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    When someone talks about T-Dog When someone talks about T-Dog
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    Dolphin Tale Dolphin Tale

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#5 - no idea what video, but solid bet its from corridor digital. 05/03/2015 on Glitches in Real Life +1
#2 - My guess would be no. They're too well known and could then be… 05/02/2015 on Get slam dunked on +25
#24 - No idea, but one things for sure. Its 10% the chance that a ma… 05/02/2015 on Wild +8
#2 - Just noticing for the first time that spongebob's holes aren't random. 05/01/2015 on drugs +7
#7 - Ok, so I think the consensus is that we like this guy, I like …  [+] (13 new replies) 05/01/2015 on Dishwasher Fulla Dildos +156
User avatar #93 - PenguinsOfMars (05/02/2015) [-]
thats the dish washing hat, you didn't have one in your household growing up? i thought it was a normal thing. you wear it when you do the dishes and if you forget to put it on dad plays cave explorer with you. my dad used to always hide it, he was a funny guy.
User avatar #68 - penguinstampede (05/02/2015) [-]
guy like his hat. not everyone thinks its poor manners to wear a hat indoors or at the dinner table.
User avatar #56 - sphincterface (05/02/2015) [-]
I wear hats inside sometimes. I just like my hat.
#46 - jesusisagoose (05/02/2015) [-]
In my family when we play family card games like poker we often put on hats as we play. It's kinda like a tradition in my family.
#32 - alexanderh (05/01/2015) [-]
Who fucking cares...
#25 - jonto (05/01/2015) [-]
Someone from Texas?
User avatar #23 - fuzzyballs (05/01/2015) [-]
at least he's not wearing sunglasses indoors
#18 - tinkotin (05/01/2015) [-]
if the hat isn't bothering anyone and he likes wearing it, what's the problem?
User avatar #14 - rawesome (05/01/2015) [-]
John does
#15 - Common Pepe (05/01/2015) [-]
I probably laughed way too hard at this.
#13 - nagafever has deleted their comment.
#16 - Common Pepe (05/01/2015) [-]
Being black isn't a culture you fucking moron, black is an ethnicity, American is a culture. You're just saying "i dont think Americans have any kind of ethics in their culture".
#11 - Common Pepe (05/01/2015) [-]
What else is he going to keep the secret under? Cats and bags are so last century and the beans get messy.
#1935 - Seems a good as place as any. Anyone want to try the Halo 3 od… 05/01/2015 on Post your pic, I'll choose... 0
#278 - Yeah, I do, if we make their business model unprofitable, they… 04/24/2015 on EA has crossed a line 0
#75 - "100.5%" He's gone beyond ordinary asian. Hes as…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/23/2015 on One of Japan's most popular... +3
User avatar #80 - wedgehead (04/23/2015) [-]
He cannot just read but also influent our minds.
#32 - Oh god, 75% of my game time on steam comes from 5 … 04/23/2015 on Quick... 0
#58 - If you have to put it in a solid body anyway to use it, what t…  [+] (6 new replies) 04/23/2015 on Tumblr's View on Canada +2
#60 - azbo (04/23/2015) [-]
uses less plastic, more eco friendly
#70 - zyketor has deleted their comment.
#72 - woodythehumantree (04/23/2015) [-]
You obviously don't know how recycling works
#71 - quelita (04/23/2015) [-]
I think it's to do with manufacturing and recycling facilities in third world countries, it can be expensive to mould the plastic.

THAT being said...it still is pretty stupid. And it doesn't explain why richboyz Canada use it
User avatar #90 - gravysponge (04/23/2015) [-]
Each bag only needs a tiny amount of plastic, pure plastic is easy to recycle, plastic bags of milk automatically reseal after you pour milk, you don't have to deal with cartons which are a nightmare to recycle since they're composite materials, etc etc. Milk bags are just a simple solution that has it's own benefits and downsides, like not being able to take them with you wherever you go, which is fine because we can buy carton milk up here anyway if we need it.
User avatar #59 - shunkahawolf (04/23/2015) [-]

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#19 - brolewski (06/26/2012) [-]
Your username... is it what i think it is?... if so, i will have your babies.
Your username... is it what i think it is?... if so, i will have your babies.
User avatar #20 to #21 - gildemoono (06/26/2012) [-]
Gil demoono is something of my own creation with its own lore and character that i develop in my noggin when i need to pass the time. Currently working on what a video game adaptation of him would look like.

I have no idea what you are referring to, all i know is that picture is from angel beats i believe.

I'll still take that love though....
User avatar #21 to #22 - brolewski (06/26/2012) [-]
Oh. Gildemo is one of the ways to shorten "Girls Dead Monster" from angel beats. But okay, my love is yours anyway.
#22 to #23 - gildemoono (06/26/2012) [-]
Is it just me or are their songs too good just to be background music in an anime.
#23 to #24 - brolewski (06/26/2012) [-]
I have learned about five of their songs. I love them so much, hance why i post Yui-nyan everywhere
#24 to #25 - gildemoono (06/26/2012) [-]
I've heard about a few rumors about a season 2. could you possibly confirm this?
I've heard about a few rumors about a season 2. could you possibly confirm this?
User avatar #25 to #26 - brolewski (06/26/2012) [-]
I could not. I thought i found a link, but it was a mistake. As far as i know, there isnt one as of yet. There may be in the future.
User avatar #26 to #27 - gildemoono (06/26/2012) [-]
Alright, well thank you anyway.
User avatar #27 to #28 - brolewski (06/26/2012) [-]
I'll keep an eye out for it! Adding you! cause you a cool guy!
User avatar #17 - fedegon (04/20/2012) [-]
Hey, you! Have a happy birthday.
User avatar #15 - inkythesquid (04/14/2012) [-]
In case you haven't looked in the mirror in a while, you're a ******
User avatar #13 - iwalkudie (04/01/2012) [-]
You're a ******
#12 - Common Pepe (04/01/2012) [-]
www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/3524932/bad+feeling+about+this+round/137#137 sorry but i have to call you a ****** because my last roll was blocked.
User avatar #6 - Roeley (03/23/2011) [-]
hey bro,can u help me out with manycam
i wanted to prank those dumb bitches on omegle
with that jb gif but i don't know how manycam works
User avatar #7 to #7 - gildemoono (03/23/2011) [-]
i'll tell you right now, the jb gif no longer works as everyone has seen it. no one will fall for it. but still good to know i guess

first dowload the gif or image of your choice from youtube, google, funnyjunk, etc.

next go to manycam and click on the 'sources' tab. this will bring up the input menus.

click on still image (as gifs are technically still images) and click on the the 'open new file button'.

finally find your image, gif or whatever and upload.
User avatar #8 to #8 - Roeley (03/23/2011) [-]
yea,and how do i get this in the webcam when i'm on omegle?
User avatar #9 to #9 - gildemoono (03/23/2011) [-]
just go to the 'you' video box on omegle and click on the camera drop down menu and select 'manycam video source'
User avatar #11 to #10 - Roeley (03/23/2011) [-]
muhahaha hilariousch i took the rage guy one
User avatar #10 to #10 - Roeley (03/23/2011) [-]
thanks bro xD
User avatar #4 - fishinyourface (02/19/2011) [-]
why is there purple text all of a sudden?
#1 - bobJML (02/05/2011) [-]
You must be new here.

Welcome to Funnyjunk!
User avatar #2 to #1 - gildemoono (02/05/2011) [-]
actually long time lurker. just got my lazy ass into making an account.
#3 to #2 - bobJML (02/05/2011) [-]
Well congratulations for not being lazy.
Well congratulations for not being lazy.
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