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#237 - I still say 4 or 5 of these... 07/24/2015 on Butt me 0
#32046 - ****** right it is, that show was my jam back then. 07/22/2015 on Television - cartoon... +1
#32040 - Holy **** I haven't seen that face probably in about 15…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/22/2015 on Television - cartoon... +1
User avatar #32044 - emperorwatergate (07/22/2015) [-]
It's Transmutate from Transformers: Beast Wars.
#32046 - funnyjunkyeahyeah (07/22/2015) [-]
Fuckin right it is, that show was my jam back then.
#257 - We can man make "organic" material, how are they dif… 07/21/2015 on skynet will soon be... 0
#11 - I got my first pair of glasses around age 16. I put them on, l…  [+] (46 new replies) 07/11/2015 on Baby can see clearly now +574
User avatar #178 - Blargosnarf (07/12/2015) [-]
For the longest time I went without glasses, my eyesight was always not the best, we tried glasses when I was in third grade but they didn't seem to do much. It culminated when I entered middle school, my sight seemed to worsen to the point I couldn't read the white board in the front row of the desks. It took four doctors, three clinics, and five different pairs of glasses and/or contacts to realize that I have a double stigmatism, with either one being way different. My left eye is far sighted, trying to see things up close with it hurts my head, my right is the opposite, but far objects were just blurs that I could ignore. Because I went so long without corrections, and my eyes were different, my brain had begun to use them separately, my left for far, my right for near, the one not in use just kind of... turned off. I was using my right far more than I was using my left, for reading, playing with toys, etc. that my left is now lazy because of it, it tends to drift to the upper left if I don't concentrate it back into position, even then it's hard to keep it in a straight position for any length of time.

...and that's the amazingly interesting story of my eyes, I will have to enjoy them for now because in all likelyhood they'll only get worse, and then my choices would be corrective surgery, or Prof. Farnsworth glasses.
User avatar #173 - zeropunt (07/12/2015) [-]
I got mine around 13 years old. My teacher noticed I squinted a lot, but I didn't notice after so long doing it she told my mom I needed them. I got glasses and was amazed. My grades improved because my teacher occasionally wrote with yellow markers and I could finally see what she was writing.
User avatar #156 - mcroflskates (07/12/2015) [-]
I've been wearing glasses since I was 2, I have to get my glasses lenses thinned down because otherwise they won't fit into any regular frames...
User avatar #151 - dyllygaf (07/12/2015) [-]
Same here,i almost cried when i looked at the moon and saw the detail in the stars
User avatar #143 - ohhh (07/11/2015) [-]
For me it was the night sky, i didn't know there were that many stars.
#125 - kevtheg (07/11/2015) [-]
I got my first glasses at 12 then i looked outside and didn't see shit due to kerateconus.
User avatar #157 - nickypickle (07/12/2015) [-]
#181 - kevtheg (07/12/2015) [-]
i see all light emitted double or with rings around them with or withut glasses.
User avatar #119 - elcreepo (07/11/2015) [-]
I got mine at 2 or 3 years old.

For the first time in my life I realized that nothing has an intangible double and that there's definition on wall paint.

Of course my eyes healed over the course of time due to longterm glasses use, even after I've had doctors say "oh it probably won't happen at this point."

I can remember the day I passed that vision test with near perfect vision... I was so thrilled to be able to see without my glasses.

Sad thing is though, I can't make my eye turn in and freak people out anymore and haven't been able to for years. But still, it's a miracle.
User avatar #111 - courageexplains (07/11/2015) [-]
my years of being on a computer have taken a toll on me, whenever i put my parents
glasses on. its like. i can see everything with HD quality. its amazing. I still havent gone
to the eye doctor yet though.
#152 - ledane (07/12/2015) [-]
User avatar #105 - elenalkarnur (07/11/2015) [-]
Carpets have leaves?
User avatar #101 - medzebra (07/11/2015) [-]
I had the same feeling. And the thing is, it's so mindblowing because you never even realise before then that everything is supposed to look that way. You're just used to the blurry version and kinda assume that's just how it is, so when you put the glasses on for the first time it's like discovering an entirely new way of perceiving things.

It's fuckin rad.
User avatar #89 - anonymousbrony (07/11/2015) [-]
For me it was the clouds in the sky that amazed me. The detail, it's like you could touch the fluff from where I was standing when I first really saw them.

Got my first pair of glasses when I was 14.
User avatar #88 - midothegreat (07/11/2015) [-]
i had the exact same experience but not with my glasses but with my graphics card
#84 - mangafix (07/11/2015) [-]
Had my glasses since I was eight, and sometimes I still get that just looking around. Just wonder at just how clear and beautiful the world is, even the most mundane things in it. It's easy to take it for granted, sometimes
User avatar #69 - greedtheavaricious (07/11/2015) [-]
Never really paid attention to it... just took of my glasses to look at the trees right outside me window, put them back on and sweet flappin tater tots.
#62 - kingderps (07/11/2015) [-]
I was 5 when I got mine, I didn't notice any change, I was just told that I needed to wear them. Now I do need them.
User avatar #61 - storkillen (07/11/2015) [-]
I can relate to that, seeing the leaves on trees more distinctively was the first thing I noticed.
User avatar #97 - freestyleristaken (07/11/2015) [-]
I live in the central area of a city, so I couldn't see trees in the first place.

But I did see billboards clearly on top of buildings in the distance.
User avatar #52 - skiskis (07/11/2015) [-]
I remember I was in the 3rd grade at my friend's house, I jokingly asked his older sister for her glasses, and when I put them on I was stunned. I could actually read the oven clock from the other side of the kitchen.
#56 - kinginthenorth (07/11/2015) [-]
I had the same kind of discovery.

I couldn't read subtitles when they were on a white background, but when i put on my dad's glasses jokingly once, i could see everything much sharper.
It's kind of weird how subtle i became nearsighted
User avatar #57 - skiskis (07/11/2015) [-]
I'm always grateful that I put those glasses on that day. I'm sure I would've ended up finding out anyway, but today I can hardly see 6 inches from my face.
User avatar #59 - kinginthenorth (07/11/2015) [-]
I actually should've had glasses 3 years before that, but i could read most stuff at distances just fine.
Didn't get glasses for another year or two, i think.
User avatar #50 - landartheconqueror (07/11/2015) [-]
the fucking leaves on trees, man. that blew my mind when i first got glasses. a
and how weird the world looked now that i could actually see depth
#47 - atomicjojo (07/11/2015) [-]
dude i remember seeing carpets first time....
User avatar #46 - repitem (07/11/2015) [-]
I was like 12 when i first got them,15 now,and frankly i like looking at the world more without them.Makes my imagination do all the work because i dont see much so i can just make shit up in my head and be amazed
#167 - splitalterego (07/12/2015) [-]
Just don't do that while driving.
User avatar #182 - repitem (07/12/2015) [-]
That much is obvious
User avatar #44 - zonryu (07/11/2015) [-]
i got my first pair of glasses in 6 years walked outside and looked up and almost cried because of how beautiful the clouds were at sunset
User avatar #43 - mydreams (07/11/2015) [-]
you couldn't see shit for 16 years?
User avatar #109 - hetzerdk (07/11/2015) [-]
Some people eyes get worse after time, i think thats nuff information.
#79 - anon (07/11/2015) [-]
I had a patient the other day who hadn't really even seen her 4 year old's face... she cried when I put her prescription on...
User avatar #32 - balzac (07/11/2015) [-]
That hit me hard too, got them around 16. The biggest "what the fuck" moment was when I saw a car going left to right, but it wasn't just left to right, it was left to a slightly closer to me right. My right eye was completely shitnuggets so I had practically no depth perception but never knew until I got glasses.
User avatar #31 - charizarddad (07/11/2015) [-]
i just got my first pair of glasses a month ago. i walked outside, and thought to myself "what the fuck, why didnt anybody tell me this shit looked so good"
User avatar #45 - deathchain (07/11/2015) [-]
It's like upgrading monitors.
#30 - thecorf (07/11/2015) [-]
I got mine at around 14-15 and i remember i had thought my entire life that anything far away would be blurry, then i tried out some glasses and suddenly everything was so clear
User avatar #96 - malachitecobra (07/11/2015) [-]
And then someone tells you that everyone should be able to see that clearly, and that some people see even better than that.

Got my first pair when I was 14.
User avatar #21 - hardtuner (07/11/2015) [-]
I can't remember the day i got my glasses because i was 4 years old. I do remeber telling my mother that my sight was fucked up. Not in those words, but something along the lines that i was seeing bad.
#19 - anon (07/11/2015) [-]
Wait you mean you can see individual blades of grass from inside a window? Fuck I might need glasses
User avatar #34 - stifflimb (07/11/2015) [-]
Lenses m8, use lenses
User avatar #110 - hetzerdk (07/11/2015) [-]
Depends on person. If you have fucked up eyes like i have, you need lotta money for lenses. Not because my eyes are that bad, only -4 maximum, but i need hardened ones because of some opticsmumbojumbo, which leads to that 3 months of lenses would cost as much as the Zeiss glasses (pretty good glass) in my current 3 year old glasses.
User avatar #137 - stifflimb (07/11/2015) [-]
6 months lenses for me cost about what regular glasses costs for me, but imo it's worth it, except in mornings when lenses are all dried up and shit and make your eyes feel like the bumhole after taco night!
User avatar #18 - smashingtonic (07/11/2015) [-]
I was the same way when I got mine back in middle school. Now I just fucking hate them
#77 - anon (07/11/2015) [-]
Ever consider contact lenses?
#17 - anon (07/11/2015) [-]
I remember the day I got mine.... it was a good day. =]
#68 - IDK... seems kinda fake... how does such a tiny lady, who seem… 07/11/2015 on Oh God 0
#1318 - Such a tiny girl, I doubt her arms are long enough to shoulder… 07/10/2015 on Roll to beat John Cena +1
#60 - Sure, but that doesn't really correlate with his message of &q… 07/10/2015 on Finally! a Pope that acts... +2
#54 - Yeah but just like the Tyrell lady said, there are hundreds of…  [+] (3 new replies) 07/10/2015 on Finally! a Pope that acts... +3
#59 - llpanic (07/10/2015) [-]
I think his deal is as he said in that exchange to make "the many stop fearing the few" by showing them that they are not untouchable

gif unrelated
User avatar #86 - animationhac (07/11/2015) [-]
funnyjunkyeahyeah is right. I hate Cercei but this power she foolishly gave to them is horrible. Yeah she got her just desserts but honestly its ruining a lot more than just her. Because even if being gay was legal in the city now its illegal and punishable because its against the religion. He is mainly targeting the royals even if they are good people probably because he himself most likely hates the royal families.
#60 - funnyjunkyeahyeah (07/10/2015) [-]
Sure, but that doesn't really correlate with his message of "punishing the sinners".

My point is that he's a bit fraudulent.
#3 - Maybe he rides fast enough that the sun will never set for him.  [+] (6 new replies) 07/09/2015 on (untitled) +22
#4 - kez (07/09/2015) [-]
Sunrise/sunset travels at approx 650mph.

So nah
#13 - thebaseballexpert (07/09/2015) [-]
actually, the circumference of the earth at 30 degrees ( very roughly through the american southwest, more like 31-32 degrees, but close enough. Phoenix, Arizona is at 33 degrees, and most westerns take place south of Phoenix) is 34735 miles. therefore, to cover that amount of travel in one day, you would need to travel at 1447 mph. Thats Mach 2.192
#15 - sco (07/09/2015) [-]
**sco used "*roll picture*"**
**sco rolled image** you clearly have no clue how fast cowboys rode
User avatar #11 - commontroll (07/09/2015) [-]
I've got one hell of a horse.
User avatar #5 - Sunset (07/09/2015) [-]
i'll go as fast as i want for you bic boi
#6 - kez (07/09/2015) [-]
seems its more like 1000mph.

my bad

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