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I am a Stickfigure, and while i am not against posting my own nudity, i doubt highly that you want to see stick figure sex, not much to show...

I search and deliver what i find to be either interesting or particularly erotic shit

Frankly - You see this name, you think dirty.

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#24 - My favorite one 02/17/2016 on roasted +11
#39 - I am fine with this game, but that was something I never got. …  [+] (4 replies) 02/11/2016 on explain +13
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#61 - lapsushominum (02/11/2016) [-]
It's like a greater than the sum of its parts sort of thing. A child monster with a single human soul is way more powerful than either; Asriel as a kid when he crossed the barrier could have destroyed the village if he wanted. Really Toriel was right, all he needed was one soul and he could snowball it and he could snowball it and get 7 from some small village somewhere and become a god before humanity had time to react.
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#51 - neverborn (02/11/2016) [-]
Asgore and the turtle shopkeeper noticed that problem too. no matter how he got the 7 souls, Asgore would have to wipe out humanity either way, which is part of his reluctance to actively pursue souls.
also Frisk is an exception, it's implied most humans would have trouble fighting Undyne, nevermind Asgore
#50 - nazkan (02/11/2016) [-]
It's more the snowball effect.

If a monster can get one human soul, he can use that power to get a second human soul and give it to a friend. Then those two monster can use their new power to get four human souls. Then those four monsters can use their new power to get eight human souls, and so on.

Factor in that monsters can use more than one human soul at once and effectively double their strength, really they only needed one win to turn the tide of the war.

Asgore with seven souls is effectively a god as well, or at least as strong as seven men, so it would have been pretty easy.
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#46 - shadowkingdr (02/11/2016) [-]
monsters can use their soul power as they are literally made of magic, all humans have is determination and once a monster has 7 souls they have more determination then anyone else
only reason asriel lost as he threw a fit at the end
#55 - "Hey, this movie is about golden era of hollywood, aka th…  [+] (4 replies) 02/05/2016 on BASED GODS! +16
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#131 - civilizationv (02/05/2016) [-]
even if they did put black actors in there they would be caricatures of black people which would be racists.

So really youre screwed either way.
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#88 - dathrohan (02/05/2016) [-]
Because people's feelings matter more than portraying accurate history, apparently.
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#81 - guitarassassin (02/05/2016) [-]
Dude, there are STILL people who bitch about the lack of black characters in Lord of the Rings despite the fact that the story is set in world similar to Medieval Europe. Those movies came out over ten years ago now.
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#57 - subaqueousreach (02/05/2016) [-]
Because there are stupid, lazy, people in the world blinded to logic by their need to be victims in a world they fail to contribute to otherwise.
#151 - Hmmm... Strange, perhaps I'll give it a whirl, been a while si…  [+] (1 reply) 01/24/2016 on Bomango - 30 0
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#152 - thepizzadevourer (01/24/2016) [-]
I think it's less a matter of wishing and more a matter of the fact that the author isn't an author at all, but an artist. He came up with the visual idea of the characters first, and he's been filling in the backstory ever since.