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Green Day or die.

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    Zombies, Run! Zombies, Run!
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    Meanwhile in Greece... Meanwhile in Greece...
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    Uploaded: 09/01/11
    BarackRoll'd BarackRoll'd

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#18 - How on earth is English hard? Someone care to explain this?  [+] (1 reply) 12/21/2013 on The english alphabet FTW +12
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#280 - snowshark (12/21/2013) [-]
English is hard because it doesn't follow any of it's rules. Because English is a language that tries to keep the words it steals borrows mostly the same spelling as in their mother-tongue there are a vast swathe of words that just don't follow the rules.

Naïve: One of the few accented words in the language.
I before E except after C? More exceptions to the rule than words that follow it.

To learn English you simply need to have a good sense of phonetics but this is helped massively by the internet being a huge, text-based medium for communication where English is the most common language used, meaning people can easily get a grasp of how it is used and applied even if they are not native speakers.

However foreign languages tend not to break their rules, but because of that they have a LOT of them to learn like the different words for each variation of the definitive article. "The/Der".

Because English doesn't follow it's rules it has quickly simplified over time, breaking the rules to remove archaic spellings and grammatical elements (some of which I am sad to see go like the spelling of daemon and encyclopaedia (still pronounced the same way) because they just look more appealing when written down. Also, Ye Olde Shoppe is still said "Ye old shop", the 'e' is was silent.

So English is piss easy to learn if you can figure out generally how it works and can remember how the words are spelled, but the application of those words is much easier than most other, heavily convoluted languages.