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ok this in no way will save fj by making this acount and screw you who think having more users will, ADMIN needs more DIFFERENT people to come on so the ad companies will pay more (bigger audience=bigger pay). anyway because im not too much of a douche to kill the front page with my rant it be here.
and now a poem...
fuck off. yes im a nice person

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User avatar #17 - mtrerise (10/26/2010) [-]
I love you, you do not remember me, but I love you.
#18 to #19 - fukluvmakesammichs (10/27/2010) [-]
cool. good to know... why???
User avatar #19 to #20 - mtrerise (10/27/2010) [-]
You helped me get my first front page ever. Then you inspired me to go on.
User avatar #13 - Invasion (10/23/2010) [-]
Thanks for leaving those on my picture, I thumbed up all your content
#14 to #15 - fukluvmakesammichs (10/23/2010) [-]
thanks man. i came home for the promise of my mums pipe and her weed. but apparently im not allowed. so **** her. shoulda stayed in town, some of my mates bought a **** loada weed and some random legal stim thing. but hey as it goes.
sorry thats all i could post, my head is starting to **** itself over
User avatar #15 to #16 - Invasion (10/23/2010) [-]
Its fine brah xD I just appreciate the help
#16 to #17 - fukluvmakesammichs (10/23/2010) [-]
if wherever the **** you are you can get some **** called lunar wave. BUY IT. its legal in UK, but **** man its a stronger buzz to coke man. **** . its well sketching me out though.
and its fine
#10 - Hightower (06/07/2010) [-]
It won't let me respond to that purple skyscraper of a comment tree.
Incubus? Yep.
Never haerd of the others... yet.
I shall look into them immediately. There are very few people where I live who enjoy good music, I never get to hear anybody elses suggestions.
#11 to #12 - fukluvmakesammichs (06/07/2010) [-]
secondhand serenda, very good acoustic indie.
although not thrilling guitar. but a lot of feeling behind it
eels is very well done, kind of feel good vibe

listen to lone wolf or end times by eels
#2 to #3 - fukluvmakesammichs (05/18/2010) [-]
your right i do remember the name fag
#3 to #4 - IAmLegion **User deleted account** (05/18/2010) [-]
you shall
#4 to #5 - fukluvmakesammichs (05/18/2010) [-]
im gunna give you a nickname
what do you think of fagorella or maybe sir twatsworth.
i think your more of a sir twatsworth.
what do you prefer?
#5 to #6 - IAmLegion **User deleted account** (05/18/2010) [-]
cummingham buttrammington
#6 to #7 - fukluvmakesammichs (05/18/2010) [-]
too long i wont remember that.
sir twatsworth it is.
#8 to #8 - bearycool **User deleted account** (05/31/2010) [-]
Congratz you won the game
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