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#19 - Yup, can't speak for japanese, but windows has Chinese pinyin … 06/22/2016 on Japanon shows off his keyboard +3
#153 - Okay, i'm not politically savvy, and certainly not literate in…  [+] (4 new replies) 06/21/2016 on Vote leave, EU SUCKS 0
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#268 - hollyfries (06/23/2016) [-]
Sorry for the late response. Here we go:

First of all, regarding Oliver's video: In the beginning he raised some valid points regarding the money the UK spends on EU and the economy in general. Then, he criticized the brexit movie's point (UK has no control on its own laws and the EU regulates the UK too much) by disproving the satirical examples given regarding regulating pillows. Of course, everything he said was right but he (purposely, most likely) missed the point as it was obviously a satirical parody of the current situation where everything is regulated by the EU, even a pillow. After that, he started cherrypicking people in the opposition (UKIP and Leave side), criticizing their "racist" behavior. Even if I do agree that UKIP has some bad apples, everything he did was a huge ad hominem regarding the leave side of the argument, basically criticizing the people that vote leave instead of the actual leave and its effects on the country. It's like saying Donald Trump shouldn't get elected because he is supported by rednecks. It is a whole other argument and trying to fearmonger people into screaming "RACIST RACIST" at the other party instead of proving the other party wrong is simply brainwash media material and not debate material.

And now, regarding the Brexit issue and explaining my views on anti-leave (although I do agree that the leave side has good points as well such as border control and local sovereignity, its benefits pale in comparison with the downsides, so I will focus more on downsides in my argument. In essence, I am not FOR staying in the EU exactly as before, I am simply AGAINST leaving.) I will propose a few social and economics points to be taken into consideration.
But before that, I must ask you why is the UK in the EU, and why does the EU exist in the first place? Well, it was based on two simple things: less taxation when trading internationally and freedom of movement throughout the continent. This made european based countries boom and made them competitive enough for the international market, where large scale trade is easy (China, USA, etc.). Now, taking these two basic advantages into consideration, I will start using them as a means to prove the most basic points for the anti-leave camp. So here we go.

Huge hit on European and Europe-trading companies.
As we said before, taxation and free movement are the things EU was first based on, and to this day, companies ranging from small businesses to multinational companies still benefit from these advantages. The production of a company is increased through the locomotion and transport prices being low, making it possible to transport large quantities of material throughout the continent in an easy way, and at the same time, the taxation being lower means that companies are encouraged to expand their business across the other countries, creating wealth throughout the continent.
If the brexit were to happen, all of these companies would take a hit, lowering their production and therefore making them cause a shortage of products (which I think we can all agree it's a bad thing), and not only that but the companies will not be encouraged anymore to trade within EU, causing some to cease business in parts of the world, lowering wealth and creating mass unemployment, not only for countries still in the EU, but for lots of companies inside the UK (less production, means less revenue, which means austerity measures).

All trades will take a hit
About half of UK's export trades are with the EU so changing those two factors will mean that $230B worth of exports will take a hit, some economists saying that the number will fall by 20% pre-inflation (which I will explain in the next point). Some say the UK will patch it up with deals with new countries around the world but they do not mention the ridiculously expensive transport costs and the stricter regulations.

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#269 - hollyfries (06/23/2016) [-]
And one of the most important economic reasons:
GBP Value And consequently the EUR value
Since brexit came closer and closer, the GBP's value started going low faster than it was expected to go, all up until Jo Cox's death, where it suddenly rose back up. Oh gee, I wonder why is that? Obviously because a brexit would damage the economy so much that most people see it as an opportunity to short GBP and this is going on a massive scale, where hedge funds are hiring private polling companies due to lack of exit polls in order to know if it's safe to short or not. The GBP will take a hit not only due to the effects of a brexit to the UK's economy, but also due to mass panic, people wanting to get away from a falling economy as fast as possible. Studies show that economists average the GBP's value at about 1.30 which means almost .10 less than when it was at its lowest in five years (28 february 2016 - 1.3862) . Just by taking the budget contributions of the UK towards the EU which are about 10% of the EU's total budget, and ignoring the businesses, exports, multinational companies, etc. we can see why the EUR will also take a hit, especially considering Greece's current situation and the dependencies the lower half of the EU member countries are depending on (European funds mostly).

And here's also one of the social reasons:
People working abroad and international students
This is a thing that goes both ways. You have people that are working and studying abroad in the EU but their home is in the UK, and you have people working and studying from the EU in the UK. This is all due to the benefits you get from being in the EU. I'll give you a close example regarding people that choose to study in the UK from the EU: I have lots of friends from my country that are going to top tier universities like Oxford and Cambridge in the UK (Oxford is great. At one time I wanted to go there too, honestly, but I'm not a fan of colleges) and one of the major reasons they can go there and study is through EU-based scholarships and through special UK loans given only to people that are a part of the EU, some universities, like Oxford for example, even go as far as taxing you more for tuition if you're not part of the EU but in the European region. Also, this is not only a thing that happens in the UK. This happens throughout Europe (Some countries I'm pretty sure do this are Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, France and Germany) and so people form the UK that would want to study in the EU get huge benefits from being a part of the EU just like EU students get to study in the UK.
Regarding the working abroad side of the argument, I'd suggest thunderf00t's videos on this issue since he is exactly that, a worker abroad, and I think his insight would be better than mine.

And this is why I am against leave. I know that the EU is going downhill and the UK wants to save itself, but leaving right now would just cause an economical collapse, and, as some economists speculate, maybe even a domino effect that could affect the entire world. I think that the UK should stay in the EU and try to negotiate new terms regarding bureaucracy and immigration, but a leave would be too much of a hit, as some may say, with possible advantages but huge consequences.
John Oliver did that video just to ad hominem >muhracists and to entertain the audience through cheap jokes. I mean he started with a thing or two about economics but he didn't even at least explain the situation, he just said it was bad without any context or content whatsoever. I think if you are against something, you should at least try to prove your point instead of just saying you're right and bashing the opposition, and this is why late night comedians and media in general is not to be trusted and followed regarding these issues.
#271 - hollyfries (06/24/2016) [-]
Case in point.
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#270 - hollyfries (06/23/2016) [-]
If needed, I will provide sources, but it might take some time as this week is very busy for me but everything I said is easily google-able and simple numbers (exports, EU's budget, etc.). If there's anything else, I'm open to questions or a debate, but as I said, only if you have the patience.
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#43 - ultralinkfan (06/04/2016) [-]
these things take time man, you can only push child labor so far before the little fuckers' fingers break off
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#50 - gildemoono (06/04/2016) [-]
But its been three whole years and no word. Shows with similar animation quality are putting out new seasons in like 15 months and with a marketing cycle before that. And its not like they're trying to scrape the money together. AoT made a metric fuckton.
#9 - And when in doubt, Uber.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/31/2016 on List of some interesting facts +9
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#18 - warioteam (06/01/2016) [-]
not if you dont live in a big city
#13 - My take on it anyways. 05/31/2016 on Cut Off +8
#12 - An argument against people who are up for making sacrifices to…  [+] (2 new replies) 05/31/2016 on Cut Off +68
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#27 - daiemio (06/01/2016) [-]

Reporter; "Does that include you as well as your rich friends?"

Politician; "What? No, don't be stupid, we have tax evasion because we earn more"
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#13 - gildemoono (05/31/2016) [-]
My take on it anyways.