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#75 - test 09/01/2015 on Boobs 0
#1202375 - i've been looking at giving pc gaming a try from console gamin…  [+] (10 replies) 04/05/2015 on Video Games 0
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#1202510 - CNBrown (04/05/2015) [-]
Since you are in UK, I got my first PC from pcspecialist.co.uk , they have a really good price and you can customize everything, they build it for you, plus in the UK its not that much cheaper to build your own since parts are so expensive. I recently upgraded my PC by myself with all new components which isn't hard at all and it was my first time building one.
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#1202391 - crimsontyyde (04/05/2015) [-]
I would suggest building a PC really, cheaper and a lot easier to do than it sounds, everything's ludicrously standardized.
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#1202390 - shota (04/05/2015) [-]
I recommend Dino PC if you don't want to build you own, you can customize it to how you like and I'd say the prices are pretty fair.
I got my PC from there and I'm pretty happy with it, been using it for the past 4 months.
You could even look for a deal and then tweak it slightly if it doesn't quite fit what you want.
#1202385 - adzoh (04/05/2015) [-]
How to build your own Cheap gaming PC 2014! (Ad) For £490 you'd be better off building a PC, you could get an actual graphics card as well. I suggest checking out this video, and tweaking the part list to fit your budget and what you want. Aria is a great site to order parts from as well.
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#1202387 - voltkills (04/05/2015) [-]
i actually never liked Aria, for a tech company their website is crap and their prices were always more than Scan or Amazon, I would recommend Scan, great customer service and often really good prices too.
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#1202378 - voltkills (04/05/2015) [-]
no that PC is basically a rip-off, it has no dedicated graphics card so really wont be able to run games very well, its a flashy machine that targets unknowing parents buying kids their first PC. Just like youngniel said, build your own, its cheaper than buying one and you get total control over what goes in, and honestly its not that hard, i built my first aged 14 with help from the internet. If you need help choosing parts, head over to the tech board on FJ, we are always happy to help.
#1202377 - finblob (04/05/2015) [-]
congrats on joining pc
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#1202376 - youngneil (04/05/2015) [-]
The link 404d for me, but I suggest building your own computer. I put my first computer together myself with help from the technology board. Its definitely my most prized possession. Works fantastic too, if a bit costly. Cost me over 700 dollars.
#1202407 - anon (04/05/2015) [-]
>700 dollar gaming rig
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#1202578 - honzo (04/05/2015) [-]
700 is a bit costly . . . whether or not you choose to believe it, not everybody has a whole lot of money to spend
#384 - I'm from the uk and if anon is also, 30k sterling at the age o…  [+] (1 reply) 12/17/2014 on Poll: Is your life hard? 0
#385 - Suckafied (12/17/2014) [-]
my mistake, take care
#382 - I see life as a team effort kinda thing. Being alone in itself…  [+] (1 reply) 12/17/2014 on Poll: Is your life hard? 0
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#386 - gigantustesticulus (12/17/2014) [-]
Also lost my job and my girlfriend left me within 24 hours of eachother back in september lol
#21840 - S'up fit, my knee isn't in great shape atm doc give me my medi…  [+] (2 replies) 12/08/2014 on Fitness - muscle and... 0
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#21843 - studbeefpile (12/09/2014) [-]
Push ups, pull ups.
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#21844 - gigantustesticulus (12/09/2014) [-]
good call man, i thought it's ridiculous to do zero exercise because of one knee surely
#19802 - okay fitness so i've been looking at trying a 5x5 workout and …  [+] (1 reply) 10/24/2014 on Fitness - muscle and... 0
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#19858 - marinepenguin (10/25/2014) [-]
Looks like each day has a push movement, a pull movement, and a leg movement. So it's a pretty basic and decent split.