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#104 - agree but for some ppl it s a gateway for narcoticks and I thi…  [+] (5 replies) 12/30/2011 on Seems legit. 0
#133 - happyfucktime (12/30/2011) [-]
its not a gateway drug people want to try other drugs from the beginning marijuana just happens to be their first
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#182 - foxr (12/30/2011) [-]
well so so... cuz first hit is always the strongest one and after a while you get used to it so ppl try smt stronger. but don`t get me wrong - I have never used anything stronger, my arguments are based on what I see and hear.
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#112 - reaganomix (12/30/2011) [-]
Yes, but it is not the government's job to control what we put in our bodies. I have never done weed and I will probably never do drugs. I even try to stay away from prescription drugs.

Prohibition has never worked and it is costing taxpayers millions of dollars for something with no return.
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#113 - foxr (12/30/2011) [-]
and there is another point why it is stupid for weed to be illegal
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#107 - foxr (12/30/2011) [-]
wtf is wrong with my text? :D
#56 - vsauce much? 11/29/2011 on HE'S REAL! 0