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    laughed harder then i should laughed harder then i should
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    omfg she shows expression omfg she shows expression
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    so true so true
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    huggs? huggs?
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    woops woops
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    so true so true
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    Worth watching Worth watching

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    silly homer silly homer
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    May the force be with you May the force be with you
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    i love creepy broken gifs i love creepy broken gifs
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    brainfck brainfck

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#1623 - ohno poor kitty 06/30/2015 on This goes up your butt 0
#1622 - **frozenfish used "*roll picture*"** **frozenfish rolled image **  [+] (1 new reply) 06/30/2015 on This goes up your butt 0
#1623 - frozenfish (06/30/2015) [-]
ohno poor kitty
#11 - i had the same but with professors 06/29/2015 on Think about the baby +1
#13 - grave encounters 06/26/2015 on Serious Fuckery +1
#175 - ive nearly drowned , was in italy messing just chilling in the… 06/19/2015 on Breathable liquid +1
#218 - i know they will tell why there are robot animals , but like..…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/18/2015 on Most brutal E3 QUESTION OF... 0
#220 - churlishdanish (06/18/2015) [-]
Well, you see her shoot several tubes filled with green liquid off of the one robot, so I assume that they are some form of sustenance. I mean the game isn't out for a while, and GG has plenty of time to explain what happened, and why they're hunting robots.
#122 - beautiful game but the game makes no sense  [+] (4 new replies) 06/18/2015 on Most brutal E3 QUESTION OF... +5
#128 - redblueyellow (06/18/2015) [-]
If you're talking about the story I think they can make it work. As long as it makes sense within that game its okay with me.
#123 - churlishdanish (06/18/2015) [-]
At the moment yeah, there is no explanation for what happened to humanity or where the robot dinosaurs' came from, but I'm sure that it'll be explained in the coming months.
User avatar #218 - frozenfish (06/18/2015) [-]
i know they will tell why there are robot animals , but like...why go hunt for them when they obviously do not use their technology or anything... and its not for sports because she says sorry to the first little "deer robot"
#220 - churlishdanish (06/18/2015) [-]
Well, you see her shoot several tubes filled with green liquid off of the one robot, so I assume that they are some form of sustenance. I mean the game isn't out for a while, and GG has plenty of time to explain what happened, and why they're hunting robots.
#54 - then explain to me what they see? because i thought it would j…  [+] (12 new replies) 06/12/2015 on Truth +2
#75 - indalx (06/12/2015) [-]
My brother is colorblind.He sees Red,Yellow and Green as Orange or cant distiinquish between them.

User avatar #59 - Koreawontletmefap (06/12/2015) [-]
Seeing in black and white is called Monochromacy and pretty much only occurs in the animal kingdom.
User avatar #65 - elcreepo (06/12/2015) [-]
humans are part of the animal kingdom

there's a group of humans on an island that have it
#72 - Rascal (06/12/2015) [-]
what island? I'm legitimately curious.
#69 - Koreawontletmefap (06/12/2015) [-]
you knew what I meant hippie
User avatar #70 - elcreepo (06/12/2015) [-]
User avatar #58 - Koreawontletmefap (06/12/2015) [-]
Coiourblindness is colour specific, usually to one or two colours.
In my experience, dark blue and purple are basically indistinguishable, yellow and green are the same, a lot of dark colours look black, and light grey often looks pink.
User avatar #57 - masturbakor (06/12/2015) [-]
the most common form of colour blindness is red-green colourblindness- these people simply cant distinguish between reds and greens and see them as like different shades of the same colour
#71 - farted (06/12/2015) [-]
Yep, Christmas is always a fucking mess of colors for me.
User avatar #56 - nagafever (06/12/2015) [-]
my little sister was colorblind to 1 color, green was purple
User avatar #78 - faytleingod (06/12/2015) [-]
So.... does she see Vegeta fucking Piccolo when she gets her daily dose?
#55 - mastadeath (06/12/2015) [-]
From my understanding, being color blind means you see one color as another. For example you might see Red as Green.
#10 - ok ill take your bait , nowhere do i see her complaining about…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/11/2015 on some funky BS going on here. +6
#12 - Rascal (06/12/2015) [-]
I addressed that. That was shit. But it's the kind of fuck that has a chance of happening when you dress like that I'd like to point out again, that's a friggin' fan service design, and she dressed like that. Not asking for it. No. But you've gotta know that that may happen. And since she looks like she's an independent adult, I'll assume she can think

And what I feel like I wasn't clear about. Look at those guys, dressed skimply too, yeah. But here's the thing, if you have a "I AIN'T TAKING YOU SHIT ASSHOLE" attitude, I believe you can probably get to a convention and not be bothered.

On the other hand, if you don't have that, and when met by assholes you flight response kicks in, you'll probably keep being followed around and harassed, because if all you can do is say "stop it" and trying to cover yourself and walking slightly faster, you ain't scaring no pervert.

About the kicked out part. Yeah... You know, if I was managing a convention, which has a lot of people going around and is very hard to control and identify people (all those friggin costumes and acessories), and someone came to me complaining that it felt harassed by other people because of their clothing, I'd invite this someone to leave (read this as "go home, change clothes, and come back because we do not feel like being responsible to what happens to you here.").
#45 - weirdly enough this is how they dance in thailand as far as iv… 06/11/2015 on Awkward car show dancing +5

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