 04/28/2015 on Dead Ringer Spies +1
#19 - To be honest, yes, for how Supernatural works the first season… 04/28/2015 on Oh sweety 0
#6 - spy can become slight offensive tool, if only to break bottlen…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/28/2015 on Dead Ringer Spies +1
User avatar #7 - aejann (04/28/2015) [-]
I would argue that what you described isn't offense. The purpose of an offensive class it not just getting kills. Offensive classes allow the team to push forward effectively by providing damage output.

I consider the Spy to be the opposite of the Medic. He disrupts the enemy team, splitting them up and keeping them apart, preventing any kind of united front. Even if you're just backstabbing, the fact that you're picking them off one at a time means there won't be clumps of enemies that are hard to deal with. By getting rid of defenses and chokes you allow your team to push smoothly into enemy territory. You support your team, making it easier for them to do their respective jobs.

Think of it this way. Imaging a group of enemies is not just a bunch of people, but a singular mass of health. If a crit-boosted soldier comes in a takes them all out at once, they'll respawn together again and the problem is only delayed. If a Spy comes in and kills the Medic, who effectively increases the health-blob's health, and gets a couple more enemies to chase him, he's split it up into two smaller health-blobs that the rest of your team can easily get rid of separately. Similarly, by taking out Engie nests, you deny them a safe area to congeal together.

Even the paranoia caused by a Spy is enough to disrupt team dynamics. Every moment you spend checking your back and hunting Spies is a moment you aren't focused on the objective. The Spy gets kills, but he shouldn't annihilate the enemy team by himself. His job is to chop the enemy into little bite-sized pieces so that the rest of your team has no problem wiping the floor with them, putting the Spy firmly in the Support role.
User avatar #8 - gobnick (04/28/2015) [-]
that makes a bit more sense, yeah, but I still love the disruption of the DNR when I use it (anytime I do the area where I'm hit to initiate the cloaking gets bathed in fire, but during that everyone fucking scrambles, so I decided to go back to what I started with aside from the better disguise ability the Eternal Reward provides)
#17 - 01100001 01101100 01110011 01101111 00101100 00100000 01110111… 04/28/2015 on Binary Jokes 0

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