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    Simple, yet effective Simple, yet effective
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    Rawr Rawr
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    WIN! WIN!
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    now you made me mad now you made me mad
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    Tourettes Guy! Tourettes Guy!

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#55 - ohhhh lmao, my bad 08/19/2016 on CERTAIN KINDS OF LOVE ARE BAD! +1
#30 - because that's how it works.... and why not? Do you know how m…  [+] (3 new replies) 08/18/2016 on CERTAIN KINDS OF LOVE ARE BAD! +8
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#35 - derius (08/18/2016) [-]
No, I meant why CHINESE man decided to propose in public if displaying affection in public is looked down upon in CHINA.

I don't personally give a shit who proposes who and where.
#55 - funnyguyz (08/19/2016) [-]
ohhhh lmao, my bad
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#43 - enragedonion (08/18/2016) [-]
Cause it's romantic?
Believe me we like romance. Society is changing so any sweeping statements would not cover much of the story.

Proposing in public in China is just awkward because of how crowded it is. You'll look kind of stupid if you do that.
And people will gather around to look at you, it's not weird at all, that's why so many people in China gather around car accidents or street fights. You don't want to have onlookers who don't care about privacy looming on your shoulders when you're proposing, right? They don't give a shit about filming you either. They will defend themselves with bullshit reasons if you call them out.

But take another context, especially foreign travel, now that's romantic and out of the common. Or at least the guy seems to think so, dunno about her.
#30 - but then, wouldn't god be able to create a random thing, doesn… 08/17/2016 on Batgod 0
#170 - oh geez I hope the don't open it. Then it'll half it's value 08/11/2016 on Unopened baby +1
#187 - I mean you say that, but I'm sure as **** the owner didn't int… 08/02/2016 on Dog Eats a Whole Tray of... 0
#30 - Master has come back!  [+] (1 new reply) 07/13/2016 on Returns a king +2
#48 - dawggz (07/13/2016) [-]
Bigger, better, faster and stronger.
#57 - unless of course you're applying more momentum to yourself by …  [+] (8 new replies) 07/09/2016 on nailed it +4
#66 - sethbme (07/09/2016) [-]
Well I don't think it's exactly him "walking" up the wall, because the the "walking" is really only and illusion caused by him moving his feet in a walking motion. Rather I think he's pushing himself off the wall and into the trampoline to do this.

Of course it is also possible that it's playing backwards.

On an unrelated note, has anyone else noticed how weird the word "himself" is? "Him self", for longer. Close to "herself" except "her" is actually a possessive word, where as "him" is not. Therefore one might think it would be "hisself", but not even.
#85 - deutschblut (07/09/2016) [-]
**deutschblut used "*roll picture*"**
**deutschblut rolled image***roll picture*"On an unrelated note, has anyone else noticed how weird the word "himself" is? "Him self", for longer. Close to "herself" except "her" is actually a possessive word, where as "him" is not. Therefore one might think it would be "hisself", but not even. "

I am an English teacher and what the hell are you talking about?
#133 - sethbme (07/10/2016) [-]
Alright maybe I'm just an idiot, I'm probably just an idiot, but hey, it's the internet but isn't "herself" just a sort of contraction of "her" and "self", and the word sort of just means that that "self" belongs to "her"?

But the thing is is that if you want to say something belongs to a man you say "that's his" not "that's him" which make me think that it should be "hisself" unless there's some king of stange Latin root or space magic that makes it "himself".

Sorry as well if my excessive use of quotation marks makes the reading really disjointed and weird.
User avatar
#138 - deutschblut (07/10/2016) [-]
Herself is not in any way related to the phrase "that's his". They both have equal gender counterparts:


That's his.

That's hers.
#140 - sethbme (07/10/2016) [-]
No I'm saying himself means "that's his self" which would make me think that they should use the word "his" in there which would make "hisself". I was using "herself" as an example as to why I thought myself to be correct in this.

But #69 already posted a link which leads to an explanation as to why it's just not so.
User avatar
#70 - grimsho (07/09/2016) [-]
Also there's an autism-filled thread further down in the comments section of this post detailing why it's not reversed. Basically watch the flaps of his coat. Plus the first fall he does from an upright-standing position (or final movement he makes in the reversed .gif) is physically impossible in the reversed scenario.
#134 - sethbme (07/10/2016) [-]
Thank you.
#168 - So, to clarify, the movie was DREDD? 07/09/2016 on Gun safety +1
#221 - **funnyguyz used "*roll picture*"** **funnyguyz rolled image ** 07/07/2016 on This is your new buttplug 0
#46 - like groceries? 07/07/2016 on extreme age +6