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#10 - Zoro as new MC? can't really complain  [+] (5 new replies) 04/14/2015 on *itadakimasu* +32
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#72 - IamSofaKingdom (04/15/2015) [-]
They have made Zoro too much of a cliche samurai character since the timeskip imo. Also he would not give in to the sex either. It isn't alcohol or swords.

Oda specifically stated he isn't doing any romance or pairings so the whole crew is going to walk around the sex option. Even Brook would skip it to just take the panties.
#91 - anon (04/15/2015) [-]
Sanji would definitely not pass the opportunity up, but he would even more definitely fuck it up or get extremely unlucky
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#110 - ettne (04/15/2015) [-]
He would bleed to death.
#137 - firesky (04/15/2015) [-]
He recovered from that tough.
#41 - anon (04/15/2015) [-]
Usopp is obviously Luffy's best friend
#42 - when your comment flames an argument.... 04/14/2015 on Gta on PC +3
#18 - yeah... i kinda hope DS2 looks like this 04/14/2015 on Gta on PC 0
#10 - *cough* Bloodborne *cough*  [+] (39 new replies) 04/14/2015 on Gta on PC +28
#111 - gangbangtime (04/15/2015) [-]
With emulators, every exclusive is a timed exclusive. Even if it's a long wait
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#58 - pocketstooheavy (04/14/2015) [-]
Why would we want that?
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#91 - valkarian (04/15/2015) [-]
That petition for making a pc port for bloodborne said otherwise
#79 - avyon (04/15/2015) [-]
Because it's one of the few triple A games that has actually lived up to my expectations, in the past 3 years.
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#45 - postie (04/14/2015) [-]
It's not exactly amazing though, and he was pathetically easy to defeat.
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#44 - darkangeloffire (04/14/2015) [-]
>Darkbeast Paarl

he still fucks me shit sideways
#42 - gidmp (04/14/2015) [-]
when your comment flames an argument....
#15 - hongkonglongdong (04/14/2015) [-]
Congratulations on that 30 FPS in a Souls you know what I mean game, m8. Sure must feel really responsive.

I personally think the exclusivity's completely justified, though. Sony published it, after all.
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#23 - letriggs (04/14/2015) [-]
it isnt locked at 30 and it feels okay

DS1on console was 30 and I learnt with that

playing scholar of the first sin at 60 fucked me up for the first few hours cause I was dodge rolling too early
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#93 - jasonmaki (04/15/2015) [-]
i not completely on the other dudes side, but bloodborne is definitely locked at 30fps...
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#123 - lolgonewrong (04/15/2015) [-]
30 and 60 fps is only a problem if your quickly alternating between them because it takes time to get used to them

or ya know
your playing a game where if your off on a move by 0.1 second you die.
But not a lot of games like those exist.
#24 - hongkonglongdong (04/14/2015) [-]
So? You learned to deal with something that's far worse than 60. And in my opinion, 30 for a game that relies so heavily on twitch skills is just stupid.

And I said it ran at 30FPS. Which it does, as you >>#22 yourself said. And framerate stutter is worse than a constant framerate.
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#30 - letriggs (04/14/2015) [-]
because I never saw DS1 running higher than 30 it just was what it was

DS2 at 60 fucked me up for a bit but then I got it again, I'm just getting used to the lighting engine fix which is freaking terrifying

Because of Bloodborne's framerate I'm doing better at the dodges because I'm reacting how I would in DS1. But From Soft are planning on doing a patch to stabilize the framerate at a higher level

ultimately though I prefer having a game I like and everyone should get that thinking instead of just sitting having a circlejerk over what they PLAY with
#32 - hongkonglongdong (04/14/2015) [-]
Like I said, you learned to deal with something that's objectively worse. And it is objectively worse- people used to playing at 60 perform better at 60 than people used to playing at 30 do at 30.

> I prefer having a game I like and everyone should get that thinking instead of just sitting having a circlejerk over what they PLAY with
That's great, man. I can't play games like that at 30 FPS for more than an hour at a time before my eyes start to hurt. Other people get motion sick.

And anyway, this is gidmp who's starting this circlejerk.
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#33 - letriggs (04/14/2015) [-]
the circlejerk thing I'm just talking in general

luckily I can adapt but it took me a while to notice the difference between 30 and 60. When I did it felt glorious and if I could every game would be 60 but if it doesnt it isnt the end of the world
#35 - hongkonglongdong (04/14/2015) [-]
Man, I noticed 60 FPS instantly. But one of my friends is like you- he knows the difference, and prefers 60, but he'll buy a game if it's 30. I just won't, because it's not fun when your eyes hurt. It's pretty hard to understand how some people just don't put that much priority on it.

I just oppose people opposing the PC because they have a console. If you have a console, good for you. But don't start shitposting because you feel left out or something whenever any content's PC focused.
User avatar
#36 - letriggs (04/14/2015) [-]
oh that's dumb too "hurr durr console burst" like everything has flaws and upsides it's why all platforms exist. If one was clearly the best the others wouldnt exist

Completely fair if the game makes you feel ill/hurts your eyes

I can't play flight games cause they make me feel motion sickness
#20 - anon (04/14/2015) [-]
actually its 60 fps 1080p pickletwat
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#22 - letriggs (04/14/2015) [-]
no it isn't

it reaches 60 FPS at times but is not steady and often drops down to 30-40 FPS
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#26 - heartlessrobot (04/14/2015) [-]
Just like everyone with a $500 dollar PC.
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#27 - letriggs (04/14/2015) [-]
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#29 - heartlessrobot (04/14/2015) [-]
Yeah, sure, games run at 60 FPS with 1080p graphics on a PC the same price as a console. But they drop down to 30-40 FPS.
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#68 - lazaman (04/14/2015) [-]
Who plays PC games on a $500 rig.
The whole point of PC master race is to spend the extra cash for the boosted performance at higher resolution.
PC is master race because its for those with the money to afford such a luxury.
While console peasants do not have the money for such things, ergo, PEASANTS.
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#106 - heartlessrobot (04/15/2015) [-]
So, you have to spend way more money for a little more in the game?
User avatar
#189 - lazaman (04/15/2015) [-]
Its the luxury involved in that little extra.
No one ever said that it was a smart investment.

I mean, to get a system that can max games out at 1440p with 60fps, you need to spend atleast $1300, then you pay about $400 for a 1440p monitor.
But to some people, spending $1700 for a hobby is entirely worth it.

I mean, the same can be applied to cars.
Consoles would be a regular sedan, nothing that special, gets the job done.
PC's are fancy sports cars, they look nicer, run faster, and cost a fuck load more.
Some people see the latter as a total waste of money.
Some see it as a worthy investment.

To each their own.

Also I do not agree with PC's being the master race.
We are all gamers.

My previous statement was poorly worded, I was trying to say, you cannot really compare PC to console gaming, they appeal to 2 different types of people. Because PC gaming is a luxury.
#114 - gangbangtime (04/15/2015) [-]
That depends. For some people, myself included, anything less than 60 Frames looks wrong. 30 FPS gives me a fucking headache, and stuttering is annoying as hell. But this isn't more money for a little in one game, nah, This is more money for a little in every game, and for me, It's the difference between playable and unplayable.

But lazaman, alot of people do spend only 500-600$ due to money constraints. Those PCs work fine, and the money saved is worth it if you can stand the drop in performance.
User avatar
#190 - lazaman (04/15/2015) [-]
ew no tho, $500 dollar computers are not worth it.
Just get a console at that price range.
#192 - gangbangtime (04/15/2015) [-]
They work just as well as a console (If you get older parts that aren't overpriced of course) and have more features.
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#117 - heartlessrobot (04/15/2015) [-]
You only get stuttering below 30, and my xbone runs around 40-something fps.
#118 - gangbangtime (04/15/2015) [-]
You can get visual stuttering at any frame rate, technically. If its dropping from 50-60 constantly and from 40-50, It's noticeable and extremely annoying. Maybe I used the wrong term?
User avatar
#120 - heartlessrobot (04/15/2015) [-]
I meant if the frame rate remained constant. There's visible jumps from frame to frame below 30.
#121 - gangbangtime (04/15/2015) [-]
Ah. I just can't stand it when the framerate isn't constant Asassin's creed 4 Is what I meant.
User avatar
#122 - heartlessrobot (04/15/2015) [-]
Framerate on console is almost always constant. Unless something goes wrong, like Assassin's Creed Unity with a few bugs that got patched, or anything with online.
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#191 - lazaman (04/15/2015) [-]
I request citation on this statement.
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#31 - letriggs (04/14/2015) [-]
lets be fair we all prefer to have a game that is fun and if they get 1080P 60FPS that's just icing on the cake
#21 - hongkonglongdong (04/14/2015) [-]
Really? 'Cause I can't find that anywhere.
#11 - anon (04/14/2015) [-]
Is what Dark Souls two should have been?
User avatar
#18 - gidmp (04/14/2015) [-]
yeah... i kinda hope DS2 looks like this
#7 - Semper Fidelis 04/08/2015 on Marine Corps Yumi #51 - #54 0
#19 - am i the only one that thinks that Obama is one of the best US…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/01/2015 on Obama Snapchat.. -1
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#25 - tonicwater (04/01/2015) [-]
>considering there are only 2 to pick from.
#40 - anon (07/03/2015) [-]
that was the joke.
remain trolled
#82 - still waiting for my friend's costco card so i can buy a ps4.... 04/01/2015 on Flawless sneak attack 0
#31 - if it's not broke why fix it?  [+] (3 new replies) 03/27/2015 on Why would i do this? 0
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#32 - zomaru (03/27/2015) [-]
If you ask me, I despise the system because it's specifically tailored to be difficult and cruel for cruelty's sake. Some says it adds to gameplay or makes it fun. I say If I wanted Dark Souls vertion of "fun" Id reinstall Dwarf Fortress and bash my head aginst that, because at least it feels rewarding when your do right, Dark souls just keeps throwing things at you to stimulate your 'Fun" factor.
User avatar
#35 - schneidend (03/31/2015) [-]
Eh, what? Dark Souls doesn't "keep throwing things at you." You can go through the game entirely at your own pace and take your time, which often enables you to fight most encounters one enemy at a time.
#34 - cpthavok (03/27/2015) [-]
Sounds like you didn't bother playing the game at all. The combat system is a far cry from the dark souls games. Where in the previous games you had people who turtled behind shields or fished for backstabs Bloodborne's system cannot be done the same way or you'll be punished. The game rewards aggressive behavior and during the hours i've spent doing pvp the battles are fun and challenging ordeals where the action doesn't stop. Backing up to heal in this game will get you shot and if they time it right can leave you open for punishment. In regards to the riposte system you are actually given a bit of breathing room. In darksouls a failed parry will get you destroyed; in bloodborne even if you miss the timing your enemy will still be shot and flinch from the damage a little giving you a chance to follow up with an attack or an evade.

In any case my point is that you should at least rent it and be sure to avoid playing it like a dark souls game. If anything try to play it more like a Devil May Cry game where you need to keep alert to your surroundings during a fight and learn zoning tactics in order to take on groups of enemies.
#14 - Best shipping (and actually one of the few decent characters i like) 03/25/2015 on Let me be your prisoner O.o +1
#62 - yes...YES!!!! HURT ME MOOOOREEEEEE!!!!!  [+] (1 new reply) 03/23/2015 on Falcon Punch! +1
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#102 - emperorwatergate (03/23/2015) [-]
Are...are you quoting Baby Skeletor? Seriously I want to know. Robot Chicken is a fucking great show.