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I am a Stickfigure, and while i am not against posting my own nudity, i doubt highly that you want to see stick figure sex, not much to show...

I search and deliver what i find to be either interesting or particularly erotic shit

Frankly - You see this name, you think dirty.

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#57 - I just never liked the inconsistency. He is perfectly fine wit…  [+] (7 new replies) 03/03/2016 on Hell No, this some Slender... +2
#91 - sherlockbatman (03/03/2016) [-]
**sherlockbatman used "*roll picture*"**
**sherlockbatman rolled image**
Batman has crushed Joker's bones and put him in a body cast a few times already.
one specific time that comes to mind is when Joker killed Jason Todd (sry, spoilers)
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#93 - franklyimaperson (03/03/2016) [-]
What? Someone close to Batman is either wounded or died and undoubtedly will be brought back to life?

Is it Thursday already?
#94 - sherlockbatman (03/03/2016) [-]
**sherlockbatman used "*roll picture*"**
**sherlockbatman rolled image**
Jason Todd has been back for a long time and is now the Red Hood
they made a really good movie about this story a few years back
John Dimaggio plays the Joker
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#95 - franklyimaperson (03/03/2016) [-]
I am aware, I read the original storyline Death in the Family and learned of the incredibly amusing fact that the reason he died is because they held a contest where they asked fans if they wanted him to die or not

Movie is good too, taught me to enjoy chips
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#96 - sherlockbatman (03/03/2016) [-]
it taught me that Joker still values the contents of his lap
you'd think Batman would start just kicking him in the dick to deter him from crime then
#58 - emperorwatergate (03/03/2016) [-]
Well, they've been fighting for a while.

Joker is likely Batman's equal in hand to hand combat at this point.
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#60 - franklyimaperson (03/03/2016) [-]
Comics keep going back and forth on that. Sometimes he they say that yes he is a physical equal if only because he is willing to cheat, others mark him as someone who can't take a hit and he prefers just to run away and talk them to death

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#95 - mrsixinch (03/02/2016) [-]
Is that airport dedicated to Michael Jackson?
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#53 - ruderoody (03/02/2016) [-]
I'm not saying the story is true but he said he got on a bus first which might mean he rode that for a while to a place near the border then bought the horse
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