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#27 - People get different subjects on history, for example the usa …  [+] (3 new replies) 7 hours ago on Women's Studies +5
User avatar #31 - kimom (5 hours ago) [-]
Your question is quite easily answered, Stalin did not accept the signature General Alfred Jodl a low ranking general as a surrender and demanded someone of higher rank to surrender to him so Germany’s Armed Forces High Command, Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, surrender personally to Joseph Stalin’s representative in Berlin on may 9th.
#30 - screamspleaseme (6 hours ago) [-]
"...will never give out the information that isnt known about WW2..." How do you give out information that no one knows?
User avatar #44 - vexille (3 hours ago) [-]
Documents the older generations know about and read have existed, but as time goes the older generation dies.

The newer generations were probably never introduced to these documents and most likely never know these documents even exist.
#65 - i just saw the picture and didnt even bother to read.  [+] (1 new reply) 7 hours ago on Mario Sponge +1
User avatar #84 - quoterox (25 minutes ago) [-]

the way you present your opinion ought to be just as important as telling people your opinion.
#184 - It wasnt your fault for thinking that, its because OPs title m… 7 hours ago on Feminism in Action #255 0
#73 - bitch ass anon, they dont go to war at each other for car cras… 06/21/2015 on Greek History 0
#173 - also warn them to be carefull when drinking water. 06/21/2015 on Marijuana 0
#172 - its weird how a government can control your possibilities as t… 06/21/2015 on Marijuana 0
#25 - Well, if you promise to delete your copy within 24 hours you'l… 05/24/2015 on Cool Pokemon Fan-made Game -1
#17 - If you wanna try weed, try it. If you dont want to sm…  [+] (17 new replies) 05/24/2015 on Marijuana +73
User avatar #157 - crampers (05/25/2015) [-]
I don't hate weed i hate the fucking smokers "Lol 420 ablaze faggots, everyone should smoke weed. Lol look how edgy i am, also no harm is done to me"
#154 - Rascal (05/25/2015) [-]
Because in my country, one of those options is illegal.

The other is expensive, because my dealer is still pissed that I married his sister.
User avatar #126 - infinitereaper (05/25/2015) [-]
judgmental cunts who think they know everything
User avatar #109 - gharshi (05/25/2015) [-]
the problem is that it's illegal and people can be jailed for trying it. that's the whole deal, it's not that complicated
User avatar #172 - fouringer (06/21/2015) [-]
its weird how a government can control your possibilities as they please.
User avatar #121 - legendaryhero (05/25/2015) [-]
tfw living in The Netherlands
User avatar #104 - sirformidio (05/25/2015) [-]
Because if it was a matter of live and let live, it'd be one thing.
No, these people smoke weed and parade that shit around like it's something to be /proud/ of the fact you smoke weed. Like, what the fuck is wrong with those guys? They walk around with potleaf hats and bandana's and belt buckles, and they write 4:20 and shit on the inside of bathroom stalls, and they act like smoking weed is the answer to everything (and I do mean everything.) For the same reason that gay pride parades have made me too ashamed to tell people I'm homosexual for what they'll think of me when I tell them, I can't stand those types of stoners.
And maybe I've been exposed to a bad pool, but it's certainly done some damage to the outlook I have.
User avatar #82 - badgoodass (05/25/2015) [-]
The problem with this is you don't want kids to become stoners
I smoke weed but I do it rarely and it only so that it doesn't hinder my progress in life
So you have to warn children regularly that if you drink or smoke too much you won't get far in life
User avatar #173 - fouringer (06/21/2015) [-]
also warn them to be carefull when drinking water.
#52 - johnpoppy (05/25/2015) [-]
Because we know better than you and you should do what we say because we are so much better!
#41 - arott (05/25/2015) [-]
Some (not all!!) people who smoke weed think it's the absolute best thing in the world. Which is fine!

Personally, I've tried it like 3 times and never really liked it; it makes me generally feel bad inside. Alcohol, makes me a happy drunk and the life of the party. (I'm 21 so getting booze isn't a problem.) When I tell some people who smoke I don't like weed and I like booze, it's the same fucking conversation every time. "It's a plant! It's natural! Alcohol is a poison! It's killing you lol weed is good for you! How can you not like it everybody likes it" etc. etc.

If you like weed, great!
Don't push it on other people, it's fucking annoying as hell. Stopped hanging out with like 2 or 3 friends because it's all they talk about.

GIF of america because I turned 21 this week mothafuckas
#32 - Rascal (05/25/2015) [-]
People argue about everything
You shouldn't be fat
You shouldn't smoke
You shouldn't be a vegan
You shouldn't drink
For funnyjunking sake if they are not harming people let it go (Don't drink and drive guys or cause someone lung cancer by smoking around someone who don't)
Point out the hypocrites and jackasses and retaliate but don't generalize...
Stop the Hate! Just enjoy life....(except when you're a college student...you need to effing study)
#71 - rakogoki has deleted their comment.
User avatar #27 - rowdeemunkee (05/25/2015) [-]
Its illegal, for many people, that's enough
#38 - Rascal (05/25/2015) [-]
But you have to bring common sense into the equation. I'm a major alcoholic that smokes marijuana and i spend $400 a month on boose compared to only $100 on weed for the same effect. You literally have to poison yourself to start feeling good with alcohol. And it scary to think that alcohol is legal in the first place and weed isn't, because by feeding alcohol to the population you know you won't have 90% of you retirees living to 95 sucking up benefits. Im dead serious right now, alcohol is a complete killer to your liver, heart, kidneys and pancreas
User avatar #105 - sirformidio (05/25/2015) [-]
Well yeah. In large doses. Much like Stephen Fry said "Too much is the definition of excess. If you have 'too much' of anything it's bad for you! It's what the phrase means!"
User avatar #21 - warioteam (05/24/2015) [-]
"YOUR SPREADING BAD HABITS TO MUH CHILLUNS" the anti-vaxxer soccer mom screeched as she inhaled her 4th big mac that day
#20 - "Press Back to view process of achievements" 05/24/2015 on Russia 2 +19
#7 - Ill take that as a no.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/24/2015 on 3 Spooky 5 Me D: 0
User avatar #8 - karvarausku (05/25/2015) [-]
It's the Taking of Deborah Logan.

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